10 Best Early Black Friday Tech Deals in 2023

With Black Friday just around the corner, you can snag items on your wishlist at a hefty discount. In fact, while the high spot is still some days away, Amazon has already let the floodgates open for Prime members! So, if you were looking for the top Black Friday deals on gadgets, read on. We’ve shortlisted a wide range of products that includes high-end smartphones, party speakers, excellent noise-canceling headphones, and more.

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Scouting for the best deals during the Black Friday sale is no mean feat! But we are here to help. So, if you’re interested in PC components, laptops, TVs, monitors, and more, stay glued to our blog – we have something interesting in store for you. For now, though, let’s look at some of the best early Black Friday deals.

1. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

If you want to breathe new life into your old LCD TV, you should pick up Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K in a heartbeat. The streaming device is packed to the brim with enticing features, including support for dual-band connectivity and Wi-Fi 6.

The Fire TV Stick 4K comes with a truckload of apps. In fact, it even packs in some obscure streaming services, which is excellent if your Smart TV doesn’t support them. Notably, you’ll also be able to control your Smart IoT devices via the Fire TV Stick 4K – all you need to do is toggle Alexa and speak your command into the remote. Needless to say, the Fire TV Stick 4K is one of the best streaming devices on the market.

2. Beats Studio Pro

Beats Studio Pro Wireless

Beats is among the most sought-after audio brands and for a good reason. Not only do the company’s headphones sport a venerated design, but they sound good, too. As such, we had to include Beats’ flagship Studio Pro headset on the list, given how it’s massively discounted on Amazon right now.

The Beats Studio Pro boasts impressive audio chops, a comfortable fit, and a stylish design that is available in four distinctive colors. The headset is a top-of-the-line choice for audiophiles and music enthusiasts, thanks to its ability to relay lossless media over USB-C. Add to that, the headphones come with support for ANC tech and can last up to 40 hours off a single charge!

3. Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation

Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation

Apple retains the mammoth’s share of the headphones biz in the USA. The same can be attributed to the company’s AirPods lineup, which has long set itself apart owing to its excellent audio quality and seamless connectivity with Apple’s MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones. The latest in the series, dubbed the AirPods Pro 2nd Gen, is no different.

Not only does the AirPods Pro 2nd Gen sound good, but it can also cancel out noise like a champ, thanks to the use of the H2 chip. Furthermore, the AirPods Pro 2nd Gen sport a weatherproof chassis, and the headset’s IP54 rating ensures it can outlast your sweatiest workouts. You’ll also revel in spatial audio, which envelops the user in a wide soundstage that swerves and veers the audio playback as you move your head. And, did we mention that the headset comes with a USB Type-C case this time around?

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4. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Unlocked

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is, quite possibly, the best Android smartphone to launch this year. Not only is it powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC with blitzing speed, but it also comes equipped with the most versatile camera array, comprising two telephoto shooters and an ultra-wide angle sensor. Further, the camera setup is headlined by a 200MP primary camera, which is mind-boggling, to say the least!

That’s not all, as the Galaxy S23 Ultra comes with Samsung’s famed S-pen, which is a godsend for power users. It also comes with other niceties, like a weatherproof, IP68-rated chassis, a stunning Quad HD+ AMOLED display, and support for wireless charging. Add to that the smartphone’s longevous software update roadmap, and the Galaxy S23 Ultra should serve you well for years to come.

5. Samsung S95C OLED TV

SAMSUNG 65 Inch Class OLED 4K S95C

Buyers looking to save a buck on a high-end OLED TV will find Samsung’s S95C OLED right up their alley. The company announced the latest range of OLEDs a couple of months ago, and the TVs have impressed both buyers and critics, thanks in no small part to their impressive picture quality and sleek designs.

Samsung’s OLED TVs set themselves apart as they also use the company’s QD or Quantum Dot technology. Correspondingly, the TVs in the range boast impressive black levels, and the panels can exhibit a striking gamut of colors, too. Additionally, the S95C comes with a 120Hz display. As such, you can interface your gaming PC or video game consoles with the set and enjoy tear-free gaming.

