6 Best Braided HDMI Cables That You Can Buy

The HDMI port is pretty ubiquitous. From laptops and monitors to TVs and TV streaming sticks, you will find this small input for video signals almost everywhere. The best part is most of these HDMI cables are affordable and costs between $10 and $15. Thankfully buying an HDMI cable isn’t a hard job. You just need to know the hardware specifications of your TV or monitor port.

Best Braided HDMI Cables that you can buy

As you may have guessed, braided HDMI cables not only helps transfer the video signal to the video device, but they are also durable and will last you a long time. And yeah, braided cables do not tangle easily.

So if you are looking for an HDMI cable to plug into your new TV or monitor, here are our recommendations for the best-braided HDMI cables that you can buy. But first,

1. BlueRigger 4K HDMI Cable

  • Version: HDMI 1.4
  • Length: 3ft, 6.6ft, 10ft, 15ft and 25ft

If you want an affordable HDMI cable that not only functions well but also has a solid build, the BlueRigger 4K HDMI Cable is the one for you. The blue accents give this HDMI cable a cool look, but it also brings home a plump strain relief. At the same time, the nylon sheath helps in enhancing the life of the cable. In fact, if we go by the company claims, this BlueRigger cable can take up to 5,000 bends.

The low cost means you will have to sacrifice some features, and in this case, it is its compatibility. This one is not designed to carry full HDMI 2.0 signals, and you may experience screen flickers or screen blackouts if you connect it to 4K displays.

This one works well for low-res screen resolutions such as 2K displays or FHD displays at full refresh rates.

2. PowerBear 4K HDMI Cable

  • Version: HDMI 2.0b
  • Length: 0.5ft to 75ft

If you plan to upgrade soon to a 4K TV or a full-fledged soundbar shortly, the PowerBear HDMI cables make for a good buy. This HDMI 2.0 cable supports 18Gbps speed and also supports 4K up to 60Hz. Plus, it supports Dolby Vision and Audio Return Channel (ARC). The latter is especially helpful if you have a soundbar with ARC support.

The increase in bandwidth when compared to other HDMI standards means greater HDR accessibility. The HDR support made its way into HDMI only after HDMI 2.0a release.

However, that’s not the only feature that defines the PowerBear HDMI cable. This cable is well built and is designed to bear the elements. The strain relief has grips built on the sides, which lets you grip the product better when plugging and unplugging.

At the same time, the connectors are gold plated to protect the connectors from oxidation. All those bells and whistles eventually add up if you tend to unplug/remove the cable often.

Lastly, this cable works as advertised, and quite a few people have claimed this as part of their user reviews. The Dolby Vision and HDR support work as expected, and it also works on Apple TV minus screen flickers and blackouts.

For now, this cable has over 15,000 reviews on Amazon, and as per Fakespot’s estimates, it has over 60% reliable reviews.

3. AmazonBasics Premium-Certified Braided HDMI Cable

  • Version: HDMI 2.0b
  • Length: 3ft, 6ft, 10ft, 15ft

Don’t let the simple looks of the AmazonBasic cable stop you from trying it out, for this cable has all the might. It has almost the same specs as the obe above, including 18Gbps throughput, support for 4K up to 60Hz, and ARC. The latter helps transport both audio and audio signals from the video device, which translates into a clutter-free TV setup.

This simple design provides help in the strain relief. It’s simple and sleek and doesn’t occupy much space thus making it easier to use nearby ports.

This one is a durable cable, thanks to the nylon sheath on the exterior. The best part is that you can watch HDR content or Dolby Vision content without any issues.

4. Atevon 4K HDMI Cable

  • Version: HDMI 2.0b
  • Length: 10ft, 15ft, 3.3ft, 6ft

If you have an extended display at your home, the Atevon HDMI cables make for a good buy. These cables are available in length up to 6ft, thereby giving you ample wriggle room to build your setup as per your preference. If we talk specs, these are HDMI 2.0b cables and supports throughput up to 18Gbps. This ultimately makes them suitable for high-end gaming consoles, 4K TVs as well as gaming monitors.

Aveton claims that its cables are durable and can bear the brunt of regular wear and tear as well as bends. In fact, this company claims that a single cable can bend 10,000+ times without impacting the cable quality.

Apart from streaming 4K content at ease, this one also runs 2K monitors. So if you are into gaming and do not want to spend much, this Atevon HDMI cable makes for a good buy.

5. Zeskit Ultra HD HDMI Cable

  • Version: HDMI 2.0b
  • Length: 3ft, 6.5ft, 10ft, and 16ft

If you plan to upgrade to 8K TVs in the future, the Zeskit Ultra HD HDMI Cable is definitely worth pursuing. This is one of the few HDMI 2.1 cables out there. Specs-wise, you get a max throughput up to 48Gbps and support for eARC and variable refresh rate.

The latter comes into the picture if you own a compatible gaming monitor with adaptive sync technology like FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync. Simultaneously, eARC support means you can hook it to a Dolby Atmos or DTS:X soundbars to get a fully immersive audio experience.

Other than 8K, this one will help you get full features at 4K.

The cable has a solid construction. You get the usual nylon sheathing and plump strain relief. Plus, the gold plated connectors ensure your cable enjoys a long run without rusting or oxidation.

6. Monoprice HDMI High Speed Active Cable

  • Version: HDMI 2.0b
  • Length: 35 Feet

The Monoprice HDMI High-Speed Active Cable is an excellent choice if you don’t want to route your cable through walls or overhead boards. That said, these are CL3 cables meaning that they are safe for in-wall usage as well. For those uninitiated, CL3 is a safety standard for cables designated for in-wall use. In the unfortunate event of a fire or overheating issues, these cables do not release toxic gases.

As you may have expected, this is an active cable, meaning they can send signals over long distances without a quality drop. However, one of the major disadvantages of active cables is that they are uni-directional, and you will have to be ultra-cautious when you install these cables.

Specs-wise, this Monoprice cable is a high-speed HDMI cable and can handle bandwidths up to 18Gbps. You will get 4K support at 60Hz. In fact, one of the users has stated that they can get 60Hz over 35ft.

Hello, Durability

These were some of the best-braided HDMI cables that you can get for your gaming setup or 4K TV. While HDMI 1.4 cables were quite popular initially, they have now been replaced by HDMI 2.0 cables. Thankfully, HDMI cables are backward compatible. Even if you have a monitor with HDMI 1.4 port, an HDMI 2.0 cable does just fine.

However, if you plan to upgrade your TV or monitor, it’s best to invest in an HDMI 2.1 cable like the one above to help you save costs in the future. Or, if you can without a braided cable, the one by CableMatters also makes for a good proposition.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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