6 Best Apps for OnePlus 5T

Truth be told, OnePlus has practically reshaped history with the OnePlus 5T. This phone has got the beauty and the brains of a flagship for nearly half the price of its closest competitor. However, you would agree with me when I say that the Oxygen OS has a lot to catch up.

This phone can do so much more but the software is its biggest limitation. Worry not as the solution to all your problems is there on Google Play Store. All you need to know is what apps you have to install on your phone to enjoy it to the fullest.

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Here, we have assimilated all our efforts in finding the 6 best Android apps that you must install on your OnePlus 5T if you haven’t already. These apps would help unlock some of the potentials that’s locked behind not so great pre-loaded apps.

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1. Pixel 2 Launcher

The app launcher is one of the most important apps and by far the Pixel 2 Launcher has been appreciated by many for its simple looks and great features. What Google offered with the Pixel 2 is brilliant and easy to get with this launcher.

In fact, other launchers like Nova and Action Launcher also lets you emulate the Pixel 2 look.

However, you’ll need to spend sometime tuning it to get the perfect look. If you want the Pixel 2 look without investing much time, the best option is to get the Pixel Launcher for your phone.

Note: You need to install Pixel Launcher after enabling Unknown Sources in Settings

2. Canva

Although a fairly new app, Canva lets you create a variety of social media-ready images in a jiffy. It’s not a photo-editing app, however, it does let you manipulate images and lay around with easy-to-use templates to jazz up your snaps before putting them up on the social media.


With the OnePlus 5T and its brilliant camera, you can now stylize your images on the go. There are several elements to choose from within the app and there are paid as well as free elements.

Canva has a large number of templates and all you need to do is upload your picture and it will be ready with tags and elements within a minute. It’s as simple as counting 1-2-3.

3. Bacon Camera

The dual cameras on the OnePlus 5T are absolutely delightful. True that they are a bit different from the ones that feature on the OnePlus 5, however, the stock camera app is no good for it. If you also feel the same way, then one good suggestion would be to shift to the Bacon Camera app.


The best feature of this app is that it lets you save a picture in RAW format even if your phone doesn’t support it.


It packs many pro-level features and provides DSLR-like manual control. Bacon Camera has a very simple and easy-to-use layout. It includes advanced shooting modes and pro features, all of them located on the home screen itself.

4. VLC for Android

VLC or Video Lan Client is one of the most popular audio/video playback software today for both desktop and Android devices. Reasons behind its popularity include a simple interface, low demand for resources and, above all, support for most popular media formats.

All the codecs are integrated into the player and you won’t have to download anything other than the player.


While it might not be the best-looking software or the most feature-rich audio player out there, it certainly is the most useful. It supports playlists, has a very useful graphic equalizer and it can support media playback from a variety of sources both online and offline.


While free apps are generally supported by advertisements, VLC comes minus all that. It’s a free-to-use application that promises to remain free. With support for both audio as well as video playback, this is a must-have application for your Android phone.

5. SMS Organizer

Let’s be honest. While the whole world has migrated to WhatsApp for all messaging and calling needs, our dated system still wants us to stick to SMS for conveying any information to us. The tip of the iceberg is the default messaging app on your Android.

It’s boring and when it comes to organizing, it doesn’t even sort them as per date and time. Nevertheless, that’s why you need Microsoft’s SMS Organizer.


It’s a simple app that focuses on the important messages and, in the process, filters out the spams. It can even backup and restore your text messages so that you don’t lose out on the important texts when you switch phones.

Most importantly, it knows what’s important and what’s not. It will even go to the extent of sorting messages and presenting them in a more organized way — be it related to your expenses or the delivery alert for your next online purchase.

6. Grammarly Keyboard

Last but not the least, we all need a good keyboard for all the word suggestions and easy typing. However, how cool would it be if your keyboard could check what you are writing? Well, this is exactly what Grammarly is all about.

This virtual keyboard for Android will check for embarrassing grammatical errors to ensure that your sentences are not only error-free but also simple to read.


This keyboard simply replaces the good old Android keyboard and runs in almost all major apps, give or take a few. All it requires is a valid account with a username and a registered email for installation.

The Sky’s the Limit

With a powerful phone such as the OnePlus 5T there is a lot you can do and there’s a lot of room for future expansion as well. Right now, this phone has some really interesting features to offer, which can be easily augmented with the use of apps.

Android as an ecosystem has really evolved over time, now devices are just like a blank slate that you can decorate with whatever you want from the Play Store. Don’t forget to share how you have upgraded your OnePlus 5T experience, drop in a comment below.

Last updated on 09 February, 2022

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