6 Best Apple AirPods Pro Clear Cases for You

So, what’s the best use-case scenario of a clear case for the Apple AirPods Pro? I would probably say that these cases let the true color of your device shine, while at the same shielding it from scratches and abrasions. More importantly, they do not add unnecessary bulk to the device in question, thereby preserving the original looks of the AirPods Pro.

6 Best Apple Air Pods Pro Clear Cases For You

Plus, if you have engraved the front of the case, these cases make them easily visible.

But truth be told, there are a dime a dozen clear cases in the market, and it’s very easy to get lost in the crowd. Worry not, that’s where we come in. In this post, we have compiled some of the best and highly-reviewed clear cases for the AirPods Pro.

1. ESR Protective Carrying Case

Lately, ESR has been gaining popularity in making great cases, and the ESR Protective Carrying Case for the AirPods Pro is no different. This clear case has a great fit and is neither too think not too thick. Plus, the grooves at the front makes for a better grip. On top of it, it sports a neat carabiner to help you grip the case better.

While the default one is a clear cover, you might also want to try out some of the colored options. For instance, if you have the green variant iPhone, the Clear Green one will be the perfect companion to it.

And thanks to its slim profile, you can charge your earphones with any difficulty.

2. Satlitog Protective Silicone Cover

So, what’s special about the Satlitog case? For starters, it’s a one-piece case, meaning you do not have to worry about losing the top cover. Secondly, the case bundles a neat port cover to keep your AirPods Pro case clean. Aside from that, it has the usual frills, such as a good grip, a non-slippery surface, and a snug fit.

A bulk of users spoke highly of the case’s fit and the durability. And the best part is that it has a D-hook, which you can either plug it to your belt loops or hook it to your keychain.

More importantly, even though the case is still a little thick, the LED light is visible through the case.

There are several other colors available. The only downside is that there’s a slight bulk between the lid and the body.

3. ATUAT Protective Silicone Cover

Another practical and pure transparent case is the one by ATUAT. It’s a one-piece case (yes, there’s a bump at the back), which has a great fit and is quite easy to install. And like its counterpart above, it also packs a neat port cover. The makers of this case claim that it’s 2.5mm thick and doesn’t add much volume to the overall look of the AirPods Pro case.

And if you are prone to losing or forgetting your belongings, the keychain helps with just that. All you need to do is loop it into your bag, and you will be sorted.

When it comes to durability and fit, the ATUAT case ranks above most of its competitors.

4. Kocuos Translucent Matte Case

If you’re looking for a hard yet translucent case for your Apple AirPods Pro, this Kocuos case is a must-buy. The crux of this case is the smooth rubber coating which ends up giving it a soft touch. Plus, it’s a two-piece case, meaning you do not have to worry about the bulk near the hinge.

Even though it’s a two-piece case, you do not have to worry about the top coming off. It’s this feature that has been praised by many reviewers on Amazon.

Apart from that, it has a solid build and offers a tight fit. When it comes to drop protection, both the soft silicone and the hard material combine to absorb the brunt of falls and drops.

To add to it, the use of quality material ensures that it doesn’t attract lint and other dust particles. The only downside is that the access to the pairing button is shut off once the case is in place.

5. ChillNChic Hard Plastic Clear Mickey Mouse Case

The Disney fans will fall in love with the clear case by ChillNChic. This case one has a minimalistic design with an adorable illustration of Mickey Mouse at the front. Other than that, the case is clear, and you should be able to see the notification LED light through the case.

When it comes to the build, it’s made of hard plastic, which should do the job of keeping the case in pristine conditions.

Do note that the case doesn’t come with a port cover, which can, in turn, can lead to debris lodging inside the port. On the bright side, the fit is snug and tight.

The ChillNChic Hard Plastic Clear case comes in two other designs — Peanut & Snoopy and Minnie Mouse.

6. Valkit Shockproof Cover with Keychain

If you prefer a neat illustration, the Valkit Shockproof Covers are right up your alley. This clear case features a horde of cool and trendy graphic art with witty typography. You can pick between a space-themed or a superhero one. This two-piece case gives a snug fit with the top piece opening and closing without any issues.

Most importantly, the top of the case stays on and doesn’t fall off at the slightest pretext. And yeah, like most of the cases in this list, there’s an option to hook a carabiner as well.

Last but not least, transparency is great.

7. Kingxbar 4-in-1 Soft TPU Case

If you find the plain white look a tad boring, how about dressing it up in pretty colors? The Kingxbar case for the AirPods Pro is available in a horde of different prints, which enhances the overall looks of the case, and also keeps it safe from unwanted scratches. And that’s not the end of the story. The makers also ship a dust guard and an anti-lost strap along with it.

Though this case appears to be a soft silicone case, it’s made of hard plastic instead, which in turn provides a better drop-protection. Plus, the print quality is good and is likely to remain on the case for a long time.

If you are worried about the prints hindering the LED notification light, worry not for you’ll be able to see it without any issues.

And do I need to tell you that the prints are adorable? I liked the one with the flamingo print. What about you?

Let the Light Shine Bright

Let the original color of your new AirPods Pro shine through in all its glory. Do note that clear cases do little to give an overall 360° protection. They are mainly to keep the aesthetics of the case pleasing. After all, who would want a scratched-up case to carry around, right?

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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