6 Best Apple AirPods Max Cases in 2023

As good as the AirPods Max are, Apple’s original Airpods Max case leaves much to be desired. If you’re an AirPods Max owner, your worry ends today as we’ll explore some of the best cases for AirPods Max on the market, considering factors such as durability, functionality, and design.

So, whether you’re looking for a rugged case to protect your headphones on the go or a sleek and stylish option to keep them looking sharp, we’ve got you covered. But before getting started:

Now, let’s dive into our list of the best AirPods Max (APM) cases.

1. Fintie Ear Cups Cover and Headband Cover

  • Weight: 2.89 oz | Auto-sleep support: NA
  • Protection type: Earcups cover, headband cover
  • Compatible with original APM case: Yes
The Fintie earcups cover is not technically a case, just two separate protective accessories: one for the ear cups and one for the headband. The ear cup covers are made of silicone material, designed to fit snugly over the ear cups of the AirPods Max, providing a layer of protection against scratches, dings, and other types of wear and tear. The headband cover is also made of silicone and protects the AirPods Max headband from daily wear and tear.

It is available in five vibrant and stylish colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your style. Since these are tight-fitting covers, you can even use them along the original Airpods Max case. In terms of convenience, these covers have precise cutouts that provide easy access to the charging port and control buttons. This means you don’t have to remove them to charge your headphones or adjust the volume.

If you want to carry your Airpods Max with the smart case they come with, these earcups and headband covers are a great way to add extra protection, as evident by the hundreds of positive Amazon reviews this product has. But remember that you won’t get the all-terrain rugged protection that some proper hard cases might provide.

  • Buy this: If you’re happy with your original APM case and want extra protection without adding too much weight to your headphones.
  • Don’t buy this: If you’re looking for a case that can keep your headphone safe in bad weather and rugged conditions.

2. ProCase Hard Case with Earcups Cover

  • Weight: 11.6 oz | Auto-sleep support: NA
  • Protection type: Hard case, earcups cover
  • Compatible with original APM case: Yes
If you’re looking for a proper case to carry your AirPods Max in, this hard case from ProCase is worth a look. It has a hard EVA exterior and soft lining interior with shockproof bubble padding offering double protection against drops, spills, and scratches. It also comes with a pair of smooth silicone covers for the earcups to add a layer of protection even when your headphones are out of the case.

Along with storing your AirPods Max, this case also has room to carry small accessories like cables or USB adapters. What it doesn’t have is the auto-sleep functionality for AirPods, meaning your AirPods Max won’t go into a low-power sleep mode when you put them in this case.

This isn’t a huge deal-breaker, though, especially if you have the original Apple APM smart case, as this hardcover has enough room to accommodate the AirPods Max with their smart case on. This case has more than 1500 reviews on Amazon, praising its design and protection ability.

Further, its durable construction and roomy design make it one of the best AirPods Max carrying cases. However, it’s a big and bulky case and might not be easy to fit into tightly packed bags.

  • Buy this: If you want affordable protection for your headphones and don’t mind using the original APM case along with this.
  • Don’t buy this: If you’re looking for a sleek case or don’t want to rely on the original APM case for the auto-sleep function.

3. SAMYERLEN Smart Hard Shell Case

  • Weight: 7.4 oz | Auto-sleep support: Yes
  • Protection type: Hard case
  • Compatible with original APM case: No
If you want something that’s more travel-friendly or doesn’t require you to carry your Apple APM case along, this super-sleek hard shell case is for you. It weighs just 7.4 ounces and is designed like the outline of AirPods Max. The inner layer is anti-static velvet that can effectively absorb impacts and reduce accidental damage. Moreover, this is also a smart case, meaning your AirPods will enter an ultra-low-power state when kept in it.

This means you don’t need to carry the Apple APM case, which is a good thing as this Samyerlen’AMYERLEN’s smart hard shell case is too slim to accommodate the AirPods Max with the Apple case on. If that isn’t a problem, this is probably the best AirPods Max travel case, thanks to its slim size and auto-sleep feature.

In addition to being sleek, this case’s outer covering also acts as a waterproof layer, making it a great companion if you like to travel with your headphones. Although, remember that with this AirPods Max smart case, you’re not getting any earcup covers or extra space to carry accessories within the case.

  • Buy this: If you want a sleek, lightweight case that doesn’t need the original APM case for auto-sleep.
  • Don’t buy this: If you want to carry the original case too or need space for accessories.

