Top 10 Must-Have Apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Some like to call them bloatware, while others prefer to call them added features. If you may have noticed, the number of pre-installed apps on Samsung phones has been slowly rising over the years. Especially on the flagships like the Galaxy Note 9 and the Galaxy S9+.

Top 10 Must Have Apps For Galaxy Note 9

Though at times, apps like Samsung Keyboard and Secure Folder prove to be quite helpful, others like Messages or Notes are yet to see improvements. The bottom line is that these apps are not enough to meet your daily usage requirements.

To get the maximum potential out of the Galaxy Note 9, today we will be talking about eleven must-have apps for your Galaxy Note 9.

What’s Not Here

We haven’t added a few popular apps like Google Docs, Evernote, Spotify, 1Weather, SwiftKey, and Photos. These apps are usually on everyone’s list. Instead, we have focused on a few lesser-known but power-packed apps that would help to improve your Android experience.

Also, the Note 9 already ships with plenty of in-house developed apps like Samsung Health, Note, Weather. So let’s take a look at the apps you must try out.

1. Messaging: SMS Organizer

To be honest, the default Messages app barely has any organizational features. If you are looking for a messaging app which lives up to the other top-notch features of the Galaxy Note 9, you might want to try out SMS Organizer.

Top N Must Have Apps For Galaxy Note 9 1

Developed by Microsoft, this messaging app not only categorizes your incoming messages but also sets up reminders for important messages. And that’s not all. It brilliantly stacks up all your transaction messages as well as promotions to give a quick view of the received messages. Furthermore, you can backup all your messages to Google Drive.

Galaxy Note 9 Must Have Apps 02
Galaxy Note 9 Sms Organizer

In a nutshell, SMS Organizer is a lifesaver when it comes to handling and managing text messages under a single roof.

2. Clipboard Manager: Universal Copy

Next on our list is Universal Copy. As the name implies, this app can copy text from practically anywhere, be it a tweet or an Instagram caption. In short, Universal Copy comes into play when Android’s native copy-paste functionality fails.

Galaxy Note 9 Must Have Apps 03
Galaxy Note 9 Must Have Apps 04

Set up is simple as you just have to enable the app. To copy a text snippet, pull down the notification shade and tap on the Activate Universal Copy option. Now, select the text you intend to copy, and then tap on the Copy icon.

3. Art & Design: Animatic

Do you often sketch with the S Pen? If yes, the Animatic app is your next stop. As the name suggests, it lets you create flipbook-like animations. What’s more, you can even export them as GIFs or video files.

Top N Must Have Apps For Galaxy Note 9 1
Top N Must Have Apps For Galaxy Note 9 17

Like a typical animation tool, Animatic lets you create animation frame by frame with a tool to combine them at the end.

However, if (digital) sketching is your first love, try your hands on Adobe Photoshop Sketch app. With tools like pencils, pens, markers, acrylic brushes, and calligraphy pens, sketching in this app is a blissful experience.

Galaxy Note 9 Must Have Apps 05
Galaxy Note 9 Must Have Apps 01

Unlike the in-house Notes app, Sketch’s interface is far more advanced and almost manages to bring a natural drawing experience to the foyer.

4. Wi-Fi: WiFi Prioritizer

Most of the advanced Wi-Fi settings in the Galaxy Note 9 are quite helpful. However, it can’t necessarily make an intelligent decision to switch between two or more Wi-Fi networks. WiFi Prioritizer saves you from all these hassles with its unique functionality. It keeps a vigilant look on your Wi-Fi connections and switches to the next available connection in case your current one has any issues.

Top N Must Have Apps For Galaxy Note 9 11
Top N Must Have Apps For Galaxy Note 9 10

What’s more, it’s quite simple to set it up. Just enable the job, and change the priority of your Wi-Fi networks from your phone.

