6 Best Apple Watch Series 6 Silicone Replacement Bands

All Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch owners know that the stock strap wears off after some time. Thankfully, it is replaceable. There are dozens of replacement bands, and silicone bands are among the popular ones out there. They are easy to maintain, and the flexibility & softness of the material adds a significant difference to the long-term comfort.

Best Apple Watch Series 6 Silicone Replacement Bands

Read on to find our picks for the best silicone replacement bands for the Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch.

1. Rain Gold Stretchy Loop Strap

Rain Gold’s stretchy loop strap is as simple as a strap can get. Instead of a buckle, you get a silicone strap. All you need to do is fasten your Apple Watch’s ends and slip the band in your wrist. Simple, right? The silicone is soft and comfortable to wear and doesn’t trap sweat underneath the band, and several users have backed this point.

Here, you will have to measure the circumference of your wrist correctly before pressing the buy button. After all, you wouldn’t want to end up with a loose strap, right?

The Rain Gold stretchy loop strap is inexpensive, and you will have to compromise on the product’s durability. If you wear the Apple Watch regularly, this band will wear out sooner. However, if you are up for switching between different types and colors, it’s worth considering.

2. Swees Sport Band

If you are looking to add a feminine touch to your Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch, the Swees sport band is the one worth considering. Like the one above, this one is an inexpensive band and comes in a variety of colors. As noted earlier, the highlight of this band is its thin strap. As you may have expected, a thin strap translates into a lesser chance of sweat trapped underneath it.

It comes with the standard pin and tuck mechanism at the ends. The perforations are evenly spaced, and this leads to a snug fit.

Again, it’s an inexpensive model, which means it won’t last as long as its premium counterparts.

It’s available in different pastel shades to add a different touch to your Apple Watch.

3. elkson Silicone Rubber Strap

If you’d rather have a wide strap with a traditional watch closure, you can check out Elkson’s silicone strap. This one checks all the right boxes. For one, you get a highly textured top that looks and feels great. Plus, it adds a nice grip to the strap. Secondly, it bundles a watch buckle that stays put. So yeah, you can jog or run without worrying about the strap coming loose.

Installing this band is plain and simple as several users state that in their reviews. Moreover, it’s comfortable to wear and is neither stiff nor heavy.

The elkson silicone strap brings the best of both worlds—it’s affordable and brings a solid quality to the table. And, it has the right looks. So, if you are looking for a bang for buck deal, this band fits the bill right.

4. Nomad Sport Strap for Apple Watch

The Nomad sports strap is designed for people who love to sweat it out in the gym. It is a wide strap and has plenty of broad perforations, allowing the sweat to dry out quickly. Simultaneously, the unique texture and the thick design give it an appearance of a true sports band.

However, the strap has a slightly thicker build. The thickness, along with the wide design, tends to look a little awkward for people with thin wrists.

It comes with the pin & tuck mechanism, although a few users have reported the closure failing during workouts.

5. Carterjett Black Sport Silicone Tire Tread Strap

Another silicone strap for the Apple Watch that is certain to uplift your smartwatch’s looks is the one by Carterjett. Apart from being a looker, the Carterjett sports band is also flexible and comfortable to wear in the long run. All these features are further polished by the traditional watch buckle. As you may have guessed, this buckle makes it easy to put on the watch and adds a sense of security as well.

There’s a slight catch. The tire tread texture adds a unique look it the band. However, its thickness may cause sweat to build on the underside. And if you plan to wear the watch during your gym time, it might add a touch of discomfort.

Nevertheless, this strap has attracted its share of good reviews, with people praising it for the comfort, flexibility, and looks.

6. Nike Sport Band (Black)

If you want a premium silicone band for your Apple Watch Series 6 watch, the Nike sports band may prove to be a good buy. This band stays true to the concept of sports bands and brings home an interesting ensemble of features. For instance, the band has enough perforations to aid in the quick drying of sweat dry sooner. And this design adds to the long-term comfort. It’s beautiful to look at, and the waterproof feature is the cherry on top.

Naturally, the Anthracite and the Black color combination adds a classic touch to the watch. Nevertheless, it’s available in various shades like Spruce Aura/Vapor Green to spruce up the looks of your smartwatch.

Add Variety to Your Watch

The Apple Watch (Series 6) is a versatile smartwatch. It keeps track of your movements and alerts you of notifications and voice calls. And when the little gadget on your watch is capable of so much, it’s all but natural that you’d want to boost its looks with an array of different straps and cases.

So, which one will you buy?

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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