6 Best Apple iPhone 13 Pro Leather Cases and Covers

Apple iPhone 13 Pro looks and feels stylish in hand. If you want to improve its look and grip, picking up a leather case is a good idea. There are many leather cases available in the market specifically for the Apple iPhone 13 Pro.

Best Apple i Phone 13 Pro Leather Cases and Covers

Though leather cases are a tad expensive than their silicone counterparts, they are a lot more durable, especially if it’s an original leather case.

Besides that, some leather cases also support wireless charging.

So if you want to amp up the look of your Apple iPhone 13 Pro, here are the top leather cases. But before that,

1. Tendlin Premium Leather TPU Case

The Tendin leather case for the iPhone 13 Pro is one of the inexpensive cases out there. This is a form-fitted case and hugs the iPhone 13 Pro like a glove. Here, the bumpers are made of TPU, while the rear has a leather finishing. The former ensures that you can grip the phone easily.

This case protects the screen and the camera. It provides adequate lips around it to protect the screen and the lens from scratches. For the price, the build quality is great.

The only demerit of this case is that it doesn’t support wireless charging.

2. Lohasic Leather Slim Case

Another affordable leather case that you can buy is the Lohasic Leather. This one bears a similar look to the one above. However, the bumpers also have a leather finish, which adds to the look of the device. Again, the area around the camera module is raised, preventing the phone from wobbling around.

The cutouts for the volume rockers and the power button are spot on, and several users have backed this claim.

But at the end of the day, it is an inexpensive case and it would be wrong to expect a high-quality finish on the product. Nevertheless, it does a good job of upping the look and protection of your iPhone 13 Pro.

It’s available in several shades.

3. Lupa Legacy Wallet Case

The Lupa Legacy case is a conventional leather case, meaning it comes with a flap and a pocket to hold your card and money. Naturally, it adds to the heft of the device. But the good thing is that you can leave your wallet at home. And guess what, there’s a small cutout at the rear to let you flaunt the Apple logo.

It is a little expensive than its counterparts above. And well, it looks its parts. The combination of Blue and Brown helps it stand apart in a sea of similar-looking phone cases.

But if you want to maintain the slim profile of your iPhone 13 Pro, then this case is probably not the one.

4. Amovo Leather Flip Case

The Amovo Leather Flip Case is a popular case on Amazon and has seen more than 800 reviews. It’s a standard wallet case and comes with the standard fare like pockets to keep cash and card, and a PC and TPU bumper case. However, the feature that helps it stand apart from the rest is the quality of the leather.

This vegan leather case is well-made. The fit is spot on, and the case provides full 360-degree protection. Several users have appreciated the build and the construction of the case.

It’s available in several colors, including a shocking red variant.

5. Nomad Modern Leather Case

If you do not want to compromise on the leather quality, you should have a look at the Nomad cases. These are premium cases and cost almost double the cases above. That said, the quality of the vegan leather is excellent. The best part is that with use, it develops a unique patina in the long run.

The cuts for the buttons and the ports are almost perfect. More importantly, the case manages to preserve the original slim look of the phone. Moreover, the Nomad Modern case comes with two lanyard holes.

However, like any leather product, this case is prone to cuts and scuff marks. And you’ll have to be cautious with how you handle the phone and the case. The case is rugged and can handle its share of drops and falls. It’s compatible with MagSafe charging.

6. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Leather Case With MagSafe

Another premium leather case is from none other than Apple itself. One of the primary advantages of this case is that its MagSafe compatibility. It’s a slim case and doesn’t add much heft to the smartphone. Since it’s an in-house product, you do not have to worry about the size or the fit, and that’s a huge plus.

It combines both looks and muscle, for this iPhone 13 Pro case can protect your phone from scratches and minor drops.

It’s not without its issues though. Some users have reported the colors to be a little disappointing to look at in person.

As Tough as Leather

Today, leather cases are as durable and slim as silicone cases. However, compared to the average silicone case, leather cases need a little bit of extra care. You’ll have to remember to wipe them regularly.

At the same time, leather cases are prone to cut marks, especially if you are often around sharp instruments.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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