Top 17 Assassin’s Creed Origin Wallpapers That You Should Get Right Now

Assassin’s Creed Origin. The beginning of the brotherhood. The return to roots. The adventure of the Medjay ranger. The jewel of the Nile.

Words and phrases fail to do full justice to the latest game in the Assassin’s Creed series. With exceptional graphics and a new storyline, Assassin’s Creed Origin has managed to sweep many gamers off their feet.

Best Assassins Creed Origin Wallpape 7

If you’re someone who’s been fascinated by Bayek’s thirst for revenge, here’s your chance to keep the magic of his adventures with you, always.

We’ve scoured the Internet and have compiled a list of the best wallpapers from Assassin’s Creed Origin. The good news, you can have your pick from the HD and 4K wallpapers.


1. The Gifted Climber

Best Assassins Creed Origin Wallpape 1

Did you know that Bayek is one of the last surviving members of the Medjay clan? The Medjays were originally protectors of the Egyptian royal family and descended from the Nubian people.

2. The Assassin

Best Assassins Creed Origin Wallpape 2

Talk about motivation and you get one motivational wallpaper staring right at you. In this Bayek is getting ready for combat. Hood in place, weapon in hand and a stronger-than-steel determination, he is all set to start his quest.

Are you ready to start yours?

3. The Faithful Senu

Best Assassins Creed Origin Wallpape 3

Senu, the eagle has a special bond with this Medjay ranger. In the game, you can use the eagle to survey the scene of your action. Interestingly, you can use the eagle to spot supplies and other spots in the game.

4. The Arrow of Time

Best Assassins Creed Origin Wallpape 4

Did you know that Aya, Bayek’s wife, isn’t Medjay? In fact, she is a Greco-Egyptian warrior who learned the ways of the Medjay people after marrying Bayek.

5. Sagas of Beginnings and Endings

Best Assassins Creed Origin Wallpape 5

Do ancient ruins fascinate you? If yes, I bet you’d love this wallpaper. With the sun setting in the horizon and Bayek embarking on his journey among the ruins, this wallpaper speaks volumes.

6. Till the Sun Sets

Best Assassins Creed Origin Wallpape 6

Deserts can be unforgiving. Some deserts are so hot that when it rains, the raindrop evaporates before hitting the ground.

7. Wait, Did You Call Us Old?

Best Assassins Creed Origin Wallpape 8

A wallpaper in shades of black never goes out of fashion. Plus, it’s easy on the eyes. The above image shows plenty of characters, both good and bad, from the Assassin’s Creed series that is enough to justify the fan in you.

8. Who’s Who of the Old World

Best Assassins Creed Origin Wallpape 9

The above image encompasses all the elements of the game … from the rulers of ancient Egypt to the ruins of the majestic Great Pyramids. If you want to breathe in the spirit of the desert, this is the wallpaper that you should get.

9. Desert Man

Best Assassins Creed Origin Wallpape 10

In ancient Egypt, Blue was more than just a color. It represented everything important in their world — from the river Nile to the blue sky. The first record of Egyptian blue was recorded around 2600 BC.

10. The Passing Over

Best Assassins Creed Origin Wallpape 11

Did you know mummification is a lengthy process and can last for around 70 days? One of the famous mummies from Egypt is that of King Tutankhamun.

11. The Medjay Warrior

Best Assassins Creed Origin Wallpape 12

Want to see the star in the show in all his glory? If yes, this wallpaper is your perfect shot. The Medjay warrior is seen in his full attire and the faithful Semu to give him company. And a magnificent horse completes the picture.

12. The Gladiatrix

Best Assassins Creed Origin Wallpape 13

Want a bit of purple and a never-say-die attitude as your desktop wallpaper? The Duelist in her purple robes will surely make your desktop come alive.

13. The Beginning

Best Assassins Creed Origin Wallpape 14

If you ask me, ancient Egypt has a certain air of mystery about it. The magnificent Pyramids, the splendid Sphinx, and the time-worn ruins only add to the mystery of this place.

14. The Winged Falcon

Best Assassins Creed Origin Wallpape 15

Bayek can climb almost anything. Throw a huge crumbling structure on his face and he can climb even that. Did you know that the faster you climb, the quicker you heel? Well, at least in Bayek’s world it is!

15. The Hyena

Best Assassins Creed Origin Wallpape 16

Did you know female hyenas are more cunning and aggressive than their male counterparts?

16. The Old Man & The Scorpion

Best Assassins Creed Origin Wallpape 17

Bayek in full combat. With the mighty Bayek fighting the humongous scorpion and the Gods acting as the umpire, this wallpaper has all the essence of a true combat.

17. A Different Perspective

Best Assassins Creed Origin Wallpape 1

Who said wallpapers can only have high-res graphics? For the fan in you, a simple minimalistic wallpaper can also work wonders. If you want a non-nonsense wallpaper with Bayek being the central element, we’ve got the perfect one.

Found ‘The One’?

So, which of these will adorn your desktop? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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