Best 7 Apps for Creating Unique WhatsApp Status

Until a few years ago, WhatsApp statuses were limited to only a few lines of texts and a couple of emojis. That changed in 2017 when WhatsApp came up with its version of Snapchat-like Stories aka Status. Now, users can not only add multiple pictures and videos but also throw in a couple of emojis or drawings. But is that all?

Best 7 Apps For Creating Unique Whats App Status

Absolutely not! If you post a dozen statuses like me, it’s best to stand out from the crowd. So, if you are looking to create unique WhatsApp statuses, there are hosts of third-party apps that make it possible. From unique video statuses to cool pictures with quirky fonts, you can do a lot to enhance your WhatsApp status.

I understand that WhatsApp statuses aren’t like Instagram posts or stories and you may skip the extra varnish to polish them up, but then, why miss out the fun?

So, without further ado, let’s check them out!

1. Add Unique Fonts with Adobe Spark Post

At present, the fonts for WhatsApp status are limited and their colors are…meh! So if you want to add some beautiful fonts to the mix, the best app to try is Adobe Spark Post. From funky to serious fonts, you can fiddle a lot with this app. In the meantime, you can also tweak the picture and change the color palette.

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Aside from this, you can paste a bunch of cool text backgrounds such as olive wreaths or huge quote signs. If you’re looking to add a few solid shapes, thought bubbles, or changing the opacity of the text, then you must know that Spark Post makes it all possible.

Best Apps Unique Whatsapp Status 0002
Best Apps Unique Whatsapp Status 0003

Using this app is super easy. To open gallery images, tap on the Plus icon > Gallery. You can also select from a wide array of stock images. Choose the size and options like Font and Color palette will be available immediately.

Best Apps Unique Whatsapp Status 0005

Did you know you can also add a link in status?

Cool Tip

2. Color Blocks? Try Canva

The solid background colors aren’t something to die for. Want to hear a secret? Get an app like Canva to add color blocks in different shades like light pink, mauve, teal, etc. More importantly, you can also choose a custom color through the color picker. This way you’ll end up with more pleasing colors than the default brown or violet color.

To make a color block in Canva, sign-in to the app and create a new post. Select WhatsApp Story > Colour and choose your color from the panel below.

Best Apps Unique Whatsapp Status 0006
Best Apps Unique Whatsapp Status 0009

Once done, tap on the Plus button to pick your favorite color. Having done that, all you need to do is hit the Plus icon at the lower-right corner to add other graphics like text, images, and shapes. Nifty, right?

Best Apps Unique Whatsapp Status 0015
Pro Tip:

3. Stir in Cool Audio: InShot

The trend to share tidbits of our life is now more popular than ever. Truth be told, the audio in some videos can be quite embarrassing. Unwanted chatter, wind gushing at the mic, horns blaring, and certainly not worthy for adding to a status.

Colors 1845430 1280

Thankfully, you can solve that with video editors like InShot which not only lets you mute videos but also add cool audio tracks and filters.

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Operating InShot is simple, and the options are pretty much self-explanatory. What I love about this app is its collection of audio tracks.

Best Apps Unique Whatsapp Status 0017
Best Apps Unique Whatsapp Status 0018

Whether you want to add a soothing track or a high-energy track, you’ll get your fill here. Also, don’t forget to check out the speed feature. Or, if you have a video to trim and edit, this will be your go-to app.

4. Make Quirky Reverse Videos

Small video clips when reversed make great content. Visualize a helium balloon making its way down to the ground, and now imagine it as your status. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

ReverX is the best app to create reverse videos. Upload your video and select the portion that you want to reverse.

Best Apps Unique Whatsapp Status 0021
Best Apps Unique Whatsapp Status 0022

As easy as that! There is an occasional ad. However most ads are unintrusive.


5. Make Cool Cinemagraphs: StoryZ Photo Motion

What if you can merge photos and videos together? Say hello to Cinemagraph GIFs. For those who are unaware, these are still images with subtle moving elements.

One of the recent apps which makes it possible is StoryZ Photo Motion. Initially, you may find it a bit tricky but let me assure you that it gets better with time. There are three key elements to this app — Motion, Stabilize, and Mask. All you have to do is mark the image with the respective elements as shown in the screenshot below.

Best New Fresh Android Apps For September 2018 05
Best New Fresh Android Apps For September 2018 04

Having done that, save the cinemagraph as a GIF (high-res downloads are limited to the pro version) and add the same to your WhatsApp Status. Check out the result of the above cinemagraph in this Instagram post.

6. Refine Images: Snapseed

If you don’t have Snapseed on your phone, let me tell you this: you are missing out on a lot. This nifty little photo editing app from Google has plenty of features and can transform the most ordinary of photos. If you update your WhatsApp status regularly with photos, my recommendation would be to run the photo through presets like Pop or Accentuate.

Screenshot 20181227 135749

These two filters increase the overall contrast and sharpness, thereby giving you a better-looking picture. To add to it, you can try a host of other tools like Drama, B&W filters, and Frames. Plus, you can also fix slightly skewed images through the Perspective tool.

7. Still Photo + GIF? Try Instagram

Instagram in itself is a feature rich app. From countdown stickers to nametags, you can experiment with a lot. One of the features I absolutely love is that you can combine still images and animated GIFs.

Best Apps Unique Whatsapp Status 0023
Best Apps Unique Whatsapp Status 0024

So, if you want to add something similar to your WhatsApp status, all you have to do is make an Instagram story and download it to your phone’s gallery.

Unleash Your Creativity

With the aid of great third-party apps, you can have everything under the sun. After all, you wish to make your WhatsApp status noticeable without appearing too ostensible. However, you should avoid installing sketchy third-party apps that request unnecessary access to WhatsApp and other parts of your phone.

So, get started and make cool WhatsApp statuses that stand out.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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