4. Spigen Klasden Travel Pouch

  • Weight: 1.1 oz | Auto-sleep support: No
  • Protection type: Travel case
  • Compatible with original APM case: Yes
Spigen is one of the most trusted brands for protective cases and covers, and this travel case for the AirPods Max is great for those who need the quality and assurance of a big brand. It’s not a hard plastic case but still offers enough protection against drops and dings. There’s also a convenient travel handle built into the case itself. You can carry your AirPods Max in it with or without the original Apple case.

One downside is that this Spigen case doesn’t have the feature to put your AirPods Max into a low-power state. This means you’ll always have to carry your Apple APM case along or risk your headphones losing too much battery even when not being used.

Another neat feature is a small storage compartment that can easily store a cable or AUX adapter if you like to carry them with you. Some users have one complaint with the case: it can only store the AirPods Max in a fully stretched-out position, which might be annoying to do every time and undo when wearing the headphones back.

  • Buy this: For its lightweight design, trusted brand quality, built-in handle, and cable storage.
  • Don’t buy this: If you don’t want to rely on the original APM case for the auto-sleep function.

5. UAG Rugged AirPods Max Case

  • Weight: 11.7 oz | Auto-sleep support: Yes
  • Protection type: Travel case
  • Compatible with original APM case: Yes
This case is for those who need the absolute best protection for their headphones, no matter what the conditions. Featuring a premium weather-resistant 840D ballistic nylon exterior and compression-molded inner compartment, this case provides unmatched protection for your AirPods Max. It features a quick grab-and-go top handle and a nylon loop at the bottom for optional carabiner usage making it travel-ready.

Along with being rugged, this is also an AirPods Max smart case; thus, it can put your headphones in a low-power mode when placed inside. For what it’s worth, you can still carry Apple’s original APM case inside this case. While it’s one of the more expensive AirPods Max protective cases, most users find its protective capabilities to be worth the price.

This UAG AirPods Max case also features a convenient mesh pocket that can be used to carry multiple accessories or cables along with your headphones. Although all this space means this isn’t a compact case by any means, so consider that before purchasing it.

  • Buy this: If you want the ultimate protection for your headphones or an outdoor-friendly case.
  • Don’t buy this: If you don’t want to spend much on a case or need a sleek, lightweight one.

6. Woolnut Premium Leather Case

  • Weight: 25.3 oz | Auto-sleep support: Yes
  • Protection type: Leather Case
  • Compatible with original APM case: No
AirPods Max exude premium-ness themselves, so it’s only fair to want a carrying case that can match them. This case features a premium tailor-fitted leather design and is available in three exquisite colors. It’s the heaviest case on our list, which seems fair given its premium construction. The case has enough space to store your AirPods Max, a charging/AUX cable, and even a charging brick, all neatly tucked in separately.

This Woolnut’s premium AirPods Max leather case also supports auto-sleep functionality for the headphones, which is great considering that it can’t accommodate Apple’s smart case inside it. Another thing to consider is that while it feels premium, the leather build might not be suitable for exposure to rough conditions like rain and dust.

If you’re looking for a premium AirPods Max carrying case without spending more money on it than on the headphones, this Woolnut’s case is our pick.

  • Buy this: If you want a unique case that looks and feels premium.
  • Don’t buy this: If you don’t want to spend a lot or don’t want a heavy case.

Fun fact: If you want to go all out on premium-ness, you can buy a $1000 Gucci AirPods Max case too.

FAQs About Apple AirPods Max Cases

1. Is an Apple AirPods Max case necessary?

The original smart case that Apple AirPods Max comes with provides some level of protection to the earcups but leaves the rest of the body and the headband prone to damage. A protective AirPods Max cover can provide all-around protection to your AirPods against dust, water, and general wear and tear.

2. How to choose the best case for the Apple AirPods Max?

If you want some protection for your headphones even while being used, you can invest in silicone covers for the earcups and the headband. Investing in a hard shell case is a good idea if you want rugged protection and waterproofing. Some cases might not support the auto-sleep functionality, so keep an eye out for that.

Play It Safe

Apple AirPods Max are a high-end pair of headphones that deserve a high-end case to match. There’s a case for every type of AirPods Max user, with options ranging from rugged silicone to stylish leather. So, go ahead and give your headphones the protection they deserve – after all, they didn’t come cheap.

Last updated on 02 January, 2023

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