6 Best Apple AirPods Pro Leather Cases That You Can Buy

The Apple AirPods Pro is a premium but expensive pair of earphones and you wouldn’t want anything to happen to them or the case. In such scenarios, a case or cover is one of the first things you should invest in. But truth be told, some cases can’t do justice to the beautiful sleek design. That’s why we are compiling some of the best leather cases to shield your AirPods Pro from scuffs and scratches.

6 Best Apple Air Pods Pro Leather Cases That You Can Buy

These leather cases also amp up the look of your earphones by several folds. And if you have a leather-backed case for your iPhone, then nothing like it.

So, if you are in the market looking for sleek leather cases and covers for your Apple AirPods Pro, here are some of our recommendations.

1. Elctman Airpods Pro Leather Case

If you are in the market looking for an unusual leather case, you should have a look at the case by Elctman. The USP of this case is the scratch-resistant outer shell, which does its job of keeping the case free of scratches. Like most phone covers, this case has dual layers. While the outer layer has a film of PU leather, the inner frame is made of ABS material. Both combine to deliver a strong and sturdy cover.

Other than that, it comes with a clip that you can attach to your bag’s inner hook, thus saving you from hunting around the bag for your earphones.

The fit is snug, and the tiny hole at the front means you will be notified of the charging status. Plus, you can easily hook it for wireless charging without taking off the case.

2. Maxjoy Compatible Airpods Pro Case

With double stitches, the Maxjoy case attempts to bring in a classy look. It’s small and compact and provides a snug fit for your earphones. Plus, it’s light and lets you wirelessly charge your bud. And well, the top cover adds a nice touch to it.

The slit at the bottom allows the charging cable to slide in effortlessly. Though it’s not original leather, the quality is good and gives a premium look to the overall product.

Secondly, the magnetic clasp at the front ensures that the top doesn’t open accidentally.

This sturdy case also comes with a clasp that lets you hang it from belts and hooks inside purses and bags. This case is available in four colors — Black, Brown, Pink, and Green, to match the color of your iPhone.

3. intelliARMOR Leather Case for Apple Airpods Pro

Another leather case for your AirPods Pro is the one by intelliARMOR. It’s a simple case and has neither prints not does it have any jarring cuts. Instead, it packs a clean look that is only broken by a small logo at the front. The makers claim that it’s a single-piece construction.

What makes this case special is that the snap hook is positioned horizontally instead of being vertical. And, that gives the case a uniform and stylish look.

It’s slightly expensive than its peers, but then it’s the price you pay for the discreet and premium look.

So far, users have had good things to say about this leather cover. They have praised it for a snug fit and stylish appearance. The only downside is that the hook at the back doesn’t allow wireless charging.

4. ICARER Protective Cover

If the above case seems a tad too overpriced, you can check out the ICARER Protective Cover. With its excellent workmanship and single-piece construction (at the bottom), this case surely promises to stand out in the crowd of similar-looking products. Here too, the metal hook is located at the back.

The leather is soft, and it’s quite easy to glide the case into it. It comes with a tiny hole at the front, which lets you see the charging status.

While users have spoken highly of its quality and workmanship, it does have a few limitations. For one, the case doesn’t allow wireless charging.

5. V-MORO Protective Cover

What makes the V-MORO Protective Cover special is its special two-tone construction. It has a mix of black and brown leather and is designed to augment the looks of the case. The area behind the hinge is empty, making it convenient for you to open and close the case. Unlike the cases above, the D-ring is at the side, and in turn, facilitates wireless charging.

Several users on Amazon echo that the fit is great. At the same time, the case is light and maintains the sleek profile of the case.

The good part is that the mini cutout at the front lets you see the charging status and aligns properly with the LED indicator. On top of that, wireless charging works without a hiccup.

6. Jakarol Leather Case with Keychain

The Jakarol Leather Case for the AirPods Pro beautifully balances both looks and functionality. The snap hook is positioned at the top of the case to maintain the symmetry in design. Secondly, the cut at the front lines up well with the LED indicator.

That one bundles a metal closure at the front, which secures the cover and doesn’t let the earbuds fall out.

The fit of the case is perfect, with some of the users speaking highly of it.

Plus, the makers have used good quality leather in this one. It is neither too thick nor too thin.

Say Hello to Classy Looks

Though leather cases amp up the looks of products by several folds, they have a couple of downsides. For one, PU leather cases are prone to scratches if you are too careful with them. Plus, they seldom absorb the brunt of falls and drops, as compared to the ones made of silicon.

So, which of these cases will you pick up? I’d rather side with the beautiful V-MORO case.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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