6 Best Bookshelf Speaker Mounts and Stands

Most bookshelf speakers deliver audio delivery to fill up a room compared to portable Bluetooth speakers. It stands true if you use the top-of-the-line speakers. Compared to their portable counterparts, bookshelf speakers have a bigger footprint. So if you can’t adjust them on your desk (or on an actual bookshelf), you can fix them on a wall mount or a floor stand.

Best Bookshelf Speaker Mounts and Stands

Besides letting you have more space on your desk, these mounts let you have the flexibility of moving the speakers in the direction of your choice. When it comes to audio delivery, we all know how direction and placement are important.

If you are looking for some quality bookshelf speaker mounts and floor stands, here are our recommendations. But first,

1. Vivo Premium Universal Floor Speaker Stands

Base dimensions: 8 x 8-inch

If you have a heavy-duty speaker like the Edifier R1280Ts and want to mount it in style, a floor stand makes much sense. This one is a premium stand, and the 8-inch base is large enough to accommodate larger speakers. The best part is that the foundation is large and stable. It comes with an integrated cable management system, thereby letting you have a clean and tidy look.

The stands are easy to assemble and bundles a solid build. More importantly, the carpet spikes and the rubber feet make them stable, irrespective of the type of flooring.

If you want a classic look and do not mind paying a premium, this Vivo stand is a worthy pick.

2. Perlesmith Adjustable Height Speaker Stands

Base dimensions: Up to 4.5-inch

The Perlesmith brings several nifty features under a single roof. First off, you can adjust the height of these speakers between 48-inch and 31-inch. This ensures that you get the desired height dimension from your speakers. Secondly, they have a sleek and slim design. And hey, you needn’t worry about cable clutter since this cast iron stand also packs a hollow tube for cable management.

Apart from the default keyhole insert, it also ships with vertical plates to mount speakers with mounting holes at the bottom.

Installation is plain and simple, and several users have pointed this out. Combining the rubber feet and the cast iron build to ensure that your prized speakers do not topple over.

3. VideoSecu Adjustable Height Speaker Stands

Base dimensions: Up to 5.5-inch

The VideoSecu speaker stand is designed for smaller speakers like the Presonus Eris E3.5-3.5. They cost a lot less than the ones above and do a decent job holding lightweight and small speakers. You can adjust the height and the base of this stand. For now, the base can sit speakers that have a width between 5.5-inch and 11-inch.

This stand is equipped with side clamps to lock the speakers in place. Besides that, the padding prevents scratches and scuff marks. Again, there is nifty cable management in place. However, some people have complained of the cable holes being too small.

While the VideoSecu speaker stand has received some rave reviews for its easy assembly and build, it is top-heavy and can wobble if you have hefty speakers.

4. Pyle Speaker Wall Mount

Base dimensions: Up to 10-inch

If having a wall mount is your idea of a perfect setup, trust the Pyle mount to take care of it. These are simple wall brackets. These brackets do not have dedicated mounts to hold the speakers in place and instead, relies on the built-in silicon pads. That said, this a heavy-duty mount that can easily hold the weight of standard bookshelf speakers.

Surprisingly, you can extend the arm away from the wall by around 11.8 inches.

As we noted above, these are simple mounts and do not have the flexibility to adjust the angle of the speakers. Moreover, a single mount can house only one speaker. Naturally, buying a second mount shoots up the overall cost.

Nevertheless, they have attracted several positive reviews, with people appreciating its durability and sturdiness.

Alternatively, you can check out the Wali dual speaker wall mount brackets if you are looking for dedicated mounts with keyhole inserts.

The Mount-It mounts for bookshelf speakers address a major limitation of the above mount—angular adjustment. This one boasts an adjustable base that lets you change the speaker’s direction. Naturally, this allows you to customize the direction as per the occasion. It can fit speakers with widths between 5.4-inch and 11-inch, making it fit for passive speakers such as the Polk Audio T15.

The Mount-It! speaker wall mounts are quite popular on Amazon and several users have touted them for their durability and build quality.

6. VideoSecu Side Clamping Bookshelf Speaker Wall Mount

Base dimensions: 5.3-inches to 11-inches

If you are looking for an affordable wall mount for your speakers, VideoSecu’s wall mounts can prove to be a good pick. Despite the low price tag, they bundle several features like the ball adjustment that lets you tweak the angle and change the height of the speakers. Besides that, the adjustable side-clamps let you fit a wide array of bookshelf speakers. Like the one above, it’s also made of steel and has a remarkable build for the price.

The best part is that the clamp holds tightly to the speakers. So it won’t let the speaker fall even if you change the angle a bit.

Installation is plain and simple. But, the weight of the overall product makes it unsuitable to be mounted on drywall.

Mount Them Already

Today, bookshelf speakers have several input connectors, and you can pair them with anything—right from a turntable to a new-age digital TV. So getting a proper and stable mount can keep them intact in a spot. That way you can enjoy the best audio quality from them, without worrying about the space they consume.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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