4 Best Cable Management Accessories for Standing Desks

Standing desks bring plenty of advantages to the table. For one, you can easily switch between sitting and standing positions, thereby letting you break the cycle of a sedentary lifestyle. And guess what, these desks are also seen as a productivity booster. As helpful as they are, these desks have one huge roadblock — cable management, especially if you have a full-fledged desktop. Unless you tame the power cables and monitor adapters properly, they result in a huge mess, which again turns into an eyesore.

Best Cable Management Accessories for Standing Desks

Besides being an eyesore, it’s a little risky to have the cable lying around, especially if you have the habit of switching between the two modes on your standing desk.

We have shortlisted a few cable management accessories for standing desks.

Let’s have a look, shall we? But first,

1. Vari Cable Management Tray

The Vari Cable Management Tray is an excellent choice for anyone who has a standing desk. One of the cruces of this cable tray is its rotating handle, which you can swivel both inwards and outwards, thereby making it easy to add and remove cables. It’s wide enough to accommodate power strips and power adapters. If that was not enough, the tray has two small holes on either side, which easily lets you route and thread cables.

Since this can accommodate heavy items, it needs to be fixed using screws and not adhesive strips. This is a huge plus since it reassures you that the product will not fall off.

While this tray solves the issue of dangling cables and power adapters in standing desks, it’s not enough. If you want a clean wire-free look behind your standing desk, you will also want to invest in cable ties and clips.

The Vari Cable Management Tray has a premium price tag and is the perfect pick if you want a fuss-free installation.

2. S Stand Under Desk Cable Management Tray

If you are looking for a slim and sleek cable management solution for your standing desk, you can’t go wrong with the cable management tray by S Stand. Unlike the option above, this one isn’t just confined to the middle portion of your desk. Instead, it runs the desk’s length and gives a clean and clutter-free look.

If we talk numbers, the smaller variant measures around a 48-inch tray should be a good pick if you have standing desks like the VIVO Manual or the one by EleTab.

Build-wise, this metallic tray is sturdy and designed to take the weight of most power adapters, power strips, and thick cables. And well, several people have praised this feature as part of their reviews.

Installation is simple and is done using screws. Since it’s an upside-down installation, it’s best recommended to fix this tray when the desk is unassembled.

3. Alex Tech Cable Sleeve

So far, the two solutions help you manage the cable clutter under your desk. However, if the power source is far off from your standing desk, the ones above fail to provide an all-out clean look. And that’s when cable tubings like the ones from Alex Tech come into the picture. This polyethylene sleeve wraps beautifully around the cables and wires, thereby freeing you from the mess.

And that’s not all. This cable sleeve has slits/holes in between. So, should you need to take out a few cables, you can do so. At the same time, you can cut cable as per your preference.

Alex Tech also ships a cable installation tool along with the sleeve. As you may have guessed already, this one helps you put the cables inside the tubing.

The reception of this product has been great so far, with users loving the easy installation process. Plus, it can also wrap around particularly thick cords with ease. Just note not to overcrowd the tubing.

4. Huanuo Under Desk CPU Mount

Having the CPU move up and down along with your table makes things simple and easy. For these holders simplifies the movement of wires and power cables. The Huanuo CPU mount proves to be an excellent solution. This one attaches to the undersides of desks via screws and has a maximum weight capacity of 22lbs.

Apart from easing the movement of wires, this one also proves to be a space saver. All you need to do find the perfect spot to mount beneath your table.

At the same time, it has a 360-degree swivel and lets you adjust the position as per your preference. You just need to keep the space free around the CPU if you plan to swivel the mount both ways.

It comes with the usual bells and whistles like foam pads to keep the CPU scratch-free. Again installation requires skill since it’s an upside-down job. However, some users have reported it to be a straightforward job as long as you flip your desk while installing.

Rise Above the Clutter

Apart from the cable management accessories above, it’s a good idea to invest in quality cable holder clips (like the ones from Soulwit) or a few magnetic silicon ties to help you in the process. The former especially comes in handy for phone charging cables and data cables, while the latter simplifies trying up loose cables.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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