6 Best Apple TV Remote Cases

Apple updated its flagship streaming box – the Apple TV 4K  – in 2021. The refresh brought improvements to picture quality along with an all-new Siri-supporting remote control with all the important buttons and a navigation pad. So protecting the aluminum remote is essential to enjoy the Apple TV 4K.

best Apple TV remote cases

Hence, it’s a good idea to protect your Apple TV remote to ensure it doesn’t get damaged during usage or when you drop it. Let’s face it, all of us drop our TV remotes often. The risk of breaking it is even higher if you have kids around. To tackle it, we’ve compiled a list of the best Apple TV remote cases that you can get to protect the little accessory.

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Let’s get to the cases now. Note that all the cases mentioned below work with the remote of the Apple TV 4K 2021.

1. Shockproof Silicone Case

Have you seen Apple’s silicone cases for the iPhone? Well, this one’s pretty similar, except that it’s for the Apple TV remote. It’s slim, colorful, and has reinforced corners for added drop protection.

A silicone generally gives you a snug fit around the device; this one’s no different. It’s more like a sleeve that goes around the Apple TV remote and gives you additional grip when holding and using it. Since it’s made of silicone, the reinforced corners provide some drop protection.

This rare case covers the buttons too. It protects the Apple TV remote while giving it a colorful pop depending on which hue you pick.

2. Protective Case With Lanyard

This case is similar to the previous one, at least in terms of materials. It’s yet another silicone case, but with slight changes to the design and a lanyard attachment that comes bundled with it.

If you think adding a layer of silicone covering over the buttons on the remote will make them feel mushy to press, you can get this case instead of the previous one. You won’t find a lot of difference in terms of how this case feels compared to the first one since this is also made of silicone. However, the design on this one is a little different.

You get an open area for your buttons, so they’re uncovered and feel natural to press. Another difference is that, unlike a sleeve, you have to slot in the Apple TV remote into this case from the top, almost like a pouch. The USP of this case is that it comes with a lanyard attachment that you can wear around your wrist or use to hang on a hook.

3. Glow-In-The-Dark Case

Ever lost your remote at night and couldn’t spot it? Can’t figure out which corner of the couch you’ve kept your remote in? This case will come to your rescue. It glows in the dark, thus giving away its position and making it easier to spot at night.

This is a silicone case, just like the first option mentioned in this list. It’s a sleeve that goes around the Apple TV remote, but unlike the first case, this one doesn’t have coverings for the buttons. The buttons are uncovered, making them difficult to identify in the dark.

Either way, this case has a glow-in-the-dark exterior, so it’s the perfect accessory to pick up if you leave your remote in a pile and then keep searching for it in the dark. It’s available in a few fluorescent color options and has a lanyard hole.

4. Elago Magnetic Case

Yep, there’s a magnetic case for the Apple TV remote too. Those pair of magnets on the back of the case are quite handy.

At first glance, this seems like a standard silicone case for the Apple TV remote. However, upon closer inspection, you would realize that the case has agents on the back at the top and bottom. Wondering what the magnets are for? Well, the magnets on the back of the case allow you to snap the Apple TV remote onto any metallic surface of your choice.

If you have a refrigerator in your living room, you can snap it onto the door. You can even snap it onto the edge of your TV, so it’s easy to locate the next time you want to watch TV. This smart element makes the case more useful than a standard silicone one. You also get a lanyard within the package.

5. Transparent Hard Case

You may have across several cases with clear back for an iPhone. However, this one’s a clear case for your Apple TV remote! It has a transparent back and TPU sides that go along the edges of the remote.

You may not like how silicone cases look and feel in hand. If that’s the case, this is a nice hybrid case with a hardback with flexible sides. Just snap it onto the remote like you would put on a case for your phone. Since the back is made of polycarbonate and the edges are shock-resistant, this case provides good protection.

It’s available in a few color options for the side frame while the back remains clear in all of them. The case is slim and has all the right cutouts. It doesn’t cover the front portion of the remote, so keep that in mind. However, in case of a drop, the front has a lip that will protect the face of the remote.

6. Spigen AirTag Case

This is for those of you who are prone to losing their Apple TV remote or keeping it somewhere in the house and not remembering where you kept it. It’s a simple silicone case from Spigen, but the trick lies in a small cavity behind the remote housing. You can add an AirTag to keep track of your Apple TV remote.

Spigen is well known for making smartphone cases and covers, among other accessories. Well, they also happen to make a case for the Apple TV remote. Except that it’s not a regular case. The silicone sleeve that snaps on has a small cavity on the rear where you can pop in an Apple AirTag.

Your Apple TV remote will then slot in over it so that the AirTag remains concealed at all times. The advantage of adding an AirTag in your Apple TV remote’s case is that you can track it even in case you lose it or can’t find it. With precision tracking on the AirTag, you can get accurate directions to your Apple TV remote location within the house.

Protect Your Apple TV Remote

The Apple TV remote is an important accessory since that is what you use to control the streaming box. Protecting it with a case would significantly reduce the chances of the remote getting damaged when it’s dropped. It can even add extra functionality like finding the remote in the dark or when it’s lost.

Last updated on 12 July, 2022

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