5 Best Apple Watch Travel Cases that You Can Buy

The Apple Watch is prone to damage, especially the screen. And if you are careless, it may end up with a scratched or a cracked screen. So if you often switch between your analog watch and your smartwatch during your travels, it’s wise to keep it in a travel case. These Apple Watch travel cases protect your smartwatch from scratches and help to keep. watch-related accessories together.

Travel cases for the Apple Watch are affordable. Plus, the small form factor means you can carry them on your overnight bag or carry-on luggage seamlessly.

So, if you have some serious travel plans lined up and want to keep your Apple Watch in pristine condition, here are our recommendations for buying the best Apple watch travel cases.

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1. Newseego Watch Protective Charging Case

The Newseego travel case brings the dual advantage of a charging case and a travel case. Yes, you read that right. This travel box comes with a neat charging cradle that lets you charge the watch inside the box. You can also take the cradle out of the box and fuel the Apple Watch at your convenience.

The Newseego travel case for the Apple Watch is highly affordable. More importantly, it keeps your watch safe and sound. It’s compact and easy to carry. Plus, the flexible case makes it easy to keep in bags and overnight carry bags.

This storage case is highly effective, and several users have pointed out this in their reviews.

While the material may not be the most durable, it gets the work done. All you need to do is slip the watch into the cradle. At the same time, you can stow the charging cable under the cradle when not in use. If you want an affordable and functional option, this Newseego travel case will be a good buy.

2. Halleast Travel Case

The Halleast travel case has a similar design to the one above. And it brings the advantage of a metal carabiner to the table. Using it, you can clip the travel case inside your bag or outside. It’s a circular travel case with a charging cradle. And you can route your Apple Watch’s charging cable around the cradle and begin charging it.

For the price, the case and the cradle are well built. The recessed space on the cradle ensures that your watch sits well without moving. Apart from that, the overall case bundles a decent build for the price. Avoid keeping your watch in a vulnerable place and it’ll be fine.

The travel case has a single zipper. Thankfully, the zipper runs smoothly, and the red accent adds to the looks of this case.

3. Cheopz Travel Watch Case

If you are looking for a simple travel case with zero frills, you should check out the Cheopz travel watch case. This one does away with the charging cradle and the like. Instead, it brings a soft, plush interior. Your watch stays free from scratches and marks. The hard shell exterior ensures that the travel case stays crush-free. And that’s not all. You also get YKK zippers on this travel case, which translates into smooth movements.

The donut-shaped interior ensures that your watch doesn’t love around much while traveling. It comes with bells and whistles like a carabiner and a microfiber cloth.

That said, it’s a well-liked travel case for watches. The solid build and the quality craftsmanship are the two reasons for its popularity. It’s a tad on the expensive side (since it’s just a case), but it works as intended.

So far, it has raked in positive reviews from its user base for its build and portable quotient. Lastly, it’s versatile, and you can use it for your other watches too.

4. MoKo Storage Box

The MoKo travel case is suitable to carry your smartwatch and your Apple AirPods together. This compact travel case comes with a neat holder for the AirPods Pro (see best AirPods Pro cases). So, place the earphones on the cradle and then wrap your Apple Watch around it. Sounds simple, right?

Charging the earphones is super easy within the case since the cradle has a neat slit near the charging port. Sadly, you will have to take out your watch to charge it.

It works as advertised and shields your Apple Watch from ugly marks and scratches. The carabiner lets you hook the travel case to bag loops.

It’s one of the popular products on Amazon, and users like it for its durable build and sturdy design. And yes, you can choose the color as per the one on your watch.

5. Smatree Portable Charging Case

The Smatree portable case for the Apple Watch (Series 7) stands out from the ones above. It’s a hardshell case with a rechargeable battery support. This Apple Watch travel case doubles up as a charging case when juiced completely. The best part is that the hardshell cover ensures that the watch doesn’t get crushed.

It’s highly portable and the double zippers make it easy to open the case. While there’s no carabiner, you can use the small loop to bind this travel case.

The built-in battery can charge the Apple Watch up to 6 times. That’s quite convenient when you’re traveling. However, do note that charging the case can take about three hours.

Nevertheless, it’s a fantastic accessory for travel for your Apple Watch. The cordless design and the durable material have earned their share of rave reviews from its user base. Just make sure to check the model before you hit the Buy button.

What’s the Time?

The Apple Watch is a delicate smartwatch, and if you do not take good care of it, you may end up with a scratched-up screen, just like me. And well, servicing it is an expensive affair. So if you switch watches often, a travel case like the ones above should be a must-have.

So, which one of these will you buy?

Last updated on 02 September, 2022

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