5. RAW Photo Editor: Snapseed

The Galaxy Note 9 camera boasts of some incredible features like Dual Aperture, Scene Optimizer, and Flaw Detection. However, a feature which often goes unnoticed is its ability to capture RAW/DNG photos in the Pro Mode.

Top N Must Have Apps For Galaxy Note 9 2

For the uninitiated, RAW images contain plenty of details as they capture the maximum amount of information from the camera lenses. So, post-production editing on RAW files results in better outcomes than one gets by editing a standard JPEG image.

Top N Must Have Apps For Galaxy Note 9 7
Top N Must Have Apps For Galaxy Note 9 8

Google’s Snapseed is one of the few image editors that can easily edit RAW images. This app auto-detects RAW images and suggests tools such as structure, highlights, temperature, shadow control, exposure, and tint. Once you’re done editing, you can export the images as regular JPEG files.

6. Instagram-ready Images: Adobe Spark Post

A fairly new app, Spark Post lets you create social media ready images in a matter of minutes. With a variety of stock images, fonts, and colors to choose from, Spark Post makes it easy to spice up your photos before you post them on Instagram or Facebook.

Top N Must Have Apps For Galaxy Note 9 12
Top N Must Have Apps For Galaxy Note 9 13

And did I mention that you can also create collages? Yep, it’s that cool.

7. Wallpaper: WallpapersCraft

Over the last two months, I have experimented with many wallpaper apps. While some have been an absolute delight, I found it quite difficult to find images that complement a brilliant Super AMOLED display. Finally the one app that ekes out the best from the display is WallpapersCraft.

Top N Must Have Apps For Galaxy Note 9 3
Top N Must Have Apps For Galaxy Note 9 4

WallpaperCraft boasts of a ton of wallpapers in 4K resolution. What’s more, they are categorized which makes it easier to find the ones that interest you. My only gripe is that there’s no separate category for wallpapers specifically for AMOLED displays.

8. Password Manager: Dashlane

Do you often forget passwords? I do, and hence a password manager is more than just a necessity for me. If you are someone like me, you’ll feel right at home with the Dashlane password manager. Dashlane’s UI is simple and straightforward. It’s easy to set up and makes using passwords a walk in the park. Similar to most password managers, it locks all the passwords with a master password. You just have to remember the master password, and the app will take care of the rest.

It’s easy to set up and makes using passwords a walk in the park

The cherry on top is that it’s fully secure. Also, it has a neat Security Dashboard feature which shows you the current status of your passwords, based on how easy it is to crack them.

9. Offline Music Player: VLC

VLC is the undisputed king of media playback in the Windows world. Now it’s slowly making its way to the top for Android devices. The best part about this media player is that it can double up both an audio as well as a video player. With support for gestures, hardware acceleration, and plenty of customization features, VLC should unquestionably be your go-to player to enjoy media files.

Top N Must Have Apps For Galaxy Note 9 6
Top N Must Have Apps For Galaxy Note 9 5

You can also stream videos stored on your local network. And it doesn’t just end there. Unlike other players like MX Player or X Player, VLC doesn’t have any annoying ad pop-ups and notifications which made me fall in love with it at the first place.

10. Photo Sharing: Photos Companion

Photos Companion is the app for you if you transfer photos to your Windows PC on a regular basis. It works over Wi-Fi and saves you from the hassle of wires and connectors. It’s accompanied by a simple setup process.

Top N Must Have Apps For Galaxy Note 9 16

All you have to do is scan a QR code on your PC (similar to WhatsApp Web), and the photos will be transferred in an instant. Just make sure that your phone and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Since it’s an experimental app, you might find a few bugs. However, that’s something I am willing to overlook for a seamless transfer process.

That’s not All, Folks!

With such a powerful processor under the hood, the Galaxy Note 9 can easily take the brunt of a few more apps to augment your overall experience. Gone are the times, when phone users just had to settle with the pre-installed apps. In fact, it’s the opposite now.

So, which of these apps will you install first?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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