6 Best Apple iPhone Desk Stands

Phones have become an extremely important part of our lives. Whether it’s at work or home, you always have your phone with you. With the constant flow of notifications, it’s always nice to have a direct view of the smartphone’s display even when not using the phone. This is where a desk stand for your iPhone comes into the picture.

best iPhone desk stands

Instead of placing your iPhone flat on your desk, you can use a desk stand to keep it upright. This way, it’s easier to glance at the screen when you get a notification or if you want to check the time. Another advantage of a desk stand is that it can hold your phone at a comfortable angle such that you can watch content on it without holding it in your hands for long durations.

Most desk stands are cheap, and since they serve multiple purposes, you can consider getting one yourself. Here are some of the best iPhone desk stands you can pick up. But, before we get to them, here are some other articles that may interest you –

With that out of the way, let’s get to the products.

1. Aluminum Desk Cradle

This product is exactly what the name suggests. It’s an iPhone desk stand made out of aluminum. The build quality is premium since it’s constructed entirely out of aluminum and is much better than plastic. You can’t go wrong with this for the under $10 asking price.

Starting off the list is a simple aluminum stand for your iPhone that looks elegant. It’s available in multiple color options, so pick the one that looks the best. You can rest your iPhone as it is in the cavity provided or even run your charging cable through the slit at the back to charge the iPhone while it sits on the stand.

Since the cradle is metallic, it can handle just about any iPhone, including the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which is the heaviest of the lot. Even a small iPad should sit fine on the stand, so you’re essentially getting a multi-purpose cradle.

2. Foldable iPhone Dock

Do you travel often? Do you want an iPhone stand that you can take to your office and bring back home to use on your bedside desk? If the answer to either of those questions is a yes, this foldable iPhone desk stand is for you.

The foldable iPhone dock has a trick up its sleeve that few desk stands have – it can fold into a flat structure and you can tuck it into your bag or pocket. It’s easy to travel with since you don’t have any parts jutting out, unlike a normal phone holder. Apart from the fact that you can fold this holder in half, it also has a height-adjustable piston to let you place the phone higher.

You can use this desk stand to hold your iPhone in the horizontal or vertical position. When you place your iPhone in the vertical position, a small notch at the bottom near the port allows you to route a lightning cable to charge your iPhone while it’s on the stand.

Here’s an alternative to this holder if you want a similar-looking accessory.

3. Height-Adjustable iPhone Stand

This particular stand looks quite different from the other options. It’s minimalistic with a sturdy black base and a slim metallic pedestal that can be extended. This gives your iPhone a more modern look as the stand looks unique compared to other similar products.

While most iPhone desk stands look similar, this one from Lisen opts for a slightly different approach. The area used to house the iPhone is the same as the other products mentioned earlier. However, instead of a large supporting bracket behind the phone, you get a thin metallic rod that extends in height.

When you see this from afar, it looks like the iPhone floats while it rests on the cradle. If your table or desk is at a slightly lower level, this stand is a good pick since it can extend quite a bit in terms of its height. Several color options are available for the weighted base and the metallic rod is also color-matched to it.

4. Gooseneck Flexible Arm

The gooseneck in the name accurately depicts what this particular iPhone desk stand looks like. This holder also has a weighted base along with a metallic piston. However, it has a flexible arm at the top that extends further and can be bent in any direction.

Having a fixed holder on a stand meansyou have to stick to whatever position your iPhone is sitting in. You can only adjust the angle in one particular axis while the others are fixed. This iPhone holder solves that issue with a flexible arm. You can tilt or bend it in any direction you like based on your convenience.

The place where you house your iPhone is also different on this stand. Unlike the other options mentioned earlier that had a cavity to place your iPhone in, this one has a retractable snap-on holder than extends slightly and then snaps onto your iPhone to hold it in place. This is similar to some mobile tripod holders. If you like watching content on your iPhone while on your desk, this is a good stand to pick up.

5. MagSafe Desk Stand

Apple introduced MagSafe on the iPhone with the iPhone 12 series of devices. This stand employs MagSafe technology to hold the iPhone instead of any holder or clamp. As a result, it’s a lot more convenient and looks futuristic.

On other desk stands mentioned in this article, you have to place your iPhone either in a small cavity where it’s not snug or in a clamp where it’s too tight to remove easily. Enter this particular stand with a MagSafe mount. You’ll need to get your iPhone close to the holder, and it will automatically snap into place. As a bonus, the height of the vertical stand can also be increased.

When you want to remove your phone from the stand, you have to tug at it gently and it will come right off without much effort. You don’t have to undo any clamp, or you won’t be worried about accidentally knocking your iPhone down from a stand that’s not holding it tightly. However, note that this particular variant does not charge your iPhone while it’s on the MagSafe stand. If you want one that does, check out the next product.

6. iPhone and Apple Watch Stand Cum Charger

Wouldn’t it be great if your iPhone desk stand could also charge your iPhone simultaneously while resting on it? Well, this product does exactly that. You can add your MagSafe charger and snap your iPhone onto it along with your Apple Watch.

This two-in-one stand is designed in a rather smart way. It has two cavities on the back – one to house a MagSafe charger and the other to slot in the Apple Watch charger. Once you get both of them in place, snap your iPhone onto the MagSafe charger, and it will start charging. The iPhone will also be held in place with the help of magnets.

Along with your iPhone, this stand can also hold your Apple Watch, making it a great accessory on your bedside table. Just snap your phone onto the stand and hand your Apple Watch on the side. Wake up with both devices fully charged and ready to go. The stand is also foldable and adjustable, making it a great travel companion.

However, note that you will have to purchase and attach the MagSafe charger and the Apple Watch charger separately as they’re not included in the package.

Keep Your iPhone Upright

Instead of laying your iPhone flat and reaching out for it every time you want to have a look, get a simple and inexpensive desk stand to hold it upright for you. This way, you can consume content or attend video calls without keeping your hands occupied.

Last updated on 06 July, 2022

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