5 Best Bags for 16-inch Laptops

While most consumers prefer 13 to 14-inch laptop size, professionals and creators opt for a 16-inch laptop for more screen real-estate and power. Because of a larger chassis in a 16-inch laptop, OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) pack a bigger battery, leading to better battery life. Thanks to a bigger battery and display, these laptops are heavy in size and not easy to carry around. You need to invest in a high-quality bag for convenience. We have shortlisted the best bags for 16-inch laptops. Let’s talk about them.

You can use the suggestions below for a 15-inch laptop as well. However, if you have a 14-inch laptop, it’s best to get a bag specifically designed for it. This is not one size fit all situation.

1. KIZUNA Laptop Sleeve Case

If you don’t want to spend a bomb on a bag, get the KIZUNA bag for your 16-inch laptop. The laptop bag is available only one color, and has good cushioning to protect your laptop gainst accidental drops.

KIZUNA laptop bag is relatively cheaper than the other options on the list. This KIZUNA bag is made of protective fabric material, and it won’t age well compared to leather. Although the bag has basic water resistance, it’s not suitable in heavy rains. However, the sleeve case is a bit convertible for you can use the strap to carry on your shoulders. Or remove the strap and convert it into a messenger bag.

Frequent travelers will find the luggage strap mighty useful. You can use the back strap and attach the laptop bag to the travel bag and carry it around without breaking a sweat. The bag has a thick and soft ridge around in beige and it might not look well after some time. The sleeve case also comes with another compartment to store the charger, cable, SSD, and more.

2. MOSISO Laptop Bag

MOSISO is ideal for someone who wants several compartments to store SSDs, chargers, adapters, pen drives, physical notebooks, cables, SD cards, and more. The bag has three huge storage spaces on the front to store everything securely.

Apart from storing the laptop in the MOSISO’s main compartment, it has a couple more storage spaces to keep the notebook, power bank, wireless mouse, etc. In short, you can carry your entire gadget portfolio on the go. The carry bag is available in standard black and pink options. Similar to KIZUNA, you can use the back belt with the trolly bag easy use during business trips.

If you frequntly travel with many laptop accessories, MOSISO’s storage compartments will enure you don’t miss any adapter or cable at home. You’ll need to check the overall size from the Amazon description page. The bag might be too big since it has many storage spaces.

3. Tomtoc Shoulder Bag

Tomtoc stands out from the list due to its unique design to store all your electrics in one place. Thanks to the company’s patented design, you can carry the bag in traditional landscape mode or use it in portrait mode.

Tomtoc does carry a unique design and build materials to justify a high-asking price tag. The bag is made of military standard CORDURA ballistic nylon material and carries high-quality zippers to deliver impeccable protection and waterproofing. Unlike fabric materials in KIZUNA, you can expect the bag to last longer over time. The bag has a top and side handle to carry it around any orientation.

Tomtoc offers separate storage for iPad as well. You can carry your 16-inch laptop, iPad, keyboard case, stylus, wireless mouse, SSD, TWS earbuds, and more without adding considerable bulk to your shoulder.

4. Smatree Business Laptop

Smatree is yet another neatly designed bag for your 16-inch laptop. It doesn’t have the a standard look of storing laptops in one compartment and accessories in other pockets. The bag’s vertical design ensures to store everything in a single place.

Smartree is one of the smarter-looking 16-inch laptop bags. It carries two separate main compartments to store your laptop and tablet. The bag is made of a hard case (nylon material) to protect against scratches and drops. Do note that Smatree’s backpack style approach may not go down well with suits and other professional looks. This is primarily aimed at young creators, carrying around 16-inch laptops frequently. While Smatree doesn’t promise to be waterproof like Tomtoc, you can expect basic water and tear resistance.

Available in black and pink, this bab works best if you want to ditch conventional laptop bags and want to go with a backpack-style portable design.

5. KomalC Leather Laptop Bag

So far, we have talked about laptop bags made out of fabric, nylon, or military-grade materials. If you have been looking to compliment your beautiful gaming laptop with an equally premium laptop bag, you should go with the KomalC leather bag.

The USP of the KomalC laptop bag is buffalo leather material. It looks and feels premium compared to every item on the list. The standard compartment at the top and practicality with a leather strap remains the same. You can get the bag in distressed tan or the usual tan color. While the previous item from Smatree was ideal for millennials, KomalC targets professionals with their leather laptop bags. The company isn’t advertising any water resistance, though. Be careful while wearing it during rains.

If you are looking for quality stitching, workmanship, and a premium, expensive look for your laptop bag, hit the buy button and go for this one.

Find the Perfect Companion for Your Laptop

If you want to give your laptop another layer of protection, you can also invest in laptop cases. However, most people will be perfectly fine with a dedicated laptop bag with several storage spaces to keep accessories. Which laptop bag are you picking from the list? Share your preference in the comments sections below.

Last updated on 17 June, 2022

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