5 Best Apple iPhone 14 Pro Screen Protectors

iPhone 14 Pro series receives one of the biggest redesigns on the display front. Apple has removed the notch and added a pill-sized cutout to accommodate the front camera, required sensors for Face ID, and more. Aside from a case, a screen protector is equally important to protect your iPhone 14 Pro from scratches from daily usage. Let’s check them out.

Apple has neatly integrated Dynamic Island to utilize a giant cut at the top. It will show active apps, widgets, and useful information without leaving your current screen. There are two types of screen protectors for the iPhone 14 Pro. Some have cutouts for the Face ID, while some offer a seamless glass for a uniform look.

Let’s get started.

1. Supershieldz Screen Protector

Not everyone prefers a glossy screen protector on their iPhone 14 Pro. If you are among them and looking to avoid screen glare, get a Supershieldz screen protector from Amazon.

Supershieldz offers an anti-glare, matte screen protector to protect your phone from daily wear and tear. Matte screen protectors are known for resisting oily fingertips more than glossy ones. You don’t need to clean it frequently. For an affordable price (in single digit), the company is bundling two-pack of tempered glass, which should be enough for a couple of years at least. Supershieldz screen protector also has an oleophobic coating to reduce sweat marks and carries a 9H hardness.

There are a couple of shortcomings, though. The company doesn’t bundle any helper tool to install the screen protector easily. Since it’s a matte glass, you might find the screen dim while watching videos from Netflix or YouTube. For ideal display visibility, you must get a glossy screen protector.

2. QHOHQ Screen Protector

QHOHQ offers the best bang for the buck on the list. You get a three-pack of tempered glass, a camera lens, and an installation tool to apply the screen protector flawlessly.

Most screen protectors have sharp angles on the sides without any polishing. It feels cheap and easily breaks into pieces with an external force. QHOHQ has curved edges on the sides, which feel smooth and deliver better protection. Even with 9H hardness and claimed 99.99% light transmission test, QHOHQ is only 0.33mm thick.

The camera lens protector is also worth mentioning due to the ‘Night Circle’ function to use flash at night without affecting photo quality. QHOHO promises lifetime replacement and service to buyers.

3. JETech Screen Protector

JETech is yet another high-quality screen protector for iPhone 14 Pro. It offers edge-to-edge protection with full glass at the front.

Unlike QHOHQ, JETech doesn’t bundle a camera protector, but it gets the job done with a couple of screen protectors and an auto-alignment tool kit for easy installation. Most newcomers make an alignment mistake while applying a screen protector for the first time. It’s best to stick with products that offer a neat utility with the purchase. JETech has an oleophobic coating to protect the screen from fingerprints and oils. It carries the same 9H level of hardness as others on the list.

JETech is also smart enough to leave suitable edge space to work well with rugged iPhone 14 Pro cases.

4. Ferilinso Screen Protector

If you mostly commute in crowded places, you may want to protect your iPhone from drops and prying eyes. Ferilinso’s privacy screen protector for iPhone 14 Pro delivers the same in an excellent package.

Ferilinso offers a true 28° viewing angle – making the screen visible to only you. If you frequently browse private and confidential information on your iPhone, we highly recommend using a privacy screen protector for your iPhone 14 Pro. It has 9H hardness, smooth edges, an auto-alignment tool, three camera lens protectors, and a thin profile of 0.33mm. If you want one for your MacBook Pro, check our best privacy screen protectors for MacBook guide.

Ferilinso screen protector isn’t ideal for a group media experience. You might get good visuals, but your friend or partner might face problems with viewing angles.

5. Spigen Screen Protector

Spigen is a well-known name among case manufacturers. Although Spigen products are pricier, you get excellent quality and all-around protection.

Spigen offers full protection to your iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island. It has 9H hardness and packs an auto-alignment installation kit for effortless application. The company claims to offer original screen brightness, and the screen protector should resist your oily fingertips due to an Oleophobic coating. You can’t go wrong with Spigen products, which stays true with the company’s iPhone 14 Pro accessories.

Your iPhone 14 Pro Is Incomplete Without a Screen Protector

We would advise going with a screen protector that offers all-glass protection. Supershieldz offers a matte finish, while Feriliniso is geared for a privacy-focused audience. Spigen has a proven track record, and QHOHQ throws in a camera screen protector. Which screen protector will you pick from the list? Share your preference in the comments below.

Last updated on 13 October, 2022

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