5 Best Apps to Fight ADHD for PC and Smartphones

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder found in children primarily. However, it is common in adults as well. ADHD makes it difficult to initiate a task, remember things, and focus. Thus affecting productivity in professional and personal life. But you can use apps to fight ADHD using your smartphone or computer.

best apps to fight ADHD

There are multiple types of ADHD. And while the condition cannot be cured, you can still take treatment to reduce its effects. Along with the right treatment, our picks for the best apps will help you take control of your life efficiently. Before we move on to the apps, let’s look at things we considered to curate this list.

Factors We Considered to Create This List of the Best ADHD Apps

While plenty of time management and project management apps can help manage tasks and your daily life, attention deficit is the biggest issue. Hence, we set some criteria before suggesting the apps. 

  • User interface: If you are searching for a planner app for ADHD, it should have a simple and easy-to-focus user interface (UI), as it will help manage tasks without getting distracted and help focus on the things that need your attention.
  • Price: It won’t be fair to pay more to lead a life without ADHD. Hence, the apps mentioned in the list will have a free or demo version that doesn’t require you to give your payment data before even allowing you to use the app.
best ADHD apps for adults
  • App rating: Why waste your precious time on something bad? It’s always good to look at the user review before installing an app. We have ensured only to include the apps with more than 4+ ratings on the App Store or Play Store.
  • App experience: We have reviewed each app to ensure you only get the best. We will share our experience and the pros and cons of each app.

Now that we have set our criteria, let’s look at all the best ADHD apps for adults or anyone with the issue.

5 Best ADHD Apps for Adults

Now that you know how we cherry-picked each app, let’s get to the apps and how they will help you in your battle.

1. Asana – Best Task Planner App for ADHD

Who should try this: People who juggle multiple tasks and have issues prioritizing them.

Asana is a project management app that’s aimed at organizations. However, it can also be used for personal use, and it’s indeed an interesting app to check out. Instead of scribbling endless to-do’s, Asana encourages users to create tasks that can be customized between lists, boards, or calendar events.

You can also further sort the tasks based on their priorities. This was a huge plus since I am a person who always gets stressed and confused about what task to do if assigned multiple ones simultaneously and ultimately ends up doing nothing.

With Asana, I could sort and organize them to reduce my stress to a huge extent, as I got a clear picture of what to do first. The app’s beautiful interface has also influenced my experience with it. I was guided through the setup process without any issues.

Once you are in the app, navigating between options and menus is easy. Seeing all those accomplished tasks also gives a sense of content. The app is also free for personal use, making it a good choice for those who love to make lists for their work. But yes, you must update the changes manually; if you do not like that, this app is not for you.


  • Ability to sort and organize tasks
  • Easy-to-use UI
  • Free for personal use


  • Must manually update the progress of tasks

App rating: 4.6

Price: Free (US$10.99 per month for premium)

2. Evernote – Notes & Task Manager

Who should try this: Those who want to note down ideas quickly and create related tasks.

Ideas always pop out of nowhere; if you don’t scribble them down, you will forget them. You can note the same in Evernote and convert them to tasks later if needed. Users can store emails, photos, videos, websites, and even ideas all in one place.

The best part is that Evernote is well-designed and easy to navigate around the options and information stored inside. Like Asana, Evernote can also be used for personal or organizational use. There is even an option for students! Upon choosing one of these options, the setup process will further show more options to cater to the app according to the users’ choice.

The free option of the app has limited features. If you want to take the premium plan, try the free trial before subscribing and choose any premium plan that suits your needs.


  • Easy to jot down ideas
  • Ability to choose between Work, Personal, and School profiles
  • Can add multiple attachments


  • The free version has limited features

App rating: 4.4

Price: Free; Premium: $10.83 per month onwards

3. Remember the Milk – Comprehensive To-Do App

Who should try this: For those looking for a minimal to-do list

This can be something most people with ADHD can relate to. Forgetting to buy the things that we told ourselves to remember. Remember the Milk prevents you from forgetting things. The app enables you to create task lists with subtasks, providing a structured approach. Thus, reducing distractions.

You can also assign due dates to each task and include notes, locations, passwords, messages, addresses, or anything related. Users can set reminders through mobile notifications, emails, or even text messages. However, these features are locked behind the premium version.

While the free version offers plenty of good features, if you subscribe to the Pro version, you can access other features such as creating subtasks, unlimited sharing, colored tags, reminders, and many more.


  • Minimal UI
  • Sort tasks based on day, week, and month
  • Premium plan offers many features


  • No option to add images or other media files

App rating: 4.4

Price: Free; Pro Subscription: $39.99/year

4. Forest – A Beautiful Timer

Who should try this: For those looking for a minimal yet compelling timer to keep them working without getting distracted.

Having ADHD translates to a low attention span in activities, which negatively impacts productivity and affects your work. This can be solved with the help of a timer. Forest addresses all these issues.

Earlier, I used the default timer on my devices, which was ineffective as I would be back to doomscrolling or other activities rather than the task at hand. But Forest ensures to change that.

When you start a timer, the app will plant a virtual tree, which will grow for the entire time you have set. And if you ever feel like breaking time and doing some unwanted stuff, the tree will die. This app has an interesting idea of making you feel responsible for the life of this virtual tree, and it worked wonders!

With the Pro Version, you get many more features, such as the ability to plant real trees, detailed statistics, a sync option, the ability to choose between other tree options, and more. However, this app isn’t available for PC.


  • Minimal UI
  • Easy to use
  • Pro Version unlocks many features


  • More sound options would have been great

App rating: 4.7

Price: Free; Subscription: $3.99 per year onwards

5. Lifesum – Manage Your Lifestyle

Who should try this: The app is best to help you manage your health and diet.

Managing ourselves is a task, especially when juggling your work life. With Lifesum, you have an assistant to help you lead a healthy life. The app has a good interface where you will get personalized tips and plans to gain or lose weight upon providing the required information.

The app has interesting checklists as well as plans to achieve your goal. You need to take the premium plan to get detailed information. It can also monitor your calorie intake like a dietary diary, and its assessment to calculate the amounts of nutrients is commendable.

As someone with ADHD, it’s natural to go with comfort food, which might not be good for your health. But with Lifesum, you can always ensure you eat and stay healthy.


  • Beautiful UI
  • Ability to get detailed information on your lifestyle
  • Get tips and recipe suggestions based on your data.


  • Premium plan could have been cheaper.

App rating: 4.5

Price: Free; Subscription: $22.00 for three months onwards


1. Are screens bad for ADHD?

Prolonged exposure to screens can exacerbate ADHD symptoms and lead to additional issues. Hence, be sure to take a break once in a while.

2. Can you beat ADHD naturally?

Therapy and changes in lifestyle can be highly effective in controlling ADHD naturally. Besides that, medication can also help you control the issue.

Lead a Happy Life

Living with ADHD is a task. However, with this list of the best apps to fight ADHD, we hope you can lead life the way you want. If you face many issues because of ADHD, we strongly recommend a medical consultation.

Last updated on 11 September, 2023

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