5 Best Apps to Create Invoice on Phones

Creating an invoice is as essential as getting your work done. After all, you have worked hard on a project, completed the work on your side, and now it’s time to get paid.


There are many ways to create and send an invoice to a client. There is always an offline way to use pen and paper, but we are not here to talk about that.

There are several methods to generate an invoice digitally. You can use online services such as invoicely on PC. But what about speed and convenience? Thankfully, there are a plenty of mobile apps that will let you create invoices on the go.

In this post, we will talk about the top five mobile apps to create invoices on your phone.

1. Swift Invoice

Swift Invoice checks all the boxes for an invoice app. The app uses the usual bottom menu for navigation. The ‘+’ button lets you add new items.

You can add a company profile from the settings menu. It lets you integrate company name, logo, tax details, address and all the relevant details.

Swift Invoice 1
Swift Invoice 2

Making invoices is as straightforward as it can get. Press ‘+’ icon and type clients name. You can also pull in all the client’s name and details from a separate menu.

Your company details will automatically appear in the invoice. Add a due date, client’s name and you are good to go.

The app also lets you add VAT details to each item of invoice. After invoice generation, you can send it to your client via email.

Swift Theme
Swift 4

The app is completely free to use. You can create an account to sync the data between devices. One can change the invoice theme from the settings menu, which is a nice touch.

2. Invoice by Bookipi

Let’s get one thing clear, you will need to add your details first in any invoice app you choose to download. And almost all apps provide that facility via the settings menu.

Invoice by Bookipi keeps the default home screen distraction free with ‘add new item’ button and some remaining options at the upper-right corner.

Bookipi 4
Bookipi Invoice

First, go to settings, add a company name, logo, bank details, personal details, Payment info, payment ways, and signature.

The remaining process is simple. Hit the ‘+’ button, add a client and list out all the items to get paid. You can also add a sign and give out discounts on some items through the process.

Bookipi 3
Bookipi 2

Before sending it to the client, hit the preview icon to see if everything is in place and then send it using email or any social app.

3. Invoice Simple

As the name suggests, the app is focused on delivering a simple invoice-making user experience to consumers. The aim is to let anyone create an invoice in a few steps.

On the sign up, the app asks you to add a name, company name/logo, and other relevant details.

Ivoice Simple
Invoice Simple 1

The developers provide four major tabs at the bottom. After adding clients, and items, head straight to projects and start making invoices.

As always, the app supports the majority of essential options for creating an invoice. You can add client name, new items with VAT/Discount option, add a photo, sign the invoice, add due date, notes, payment info and even preview it before hitting the send button.

Invoice Simple 2
Invoice Simple 3

You can also choose among a professional, matte finish, and simple theme from the invoice menu.

4. Invoice2go

Invocie2go is more of an all-in-one app solution than a simple invoice generator. At first, you can add all the relevant company info from the settings tab.

Let’s talk about UI a bit. This is the best user experience you can get on any invoice app. The design is eye-catching, animations are smooth, and the UX is top-notch.

Invoice2Go 2

Adding a new invoice lets you choose from several options like adding new client, add a new item, discount, deposit request, payment option and more.

You can also manage purchase orders, estimate expenses, and send out credit memo all from inside the app.

Time tracking facility lets you track the time to spend on a project or activity. You can add all this info to the final invoice. The app also lets you protect sensitive data via Face ID option.

Invoice2Go 1
Invoice2Go Theme

One notable addition is theme support. Head to Settings > Customize Invoice, and from there, you can change every aspect of the invoice style and color. Believe me, the app offers more editing options than a normal photo editing app.

By now, you may have understood that Invoice2go isn’t a free app. The software is a paid one with a subscription model. It costs around $20/year to unlock all premium functions.

5. Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is a part of Zoho’s CRM suite of apps. It’s free, simple, full of features, and gets the job done within a few steps.

At the setup, it asks you to add relevant company details with name, logo, address, etc.

Zoho 4
Zoho Invoice 2

The app keeps things simple with all the relevant options at the bottom.

The default dashboard shows the upcoming payments based on due dates of invoice. Adding a new invoice lets you add all the relevant info.

The expense tab lets you track the expenses and mileage into the app.

Zoho Invoice
Zoho Invoice Timer

You can access other options such as projects, timesheets, timer, recurring invoices, credit notes, estimates, and delivery challans from the ‘More’ tab at the bottom right corner.

Create an Invoice in a Minute

As I mentioned above, if you are looking for an app with all the possible invoice options and several other features, then Invoice2go should be on your list. But it also comes with a price. Among free alternatives, you can choose from Swift invoice and invoice by Bookipi. Zoho invoice is for someone invested in Zoho’s ecosystem.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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