13 Cool Aquaman Wallpapers in HD and 4K

DC has finally upped its game and the first trailer of Warner Bros. Pictures’ Aquaman proves the point. With visually breathtaking underwater and action-packed scenes, James Wan is all set to re-tell the story of Arther Curry.

Aquamna Wallpapers 5

The movie trailer, which was released at the San Fransisco Comic-Con festival, has so far amassed around twenty-five million views and is still going strong.

Aquaman, which will be released in December, also stars Nicole Kidman as the Atlantean Queen Atlanna, Amber Heard as Mera, Patrick Wilson as ORM (Ocean Master) and Willem Dafoe as Vulko.

So, before we get to swim in the watery world of the half-human and half-Atlantean man, let’s indulge in some cool Aquaman wallpapers in HD and 4K.

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1. The Man With the Trident

Aquamna Wallpapers 2

Among Arthur Curry’s many powers, the most important ones are his ability to control water and swim at a lightning fast speed.

I wonder what would the superhero do if we were to put him in a neighborhood swimming pool? Thoughts to ponder upon!

2. The Tempestuous Sea

Aquamna Wallpapers 4

10-foot waves are quite common around the world. However, the highest sea wave that was recorded was in Alaska’s Lituya Bay in the year 1958. The wave was 100 feet high.

I bet had Aquaman been around he would have controlled it like the badass he is.

3. Beyond Swimming

Aquamna Wallpapers 1

One of the main strengths of Arthur Curry is night vision which allows him to see clearly underwater. Did you know an average human has visibility between 165 and 230 feet in clear water?

4. The Man of Two Worlds

Aquamna Wallpapers 15

The superhero meets the supervillain and does all hell breaks loose? Well, only time will tell.

Arthur Curry is known as the man of two worlds and the above image with its orange and blue theme represents it perfectly.

5. The Leader

Aquamna Wallpapers 7

Black and Gold, the epic combination. What I love about wallpapers with dark backgrounds is that it lets the screen icons stand out.

If you keep plenty of icons on your desktop, you can slightly alter the image so that the central character shifts to the right.

6. Superhuman Abilities

Aquamna Wallpapers 8

Want to see the underwater king in all his might? Here’s the leader wielding his weapon and strength with all forms of underwater life as the backdrop.

7. Wait … Is that Really a Trident?

Aquamna Wallpapers 9

Well, is that really a trident? Traditionally Aquaman fights his enemies off with a golden trident, however, that weapon has now been replaced by a quindent — a spear with five forks.

8. The Oldest Superhero

Aquamna Wallpapers 14

Aquaman is one of the oldest superheroes in the comic world and as you may already know, he is one of the founding members of the Justice League.

Did you know that in one of the strangest twists, Aquaman was sent back 3,000 years in time? Aquaman and his countrymen were ultimately saved by none other than the Justice League members.

9. The King We Want

Aquaman Wallpaper Hd 29450

Ahem … the hand looks a bit scary, doesn’t it?

10. The Aquatic Might

New 52 Aquaman Wallpaper 1920X1080

Do you know what I love about this wallpaper? The orange of the sky matches perfectly with the blue of the water and is subtly complemented by the fearsome looks of Aquaman. And the costume’s green color breaks the monotony.

11. The Fish Talker

Aquamna Wallpapers 10

The Atlantis crest set against the deep blue sea and catching only a glimmer of the sun — the perfect minimalistic wallpaper for the Aquaman fan in you.

12. Super-Atlantean Strength

Aquamna Wallpapers 11

Aquaman was created by Mort Weisinger, DC comic book editor, and Paul Norris, comic book artist. He first appeared in More Fun Comics #73 in the year 1941.

13. The Invincible Mera

Aquaman Mera Wallpaper

Mera, the fierce warrior and Aquaman’s ally was originally the princess of the lost Atlantean tribe of Xebel.

The King of Atlantis

Is Aquaman crowned the King of Atlantis? Let’s wait till December to find out.

How excited are you for this movie? Will it be able to break the records that Marvel’s Black Panther and Infinity War had set?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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