6 Best Apple AirPods Max Accessories

The AirPods Max is the best pair of headphones Apple offers. You get excellent sound quality along with the best-in-class active noise cancellation. Since you’re already paying for these premium features, you might as well pick up some additional accessories for your AirPods Max to further improve its functionality or add protection.

best AirPods Max accessories

Right from silicone cups for the headphones to a dedicated charging stand, we’ve compiled some of the best AirPods Max accessories that you can buy for your headphones. These accessories can be helpful while you’re traveling or maintaining the sheen on your AirPods Max with prolonged usage.

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1. Fintie Ear Cups and Headband Cover

It’s always good to add some level of protection to all the gadgets you use, including your headphones. This is a set of silicone earcups for the AirPods Max to prevent the metallic sides from getting scratched.

This combo from Fintie is a great way to protect your AirPods Max while also adding to its longevity. The AirPods Max has metallic ear cups that are easy to scratch and dent. Using a pair of silicone ear cups like these will help prevent the metallic surface from getting damaged while you’re using the headphones or traveling with them.

Apart from the silicone protectors for the cups, you also get a silicone headband cover that goes over the top of the headphones and protects the mesh from getting damaged. This way, your headphones will stay intact for longer and maintain their shine. The combo is available in all colors that the AirPods Max comes in.

2. AirPods Max Smart Travel Case

Protection doesn’t just end with adding silicone cups or protectors for the headband. It’s also important to protect the AirPods Max when you’re carrying it around, and that’s where this smart travel case comes into the picture.

The AirPods Max comes with a carrying case within the packaging. It’s a standard case that doesn’t offer much protection and is quite basic in nature, especially considering how expensive the AirPods Max is. That’s where a good carrying case comes into the picture.

This smart travel case offers more protection than the official case and has an in-built standby switch just like the official case. That means every time you put the headphones in this case, they will go into standby mode to save battery. Taking them out would turn the headphones on just like it would with the official case. Surely a great investment if you travel often.

3. Apple Lightning to 3.5mm Audio Cable

The AirPods Max is a wireless pair of headphones that connects to your phone or computer via Bluetooth. But what if you wish to use it in the wired configuration? That’s where this cable comes in handy.

Here’s a simple cable that allows you to use your AirPods Max as a wired pair of headphones. The AirPods Max only has a lightning port making it difficult to connect to any external device with a 3.5mm audio jack since you can’t use a traditional AUX cable. The solution is to use this specific lightning to 3.5mm audio cable from Apple.

The lightning end of this cable connects to the AirPods Max via the 3.5mm jack can be connected to any device with an audio jack. You can then use your AirPods Max as a wired pair of headphones. This can be helpful in eliminating any latency while gaming. Note that this is the only lightning to 3.5mm cable that works with the AirPods max. None of the third-party options will work.

4. Replacement Ear Cushions for AirPods Max

Since headphones are meant to be work for extended durations, the ear cushions are of utmost importance. So, if the cushions on your AirPods Max have started to wear out, you can get these replacement ones for pretty cheap.

While most premium headphones have ear cups that are not easily replaceable, the ones on the AirPods Max just snap in with magnets, making it extremely easy to swap them out for newer ones. This is great news since anyone can easily replace worn-out ear cushions without spending too much.

The replacement ear cushions are available in various colors to suit the rest of the body of the headphones. They even have the ‘L’ and ‘R’ inscriptions inside to indicate the sides. You get two materials to choose from – Mesh fabric or Protein leather. You can choose the one you want based on your preferences.

5. Smart Charging Headphone Stand

As mentioned earlier, the AirPods Max only has a single port which is the lightning port. While you can just plug in a traditional charger on your desk, you can get this headphone stand and an in-built charging mechanism for a more sophisticated look.

This headphone stands for the AirPods Max is unlike any other generic headphone stand that you’ve seen. It’s specially designed for the AirPods Max and thus has a metallic base with a cavity that houses the ear cups of the headphones.

Like the traveling case, this headphone holder has magnetic areas that put the AirPods Max into standby mode when slotted onto the stand. You can then connect the charging cable to charge the headphones and be assured that even when the headphones are not charging, they are in standby mode and are not draining the battery.

6. AirFly Pro Bluetooth Transmitter

This is easily one of the best accessories that you can get for the AirPods Max. If you wish to use your headphones with a device that does not have Bluetooth connectivity, this transmitter will let you connect your headphones to it without issues.

Imagine you’re flying on a plane, and you wish to use the in-flight entertainment system. But, you can only connect wired headphones to it. Now, one option is to use the lightning to 3.5mm audio cable we mentioned earlier. But, it adds an extra wire and removes the convenience of using a pair of wireless headphones.

Enter the Twelve South AirFly Pro Bluetooth transmitter. It connects to any 3.5mm port and allows you to connect your AirPods Max to it via Bluetooth. This way, you can plug it into any device that doesn’t have Bluetooth like a flight’s audio system or even an old gaming console. Get this gadget and use your AirPods Max with just about any device with an audio jack.

Keep the Music Going

Adding some valuable accessories to your AirPods Max will help you utilize it to its full potential while also adding some protection against external damage. Whether you get the travel case to move around with or the Bluetooth receiver to use your AirPods Max wherever you wish, these accessories should undoubtedly be on your wishlist if you own a pair of AirPods Max.

Last updated on 20 July, 2022

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