4 Best 4K TVs Under $500: Elevate Your Entertainment

Flagship TVs enjoy a lot of interest and understandably so! They offer the best features and hardware available to TVs. The best televisions from the likes of Sony, LG, and Samsung offer really good performance for not just movies, but also games. However, they aren’t for everyone. So if you’re looking for something affordable, here are the best 4K TVs under $500.

Best 4K TVs Under 500 in 2023

While flagship TVs offer much to like, they also cost a bomb and as such aren’t for everyone. Thanks to some of them being sold at exorbitant prices, it’s easy to ignore their temptation.

However, with some affordable TVs also offering good performance and high-end features, there really isn’t a reason why you should not buy a new TV for yourself. We’ll be exploring a few options in this list that should help you buy a new, forward-looking smart TV without breaking the bank. But before,


  • Panel Tech: QLED
  • HDR support: Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HDR10, HLG
  • Smart platform: Google TV

The TCL Q6 QLED TV brings a bright, QLED panel that promises decent color accuracy levels and forward-looking features. However, its biggest win is that it manages to do so at a rather aggressive price point.

Further, it also brings the goodness of Google TV, making it easier to use and also a more confident buy for most buyers. The TV also gets some good gaming features for the price, including Game Accelerator 120 which brings up to fast 120Hz VRR to users.

This feature promises a more responsive gameplay experience without lag. There’s also HDR PRO+ which brings with it support for Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HDR10, and HLG. Thanks to these, the TV’s performance in movies and shows is improved with artificially enhanced contrast, decent colors, and lots of details in upscaled frames.

What We Like

  • Decent color accuracy
  • Aggressive price

What We Don’t Like

  • Average upscaling

2. Hisense U6 Mini-LED TV

  • Panel Tech: Mini-LED
  • HDR support: Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HDR10, HLG
  • Smart platform: Google TV
Hisense U6 Mini LED

One of the best TVs in terms of panel tech you can buy under $500 is the Hisense U6 Mini-Led TV. This is because the Hisense U6 uses a mini-LED panel which offers boosted color, contrast, brightness, and motion in frames.

The fact that it is the most affordable mini-LED TV on the market makes it a great choice for buyers looking for a budget-friendly TV. However, this is one TV that does not compromise on performance or features just because of its affordable price tag.

It offers better picture quality than most TVs in the segment. The only downside is that apart from the panel technology, the U6 Mini LED is not packed with really cool features. But if you’re looking for one of the best 4K TVs under $500 with equally good performance and price tag, then this should really be an option for you.

What We Like

  • Good color accuracy
  • Impressive HDR support

What We Don’t Like

  • Not big on gaming features

3. Amazon Fire TV Omni

  • Panel Tech: QLED TV
  • HDR support: Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+, HDR10, HLG
  • Smart platform: Fire TV
Amazon Fire TV Omni

The Amazon Fire TV Omni is an option that is reliable if not the best on the list. It clearly cannot take on the might of flagship and even some more powerful, yet affordable TVs. However, it’s a good TV to consider as it is backed by the promise of Amazon’s name.

Additionally, it also gets support for the Amazon Fire TV interface. So if you’re looking for a mid-range TV with the Fire TV interface and hands-free Alexa, then this is a really good option. The TV also offers good upscaling of content, especially 1080p content.

Apart from this, viewing angles are good, which means you don’t have to worry about the angles at which you watch the TV screen. And unlike many cheap and affordable TVs, the Fire TV Omni QLED screen also produces decently accurate colors to make visuals pop on screen.

What We Like

  • Decent picture quality
  • Smooth Fire TV interface

What We Don’t Like

  • Not great value for money

4. Samsung Crystal UHD 4K CU8000

  • Panel Tech: LED TV
  • HDR support: HDR10+, HDR10, HLG
  • Smart platform: Tizen OS
Samsung Crystal CU8000

The Samsung Crystal UHD CU8000 is the most expensive, but arguably the best option in the list. It delivers immersive performance and also looks stylish while doing so. It offers accurate colors, good details, and unlike other options in this list, very clear and rich sound.

The combination of the above-par audio-video quality ensures that the CU8000 creates an immersive viewing experience while watching movies and shows in the comfort of your home. Much of this is also because the TV offers great levels of sharpness for very detailed image quality.

This is also true for upscaled content which is better than the other options on the list. As such, the TV offers a clean image with almost no noise. However, the Samsung CU8000 is not a great choice for video games.

While it does offer good latency levels, it doesn’t bring support for VRR, nor does it offer HDMI 2.1 ports for 4K gaming at 120Hz. So if gaming you need these features, you will have to opt for the Q70C series.

What We Like

  • Good picture quality
  • Good upscaling

What We Don’t Like

  • Not great for gaming

Best 4K TVs Without Breaking the Bank!

If you’re looking for a good 4K TV without breaking the bank then this list of the best 4K TVs under $500 should be of great help. While the list does not include OLED TVs, it does include TVs that offer forward-looking technologies and high-end panel tech.

Last updated on 05 September, 2023

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