6 Best Apple MacBook Air Protective Cases That You Can Buy

Apple MacBook Air is built with aluminum but is prone to scratches and dents. So you can buy a case to protect it and retain the looks of your MacBook Air.

Best Apple Mac Book Air Protective Cases That You Can Buy

Most of the protective cases available for the MacBook Air are hardshell cases and snap to the laptop’s surface. The best part is that you can work with the cases on. This way, you are sure that your MacBook Air stays protected around the clock.

So if you are in the market looking for MacBook Air protective cases, here are our top recommendations. But before that,

1. EooCoo Store Skin Cover

Model Compatibility: Macbook Air 13-inch (M1 A2337, A2179, A1932)

EooCoo Store’s cover is a simple case for the MacBook Air. This transparent case is made of transparent PC. Apart from shielding the laptop from minor scratches and ugly marks, it makes sure that the original look of your MacBook Air shines in all its glory.

The vents are in the right places and ensure that the heat dissipation works as intended. The installation process is simple. However, the screen protector is a little hard to install, as a few of the users claimed.

This case doesn’t limit the screen movement, and you are free to go about your job with ease. It’s highly affordable, and for its price, the EooCoo Store hardshell case does a good job of protecting your laptop.

2. Mosiso Transparent Case

Model: Macbook Air 13-inch (A2337 M1, A2179, A1932)

Another affordable case that you can buy is the Mosiso Transparent Case. It fits the MacBook Air like a glove, and that’s probably one of the best things about this case. And for its price, it offers decent protection from scratches.

The installation process is overall easy. Like the one above, this case covers the bottom of the laptop as well. However, a few of the users have reported the MacBook Air getting warm with the case.

As noted earlier, this Mosiso case is one of the inexpensive cases out there, and you’ll have to compromise on the durability. For instance, this Mosiso transparent case tends to chip at the corners in the long run.

3. B BELK Colorful Rainbow Hard Shell Case

Model: MacBook Air 13-inch (A2337 M1, A2179, A1932)

Would you like to paint your laptop in the colors of the rainbow? If yes, you should certainly check out the B Belk hardshell case. It’s one of the few cases that adds a feminine touch to your laptop, all thanks to its shimmery colors. It’s a full package and comes with a keyboard cover and screen protector.

The keyboard cover and the screen protector are easy to assemble and fix. For the price, they are great additions. Like any clear case, the B Belk case is a fingerprint magnet and tends to show fingerprint smudges and oily palm prints if you are not careful. On the upside, the bottom cover is cleverly designed and dissipates heat well.

If you have the M1 MacBook Air, the fit is a little off, and you may want to skip this one.

5. Kuzy Hardshell Soft Touch Laptop Cover

Model: MacBook Air 13-inch (A2337 M1, A2179, A1932)

The Kuzy case stands apart from the rest and brings a soft touch to your laptop. It’s a low-profile case and snaps onto the MacBook Air without any issues. Naturally, the black color brings a distinctive look to your laptop. The case has vents in the right places, and so far, it hasn’t had any issues with heat.

Unlike some of the cases in this list, it’s a standalone case and doesn’t pack keyboard covers or screen protectors. It’s easy to install, and you need to snap the case on your laptop.

Though the soft-touch cover looks cool, it has a few issues. For one, it’s smooth and slippery. If your palms sweat excessively, your laptop may slip out of your hands. Plus, it’s prone to greasy marks and smudges. Thankfully, you can easily wipe them off with a wet microfiber cloth.

The Kuzy soft-touch case has been received well by its user base. People like it for the quality of material use, easy installation, and slightly affordable price tag.

5. May Chen Graphic Case

Model: MacBook Air 13-inch (A2337 M1, A1932, A2179)

If you ask us, printed covers add a certain character to a gadget, and May Chen’s ones are no different. They are a little expensive compared to some of their counterparts above, but they do a great job of giving a new look to your laptop. And the matte finish is the cherry on top. We especially like the colorful giraffe variant.

The case works as expected and manages to shield the laptop’s exterior from ugly marks and scratches. All the ports are easily accessible, and the low-profile design doesn’t add much heft to the overall laptop.

It’s a full-fledged package and comes with a keyboard cover, screen, and port protectors. The case fits well even on the new MacBook Air M1. But as some users have observed, the keyboard cover might not be the best fit for the Air M1 since it doesn’t cover the function rows.

6. Mosiso Plastic Hard Shell Case

Models: MacBook Air 13-inch (A2337 M1, A2179)

The MacBook Air looks slim and sleek, but that’s not the only way it is supposed to look. If you want your MacBook Air to look slightly rugged, the Mosiso hardshell case might be the one you are looking for. In its heart, it’s a plastic case. However, it adds its share of extra protection ( and a bit of heft).

And it’s this heft that will protect the insides from scratches and the likes. Despite its look, this case is easy to install. All it requires is a tiny snap for it to attach. That said, it adds a little bulk and you lose the thin profile of your laptop.

So far, it has received a decent number of positive reviews on Amazon with people liking its durability, snug fit, and its look.

It’s expensive than its counterparts above, but you get a sleeve bag along with the case.

Cover Story

The Apple MacBook Air is a slim and sleek laptop. And the metallic surface makes things slippery and difficult to hold on hot summer days. And cases like these helps to prevent just that.

They do have their limitations. For example, most clear cases tend to get greasy and have fingerprint smudges. Plus, if you often run power-intensive apps on your laptop, the plastic covers may hamper the heat dissipation.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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