6. Sony SRS-XG300 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sony SRS XG300

Looking for a do-it-all Bluetooth speaker to entertain guests and relatives at your house during the festive season? Well, you should pick up the Sony SRS-XG300 Bluetooth speaker, which can get incredibly loud. At the same time, the speaker comes with an IP67 rating, ensuring it can outlast your wildest soirees.

The Sony SRS-XG300 is not the most portable Bluetooth speaker on the market. With that said, the unit features a handy strap of sorts that lets you move it from one room to the other. Additionally, the speaker is backed by the company’s X-Balanced drivers, which further the unit’s low-end capabilities. Interestingly, you can daisy-chain up to 100 speakers together for a roaring sound output. Add to that, the speaker can play tunes for up to 25 hours at a stretch, which is excellent.

7. Fitbit Charge 6

Fitbit Charge 6

With the year ending, many of us will be luxuriating in parties and get-togethers. While a change of scenery is always good for the mind, you might distract yourself from your fitness goals by indulging in sweets and fast food. As such, we’d recommend opting for the Fitbit Charge 6 to aid you in your fitness journey.

The Charge 6 is a sleek fitness band that comes with over 40 exercise modes, including HIIT, Biking, Core Training, and more. Additionally, despite its slender frame, the fitness tracker comes with a built-in GPS. As such, you can map your walks and runs without relying on your smartphone. We should also add that the Charge 6 comes with a host of sensors, including an HR monitor that can track ECG, a SpO2 monitor, and more. The unit is compatible with Android smartphones and iPhones and can last up to a week off a single charge.

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8. Google Pixel 8 Unlocked

Google Pixel 8

Google’s latest Pixel smartphone – the Pixel 8 – has seen its price slashed during the Black Friday sale, too. For its discounted price, the smartphone makes for a terrific buy. For starters, the handset comes with oodles of storage – 128GB, to be precise.

Additionally, the handset is backed by the company’s all-new Tensor G3 SoC, which offers significant performance improvements over what you’d get with the Tensor G2 chipset powering the Pixel 7 range. The icing on the cake is that the Pixel 8 is compact, making it the perfect choice for those looking for a small and lightweight Android smartphone. Coupled with its excellent camera array, the Pixel 8 is a superb buy at its discounted price.

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9. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

As good as the cameras on our smartphones are, there is an argument to be made for personalized photographs. And, if you’re looking to build up a photo album of your loved ones, you should consider getting the Instax Mini Camera.

The Instax Mini 11 is quite compact, making it a great gadget to take when traveling. More notably, unlike other cameras in the company’s lineup, the Instax Mini 11 has a built-in auto-exposure mode, ensuring your stills have adequate details in the shadows and the highlights. Additionally, the unit comes with a nifty selfie mode, which you can use for group photos and more.

10. Echo Show 5

Echo Show 5

Everyone can benefit from a dependable Smart Speaker. You can use the speaker as a hub to control other IoT products or enjoy listening to your favorite tunes. If that piques your interest, you should consider getting the Echo Show 5 3rd Gen. As of writing this list, the speaker can be snagged for less than half its retail price!

Interestingly, unlike other affordable smart speakers, the Echo Show 5 has a built-in display. The 5.5-inch panel can display photos of your loved ones, watch TV shows, and more. It even has a built-in camera that you can use to keep an eye on your pets or your personal belongings when you’re away. At the same time, the speaker packs a punch in the audio department and promises deeper bass than its predecessor.

‘Tis the Season of Sales!

And, that wraps up our list of the best early Black Friday deals. Of course, there are plenty of other deals to go by, which we will be covering in upcoming posts. As always, most of the deals will be limited to Amazon Prime members, so we recommend you get the membership if you want to save big this holiday season.

Last updated on 23 November, 2023

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