6 Best Protective Cases for Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch has been one of the best smartwatches for the longest time. This year, too, it comes with a few improvements, including dual-frequency GPS and a new rugged variant — Apple Watch Ultra. The Apple Watch Series 8 isn’t as rugged, though, so if you decided to pick one up, it’s best to use a protective case to ensure it stays safe.

Apple Watch Series 8 protective cases

There are various types of Apple Watch cases out there — rugged, clear, shiny, thin, and whatnot. Since it can get intimidating to go through all of them, we’ve curated a list of the best Apple Watch Series 8 protective cases. Pick the one best suited for your use case.

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Now that we’ve convinced you to purchase more accessories than you would need, let’s get to the cases.

1. JZK Clear Case

  • Size: 41mm and 45mm
The Apple Watch is a beautiful piece of tech. It looks even better when worn on the wrist. So, you might not want to hide its beauty by putting on a large and thick case. For such users, this clear case is the perfect fit. It protects your Apple Watch Series 8 without ruining its outer look.

Clear cases are generally used when you want to show off your device while adding sufficient protection. This Apple Watch Series 8 clear case does exactly that. It not only protects the chassis of the Apple Watch but also covers the screen and protects it from scratches and cracks. All while allowing you to show off the shiny color of your Apple Watch.

While it is a good case, the one issue that plagues every clear TPU case out there will surface here too — yellowing with time. The case will turn yellow gradually which might be why you get two in the package. Considering how inexpensive it is, you can get a pack of 2, use them, and order fresh ones when both turn completely yellow.

Another drawback of this case is that since the TPU layer covers the screen, the legibility of the display, especially outdoors under direct sunlight isn’t as good as it is without the case.

2. Goton Bling Screen Protector Case

  • Size: 41mm and 45mm
Here’s a snap on case that not only adds protection for your Apple Watch but also adds some bling into your life. It’s available in multiple colors but the common aspect among all color options is the studded diamonds on the edge that add shine to your Apple Watch Series 8. It also has an in-built screen protector.

Want to make your Apple Watch shine while protecting the screen? Just pick up this case with a built-in screen protector. The highlight of this case is the attractive design that may appeal to the women out there. This is a hard polycarbonate shell that snaps onto the front of the Apple Watch Series 8 to completely change your watch’s look. You get 7 different color options to choose from.

Each shell has crystals all along the perimeter which looks great when light falls on it. Apart from looking cool, this Apple Watch Series 8 protective case saves the external chassis and the display during an impact. This is an excellent way to customize your Apple Watch and turn it into a fashion accessory while adding a good amount of protection.

Note that the screen protector doesn’t adhere to the screen and only rests on it which affects the touch sensitivity of the display slightly as per the reviews.

3. Spigen Rugged Armor

  • Size: 45mm
This case adds a good load of protection and also resembles a Casio G-Shock sports watch in terms of the ruggedness that it offers. The thick material used in the construction of this case ensures your Apple Watch stays safe. There’s a slight lip on the front to protect the display as well.

The Spigen Rugged Armor is a thick piece of TPU cover that will ensure your Apple Watch Series 8 stays protected even in extreme scenarios. It looks and feels rugged so you don’t have to worry about your smartwatch’s body or display taking a hit if you end up dropping the watch or when it comes in contact with a hard surface.

Given the thickness of this Apple Watch Series 8 rugged case and the reinforced corners, it is rather bulky and thus, can make the watch appear larger on your wrist. But, this is the trade-off you make for good protection. It also means that your Apple Watch would no longer look like an Apple Watch with this case on.

One piece of advice that you must follow going by the reviews is that take the Apple Watch out of the case every few days and wipe it before putting the case back on. Failing to do so might end up scratching or scuffing your Apple Watch which you surely don’t want. Further, it’s also available for the 41mm variant.

4. Hasdon 12-Pack Bumper Case

  • Size: 41mm and 45mm
The Hasdon bumper cases are exactly similar to the bling case we mentioned earlier, except that they are way more simplistic. Instead of adding shiny diamonds, they just add a fresh coat of paint to your Apple Watch via shells that just snap on top.

Ever thought how nice it would be if you could change the way the sides of your Apple Watch looked? If yes, this product is for you. This is the best case for the Apple Watch Series 8 if you’re someone who loves changing the color of your watch now and then. You get 12 different colors in one pack so you can match your Apple Watch with whatever outfit you’re wearing.

What’s better is that each of these cases has an in-built screen protector that also protects your display. For when you want to rock the actual color of your Apple Watch, you also have a clear option in there. They’re cheap too considering you get 12 of them in the pack. There are plenty of reviews with most customers being happy with their purchase.

The point we mentioned earlier with the bling case about the reduced touch sensitivity remains here, though, so keep that in mind.

5. OtterBox All Day Case

  • Size: 41mm and 45mm
This is an Apple Watch Series 8 bumper case that offers protection without being too bulky or looking rugged. It has a simple design with thick borders to keep your watch safe. It’s available in 4 different color options and doesn’t change the look of your Apple Watch drastically.

OtterBox cases for smartphones are generally bulky and protective but this one surprisingly doesn’t add too much weight to your Apple Watch. It doesn’t stand out as much when worn on your wrist which is a good thing. Another advantage of this case is that it adds a button on top of the side button making it easier to press.

While the Apple Watch Series 8 OtterBox case looks great, the reviews are quite mixed with one major complaint reported by several users. The case apparently snaps near the opening for the digital crown or at the edges. Due to this, some users have reported that the case has automatically fallen off the watch which isn’t ideal at all. If you end up getting the case, ensure you keep looking at your wrist to make sure the case hasn’t gone anywhere!

6. amBand Retro Metal Case

  • Size: 45mm
The amBand retro case is a stainless steel case attached to a silicone band. It makes your Apple Watch Series 8 look like a conventional watch from back in the day. So, if you want that sort of a look, you need to get this case! It’s one of the most attractive cases out there while being extremely protective.

A metallic case is both protective and aesthetic when worn on the wrist. If you’ve owned a classic watch in the past, this case makes your Apple Watch look exactly like that with screws and some bold ridges. It’s a dual-layer case where the watch first slots into the rubber enclosure attached to the band. Then, the metallic portion attaches on top.

The band is just like any other sports band that you get, so it’s comfortable to wear. Just pair it up with a nice, retro watch face and you’ve created the perfect combo that gives you the look of a classic watch with smart features! It is slightly on the pricier side, but the looks and protection you’re getting are among the best.

Keep Your Watch Safe

The Apple Watch is an expensive gadget with repair costs also being quite high in case it ends up getting damaged. To prevent that from happening, just get any of these Apple Watch Series 8 45mm or 41mm protective cases and you should be good to go. You can even pick up multiple cases and switch them up based on the occasion.

Last updated on 13 October, 2022

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