6 Best Apple AirTag Wal­let Hold­ers That You Can Buy

Namrata Gogoi

The Apple AirTag is a blessing for people like us who often misplaces their belongings, be it car keys, earphones, or small bags. However, when attaching this tracker to wallets and purses, the conventional holders and cases do not get the job done efficiently. After all, you won't like to clip a keychain into your wallet.

Best Apple Air Tag Wallet Holders That You Can Buy

Thankfully, a few dedicated AirTag holders for Apple AirTags that help you carry the trackers with ease.

So, without further ado, let's check them out. But before that,

1. Airtag Wallet Case

Airtag Wallet Case

The AirTag Holder is a simple card-shaped holder with a cavity in the middle to hold the AirTag in place. The holder measures approximately 8 cm in width and should fit most of the standard bi-fold wallets without any issues. For your reference, a standard credit card measures 8.5 cm in length.

As you may have already expected, you can slide the holder into the wallet's pockets. The width is minimal and equates to carrying three credit cards. However, do note that the wallet will have a slight bulge.

If you are looking for something easily removable when you switch wallets, then this is the one for you. However, note that the tag holder can be a bit bigger if you use a tri-fold wallet.

2. Hawanik Slim Pocket Wallet

Hawanik Slim Pocket Wallet

The case by Hawanik makes for a good pick if you are looking for a wallet holder for your jacket's (or jeans) front pocket. This one is a full-fledged wallet and lets you hold your card and cash and your Apple AirTag. The tracker goes into a small dedicated holder at the top. This front pocket wallet is spacious enough to hold a bunch of your credit cards together.

The wallet is slim, and though the quality is not top-notch, it gets the work done. You will need to push a little harder for the snap to lock, though.

So far, it has had some good user feedback from its userbase. It's slim, well-built and capablity to hold AirTag securely makes it desirable.

4. Moment Stretch Fabric Mount

Moment Stretch Fabric Mount

If you have a fabric-lined wallet or bag, then you should have a peek at Moment's AirTag holder. It's a small adhesive-backed mount for the AirTag. The tracker goes inside the mount, and you can stick it on any fabric surface.

The material is power mesh. As you might already know, power mesh is known for its tight seal, meaning the tracker will be safe and secure inside the mount.

This small coin-shaped holder also works well on coats pockets, purses, camera bags, and even fabric-lined laptop bags. Compared to the ones above, it's a bit costly. But it gets you everything in a small package, and that's a plus.

5. Nomad AirTag Holder

Nomad AirTag Holder

Another high-end wallet holder that you can check out is the one by Nomad. It's shaped like a credit card, though a tad smaller than regular credit cards. This ensures an easy fit. Though Nomad focuses on premium leather products, this holder is made from a mix of TPU and Polycarbonate.

Here, the tracker goes in the middle of the card and snaps into place. Once done, you can simply slip the case into your wallet.

The portability ensures that you can remove the AirTag holder and slip it into your laptop bag or camera pouch when needed.

The wallet card measure around 8.2 cm lengthwise, and you may want to check your wallet dimensions before hitting the Buy button.

6. Aimtel Holder Cover

Aimtel Holder Cover

If you are not a fan of card-shaped covers for your AirTag, you might want to see the sticker cases by Aimtel. These are small and compact silicon cases with adhesive backs. The flexibility of the silicone translates into an easy installation. And once everything is in place, you can slip one of the cases inside your wallet.

However, this arrangement has a slight limitation. For instance, your wallet may bulge out more since there is no buffer at the sides. But, on the upside, the added bulk is almost negligible.

That said, these stickers have attracted a fair amount of user reviews. People love it for its perfect fit, strong adhesive backing, and the fact that it can be affixed on surfaces like fabric and wood, apart from the insides of wallets.

Compared to the ones above, these are very affordable since you get four packs for almost the same price.

7. LiZHi Silicone Case for Airtag

LiZHi Silicone Case for Airtag

Another super affordable case that you can have a look at is the ones by LiZHi. Like the ones above, these are compact silicon cases. These cases help you protecting the tracker from harm, while the adhesive back lets you stick it inside your wallet.

It provides full coverage for the AirTag. That said, you will be able to locate it without any issues. It has a tight grip, and several users have backed this as part of their reviews.

Here too, the same rules apply. You will have to stick it inside a pocket. If you just stick it to your wallet's exterior walls, you may lose it in the long run.

That said, it's a discrete holder and comes in good use to stick it to other products as well, such as bags. The company also ships alcohol wipes with these so that you can properly clean the surface before putting them on.

Never Lose Sight of Your Wallet

If you are going for one of those card-shaped holders, do make it a point to measure your current wallet. Also, you have to make peace with the fact that your wallet will bulge a little, irrespective of how slim the makers claim their cases.

On the other hand, if you want to settle for the stand-alone AirTag holders, make it a point to slip it inside a wallet pocket instead of just sticking it to the surface of the wallet.

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