11 Best Apps for OnePlus 6T to Make the Most out of It

Unlike most phone makers, OnePlus phones usually bundle limited apps. While it’s great that you don’t have to deal with unnecessary bloatware, the onboard apps are not enough for your daily usage. From making you more productive to editing pictures on the go, the OnePlus 6T is capable of so much. After all, you wouldn’t want to use a Snapdragon 845-powered smartphone just as a phone, right?

Best Apps For One Plus 6 T 2

In this post, we have listed out some great apps which are a must-have for your new OnePlus 6T. Let’s check them out.

1. Polish Those Slow-Motion Videos: FilmoraGo

Wondershare’s FilmoraGo is an easy-to-use video editor and is great for editing slow motion videos. From adding themes and filters to trimming videos and adding music, it lets you do a lot. Also, it’s the perfect alternative to the built-in editing suite, which we can best describe as limited.

Best Apps For One Plus 6 T 8

Aside from the above, you can adjust the frame as per your liking, and add transition effects. The steps are pretty much self-explanatory and you won’t find much challenge in churning out amazing videos.

2. Make Your Photos To Stand Out: Snapseed

The best thing about the OnePlus 6T’s camera is that it can also capture RAW images in the Pro Mode. RAW images may not look as sharp as regular images. However, they capture more details than regular JPEG images, thus making them more flexible to edit.

Best Apps For One Plus 6 T 1
Best Apps For One Plus 6 T 2

Snapseed is the ideal app to process the RAW images, and the good thing is that it auto-detects RAW images and suggests the tools accordingly. For more Snapseed hacks such as changing the background color and double exposure, don’t forget to check out the post below.

3. Make the Most of that Display: VLC Player

The OnePlus 6T sports a 6.41-inch edge-to-edge display and it’d be a shame to watch movies and videos with thick side edges. Well, worry not, get hold of VLC Player for Android, if you’ve not done already, and say bye to those edges.

Best Apps For One Plus 6 T 9

This player lets you choose from a series of frames. Tap on it until you get the Fit Screen option and now, bask in that immersive display. Also, VLC also has a number of features to enhance your movie watching experience. Plus, you can also use it as a music player.

4. Let the Wallpaper do the Magic: WallCraft

WallCraft is one of the best apps to scout and use quality high-res 4K images. What I love about it is the images can automatically adjust to the screen size.

Best Apps For One Plus 6 T 3
Best Apps For One Plus 6 T 4

All you have to do is select an image, and download it. Or, you can set the home screen and lock screen wallpapers directly from within the app.

5. Get a Grip on Messages: SMS Organizer

A few lines can’t justify the value of Microsoft’s SMS Organizer. From organizing your text messages to different tabs and reminding you about payment dates to scheduling messages, this humble SMS app is many apps rolled into one.

Best Apps For One Plus 6 T 6

What’s more, you can also backup your messages to Google Drive. Also, you won’t be bothered by silly promotional messages. What I am sure you will love about this app is that you can see all your transactions and account balance in one place.

6. Listen to Music in all Their Glory: Stellio Player

When compared to its predecessors, the audio quality of the current OnePlus flagship has improved a lot. You won’t find the same shrill sound quality as noticeable with the OnePlus 5/5T. So, all you need to do now is get hold of a few offline tracks to listen.

Best Apps For One Plus 6 T 7
Best Apps For One Plus 6 T 8

There are many music apps for offline music. However, the app worth taking a look at is the Stellio Player. It’s a comparatively new app and boasts of many interesting features such as a 12-band equalizer, a set of 10 preset, contextual controls, and supports a variety of formats including lossless ones (FLAC). The Stellio Player couples all these features in an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

7. Jazz up those Instagram Stories: Typography Master

This app is for Instagram lovers. Instagram has just five fonts, and yeah they are pretty boring. Typography Master lets you play around with different fonts and styles, and undoubtedly adds a fresh breath of air to your Instagram Stories.

Best Apps For Oneplus 6T

Also, the app is pretty much easy to use. Simply upload a picture. The Typography tab lets you choose the font style. Just tap on the icon, and you’ll be good to go.

Best Apps For One Plus 6 T 9
Best Apps For One Plus 6 T 10

Adobe Spark Post is another alternative which you can consider. Unlike Typography master, Spark Post needs an Adobe account to log-in (or you need to create one).

8. Keep Your Phone’s Security Under Check: SAFE

Many sketchy looking Android apps on the Play Store are notorious for exploiting user data and privacy. Just the other day, The Verge reported that a number of Android apps are using scammy ad practices. SAFE, short for Security Assessment Framework for Everyone, is an app which prevents misuse by installed apps through active monitoring.

Best Apps For Oneplus 6T

It monitors the phone against suspicious apps, loose device configuration, and security loopholes. Upon scanning your phone, the SAFE app gives you a score between 0 and 5.

Best Apps For One Plus 6 T 12
Best Apps For One Plus 6 T 14

A lower score means loose security (like screen-on time and vulnerable connection points like Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi configuration) and you need to beef up your phone’s security accordingly.

9. Speed up Your Browsing: Firefox Lite

Bored of Chrome? Why not try Firefox Lite. This new browser from Firefox is not only lightweight but is also super fast and blocks third-party ads.

Best Apps For One Plus 6 T 20
Best Apps For One Plus 6 T 15

All the basic browser settings such as bookmarks, single-tab navigation, and history coexist with newer features like the option to grab screenshots and block images and web trackers.

The feature that I loved the most is that you can go back to the online version of webpages via screenshots.

10. Jazz up Your Home Screen: OverDrop

Undoubtedly, a cool widget transforms the home screen appearance by many degrees. OverDrop is a nifty app which lets you jazz up the home screen with quirky widgets. Don’t believe me? Check out the previews below.

Best Apps For One Plus 6 T 16
Best Apps For One Plus 6 T 17

The app has a mix of free and paid widgets. The OverDrop Pro Key retails at $2.

11. Your Hour – phone addiction tracker and controller

Last but not least, if you think you’re wasting too much time on your phone, Your Hour is the best app to keep your phone addiction under check.

This nifty app will give you an insight on your app usage, addiction level, and lets you lock apps so that they are out of your reach. Once you have reached your threshold limit, it’ll alert you.

Best Apps For One Plus 6 T 18
Best Apps For One Plus 6 T 19

Also, the ticking timer on the screen continually reminds you to go out and explore the real world. It’s a bit more detailed than the Screen Time in Apple iOS 12.

That’s All, Folks!

Also, don’t forget to try out the Google Camera on your OnePlus 6T. The port has been developed by the good folks at XDA and is available for download. Like any other APK file, you’ll need to sideload it.

We tried out the portrait mode and the Night Sight, and we were quite impressed with the differences.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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