6 Best Bud­get Com­put­er Speak­ers With Blue­tooth Under $150

Namrata Gogoi

If your PC or laptop doesn't have a speaker system, then you're missing out on multiple levels. While monitors with built-in speakers try to save grace, they are not enough, especially when it comes to watching movies or listening to some soul-comforting numbers while you work. That's when external computer speakers come to the rescue. These speakers render a far better audio quality compared to most affordable monitors. And with the Bluetooth advantage, you can also pair other devices to them, thus increasing the capability of the speakers.

Top Budget Bluetooth Computer Speakers Under 100

These speakers let you connect to your PC via an AUX input, while the added Bluetooth feature lets you pair your other devices such as laptops and smartphones. This way, you can play audio on these systems as per your preference.

So, if you are looking for affordable speakers with Bluetooth for your PC setup, you have come to the right place.

Below, we have lined up some of our recommendations for the best speakers under $150.

Let's take a look.

1. TaoTronics Gaming Computer Speaker

    TaoTronics Gaming Computer Speaker

    If you’re looking for a space-saving soundbar that delivers good sound quality and is super affordable, you should certainly check out the TaoTronics Gaming Computer Speaker. Thanks to the light segment at the bottom of the speaker, it can make your desk come alive, especially at night. It packs dual 7W speakers that deliver clear and precise audio for the price, although the bass is on the lower end.

    It offers the dual advantage of Bluetooth and in-line audio. The former is easy to set up and connect. What's more, you can switch between three Bluetooth presets.

    So far, it has received its fair share of reviews primarily for its bang-for-the-buck nature. It has over 800 reviews with users praising its audio quality and volume control.

    However, everything is not hale and hearty with this speaker. Quite a few users found the speakers to be too loud for their taste. If you plan to maintain a considerable distance between the speaker and you, it should not be much of an issue. However, if the distance is small, you might not like the speaker blaring away in front of you.

    2. Logitech Z207 2.0 Multi Device Stereo Speaker

    Logitech Z207 2.0 Multi Device Stereo Speaker

    If you want to go the traditional way with two speakers on either side of the monitor, the Logitech Z207 2.0 is your best bet. These speakers come with a 10W speakers which surprisingly deliver a balanced audio output with clear highs and lows.

    Don't expect the world out of these speakers at this price point, for there are a few limitations. For one, you will have to compromise on the bass. Thankfully, these are sufficiently loud. Secondly, the build quality isn't premium.

    Nevertheless, people seem to like them for their quality and the fact that they are affordable.

    Also, being connected to a powered source means they do not go to sleep.

    3. Logitech MX Sound 2.0

    Logitech MX Sound 2.0

    The Logitech MX Sound 2.0 is designed to bring style and simplicity to your desk. These speakers have a small footprint and occupy a small space on your desk. Like its counterpart above, the MX 2.0 bundles Bluetooth as well as 3.5mm inputs. The best part is that you can pair them with up to two devices. Plus, it can maintain simultaneous connections and can switch to the audio-playing source almost simultaneously.

    As per the folks at SoundGuys, the Bluetooth 4.1 on these speakers functions consistently. The range is good and devices stay connected. However, there is a slight latency that comes into play while watching videos and passing audio over Bluetooth.

    The touch-sensitive controls for volume and Bluetooth rest on the right speaker. You simply have to touch them and they will light up. Cool, right?

    Coming to the important part—Audio. Well, these produce a balanced sound. The sound is loud and clear and doesn't distort even at high volumes. However, the overemphasized low-end tends to steal the thunder of some songs, especially hip-hop songs.

    Other than that, these speakers are programmed to go into standby mode in around 20 minutes. Thankfully, waking up them is simple. Just wave your hands in front of them (motion-control sensors, you see) or tap in the volume buttons to wake them up.

    4. Creative T100 2.0 Compact Hi-Fi Desktop Speakers

    Creative T100 2.0 Compact Hi-Fi Desktop Speakers

    The Creative T100 may not have the right looks, but these speakers deliver excellent sound quality with no volume distortion even at high volumes. They pack a duo of 2.75-inch drivers and sound significantly better than the others. The slightly tilted angle helps get a better listening experience.

    As per the folks at PC World, the Creative T100 delivers a warm tone with an excellent bass response. Several user reviews on Amazon echo the same.

    Apart from the sound, the Creative T100 sports a minimalistic look. The speaker grills are void of any knobs or buttons. All the controls are at the back of the speaker.

    The Bluetooth connection is easy to setup. They seem to pair easily, whether it's to a laptop or a smartphone. Out of the 30+ user reviews on Amazon, a huge chunk fall on the positive spectrum.

    5. Edifier e10BT Exclaim Bluetooth Speakers

    Edifier e10BT Exclaim Bluetooth Speakers

    How does the sound of a funky looking speaker sound to you? If you are already on board, trust me, you won't be disappointed with the Edifier e10BT. They look trendy and produce excellent sound. Each speaker bundles a pair of 1.5-inch tweeters and a 3-inch woofer, which combines to give you plenty of sound with crisp highs and mids. And the upward angle of the speakers is the cherry on top.

    The makers have focused both on the design as well as on the practicality of the speaker. The base is sturdy enough to hold the elongated speakers. More importantly, the build quality is solid.

    The volume and power controls are just located on the side of the speakers. Though a little unconventional, they make the front look quite minimalist.

    When it comes to the Bluetooth connection, it works flawlessly. You can either connect your phone or laptop to it. And the easy setup and consistent connection add to the overall experience.

    And I repeat, it's hard to beat that funky design.

    6. JBL 1 Series 104BT

    JBL 1 Series 104BT

    If you are looking for a small, stylish desktop speaker, the JBL 1 Series 104BT makes the cut. These 60W speakers pack a very modern look with curved edges and sloppy sides and are designed for optimal for desk placement. What makes them unique is that they have several inputs including the standard 3.5mm inputs. The 'All' option on the left speaker allows you to pick all the inputs at once. So you can switch between them as per your preference.

    Speaking of the sound quality, these JBL speakers deliver crisp and clear audio and are coupled with bouncy bass. What contributes to that is the 4.5-inch woofer and 0.75-inch tweeter.

    These speakers have received many rave reviews on Amazon and carry an impressive rating. The build quality is good with an excellent finish. In short, you wouldn't regret paying the price for it

    These speakers are available in two colors—Black and White.

    Rhyme to the Lyrics

    As someone who struggled without a speaker for the longest time in their desktop setup, let me tell you that having one amplifies the experience by several folds. I no longer have to strain my ears to listen to the wordings of a song or to watch a video. Because, let's accept it, some monitors purely suck at delivering decent audio.

    Having an audio system with the added Bluetooth functionality helped solve just that. Now, I have to tune to my favorite song and hum alongside it while I write. Pretty cool, I'd say.

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