6 Best Braided USB-C to Lightning Cables That You Can Buy

Cables are one of the most abused categories of phone and laptop accessories. From keeping them in cars under the hot sun to routing them through stiff cable management clips, you get the idea. Most modern braided cables not only are more durable, but also prevent tangling. And the same can be said about the braided USB-C to Lighting cables.

6 Best Braided USB C to Lightning Cables That You Can Buy

Apart from being durable, most of these braided USB-C to Lightning cables can also fast charge your iPhone. And at the same time, they can transfer data at a decent speed.

So, if you are in the market looking for some quality USB-C to Lightning cables, here are our top recommendations. But before that,

1. ESR Braided Nylon USB-C to Lightning Cable

  • Length: 0.3ft, 3.3ft, 6.6ft, 10ft

The ESR braided cable is affordable and brings the advantages of fast charging. It’s an MFi certified cable, and the odds are that you won’t run into any compatibility issues with your iPhone. The connector and the strain relief are slim enough to fit most armored cases, even the Otterbox iPhone case.

At the same time, the strain relief has a textured surface for a better grip. This USB-C to Lightning cable works as expected, and there are several positive reviews to back this claim.

Users love it for its charging power and affordable price tag. It’s available in various lengths. And the short length of 0.6ft is usable solely for connecting your iPhone to your laptop or connecting your iPhone to a power bank.

It’s not without its issues. Despite being a braided cable, it’s not the most durable cable out there.

2. AmazonBasics Nylon USB-C to Lightning Cable

  • Length: 1ft, 3ft

Another cheap USB-C to Lightning cable is the AmazonBasic cable. It’s available in three colors and should complement your iPhone well. More importantly, it’s capable of fast charging and can provide up to 18W when connected to a compatible iPhone charger.

Despite the braided exterior, it’s not stiff and is easy to bend. At the same time, the braided exterior holds up well in the long run. This quality makes it best to use it in cars.

However, the low price tag means you’ll have to compromise on some features, and in this case, it’s the quality. This AmazonBasics cable doesn’t charge reliably in the long run. But if you want a cable for short-term use or want one just as a backup, it’s a good pick.

3. Kanex Durabraid Nylon Braided USB-C to Lightning

  • Length: 6ft

Another Apple MFi certified USB-C to Lightning cable is the Kanex cable. The highlight of this cable is the nylon exterior. Named, DuraBraid, this encasement is designed to reduce tangles.

Apart from that, it also provides fast charging when connected to a compatible charger. And hey, you’ll also be able to transfer and sync contents at a decent speed between your iPhone and MacBook.

The cable is built-well and is sturdy. While the strain relief is not textured, it is slim and slender.

4. Anker Powerline+ USB C to Lightning Cable

  • Length: 3ft, 6ft

The Anker Powerline+ is the perfect middle ground between premium and durable cables. This USB-C to Lightning braided cable is durable and is long-lasting. Anker claims a 35,000-bend lifespan.

At the same time, it’s slim and supports fast data transfer and charging speed. The usual rules apply here: you’ll have to get hold of a good USB-C charging brick.

That said, it’s a reliable charging cable, and several users have complimented this feature on their reviews. It works as advertised and delivers the necessary speed and power.

The Anker Powerline+ is available in two lengths of 3ft and 6ft. Plus, you can choose from an attractive range of colors like bright red and black & gold.

5. Native Union Belt Cable

  • Length: 4ft

The Native Union Belt cable is the one if you want an ultra-durable cable for your iPhone or Macbook. This cable is reinforced and can stand up to its share of abuse. And like the cables above, this one can also transfer data and fast charge your iPhone like a Pro.

Even though it’s a sheathed cable, it’s flexible, and you’ll be able to bend it as per your requirement. Native Union also ships a leather cable holder to hold the extra length when not in use.

At the same time, the funky prints add a distinctive look to the cable and make it stand apart from the rest.

Comparatively, this Native Union USB-C to Lightning cable is expensive. But if you want a cable that will last years, it’s worth a peek.

6. Nomad USB-C Lightning Cable

  • Length: 3m, 1.5m

The Nomad USB-C cable takes the term ‘re-inforced’ to the next level. It brings the dual combination of a doubled-braided Kevlar exterior and a Kevlar core. Woah, right? Both these combine to give you a cable that is durable and sturdy.

Other than that, it’s capable of charging your devices at 18W, provided you pair it with a compatible USB-PD wall adapter.

Like its counterpart above, the Nomad charging cable for the iPhone also comes with a fastener to bundle the cable when not in use. It’s worth noting that using a fastener to bundle cable minimizes damage, especially while traveling.

Again, it’s a premium product and is expensive. But if you are already aboard the Nomad ecosystem (leather iPhone cases, AirTag wallet cases, and the likes), it makes sense to get this cable.

Braid a Rope

Indeed, braided cables are not as flexible as their non-braided counterparts. However, the added sheathing ensures that the cable stays put without external damage.

Last updated on 04 February, 2022

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