6 Best Apple AirPods 3 Cases to Protect Your Earphones

Apple introduced the first generation AirPods in 2017. It quickly became one of the most popular pairs of wireless earbuds. In 2022, we now have the AirPods Pro and the AirPods 3. While the design has changed between the iterations, the AirPods 3 case is made out of plastic and is easy to scratch or damage.

best AirPods 3 cases

Since the AirPods are white, they also tend to get dirty quickly. So, use a case to protect your AirPods 3. To save you from going through tons of options on various sites, we’ve compiled a list of the best Appel AirPods 3 cases that you can buy to protect your earbuds.

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Let’s get to the cases now.

1. R-fun Silicone Case With Keychain

This is a simple silicone case that adds a dash of color to your AirPods 3. It’s available many colors so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. Apart from protecting your AirPods, it can also act as a keychain.

Don’t want to add too much bulk or alter the look of your AirPods 3 entirely? Then, this is the case for you. It’s a rather thin case made out of silicone, something similar to Apple’s official cases for the iPhone. It’s more like a sleeve that slips on your AirPods case.

While it adds a decent amount of protection against scratches, this case wouldn’t be as effective if you drop your AirPods often. There’s a loop on the side of the case and a keyring that lets you use your AirPods as a keychain. You can grab this case in many colors based on what you like.

2. Fintie Shockproof Case

Unlike all the other cases on this list, Fintie’s shockproof case does not snap onto the AirPods itself. Instead, it’s like a small pouch where you can store your AirPods while traveling.

Unlike a case that snaps onto the case of the AirPods, this one doesn’t alter the look of the AirPods. It doesn’t directly add protection to your AirPods but instead, allows you to store your AirPods when not in use. This might make it slightly inconvenient since you would have to remove the AirPods out of the case repeatedly if you want to use it.

The case has a zipper that you will have to unzip every  time you want to use the AirPods which isn’t ideal. We suggest picking up a standard case that attaches to the AirPods instead of one like this if you remove or put your AirPods back in repeatedly. But, if you want a case that you’re going to put into your backpack, this is a good option.

3. Elago Console Case

The reason why this case has the word ‘console’ in its name is that the exterior of the case resembles a handheld gaming console. If you’ve used a handheld Tetris game or even a GameBoy, you will surely like this case.

Here’s another silicone case that will protect your AirPods 3 for you while adding a hint of flair to it. Unlike most silicone cases that are plain and boring, this one adds an element of fun by replicating a handheld console.

Apart from the nice looks, this case will offer a good bit of protection for your AirPods since it’s slightly thicker than most generic silicone cases. Not to forget, this case also has the option to attach a keyring.

4. Koaichi Rugged Case

We all have that one friend who drops their belongings ever so often. Or maybe that friend is you. Whoever it is, this case is for them! It’s thick, bulky, and can protect your AirPods even in situations where you may drop it on a hard surface.

There’s no doubt that rugged cases add considerable bulk to your gadgets, be it your smartphone or even the AirPods. However, the level of protection that you get with them is unmatched. This case is for those who want to protect their AirPods 3 and don’t mind the additional weight and thickness.

The exterior has a rubbery feel and looks rather intimidating at first glance. It’s only available in a single black color which isn’t necessarily bad since the case is going for an aggressive look. Like most cases, this one also has a provision for attaching a keyring for better usability.

5. Caseology Vault

Caseology is a brand that is well-known in the cases and accessories space. While this is especially true regarding smartphone cases, their cases for the AirPods 3 are no less. What you’re getting is a good quality case that looks classy.

Silicone cases look quite basic and rugged cases look rather aggressive. If you’re not a fan of both looks, Caseology has you covered with the Vault case. It looks sleek and stealthy in black along with a grey border that runs all along the perimeter of the case.

There’s an option on the side to attach a carabiner clip or a keyring if you wish to use your AirPods as a keychain. The Caseology Vault offers the perfect balance between a minimalistic case and a protective one. We would say it’s one of the best cases for the AirPods 3.

6. Spigen Rugged Armor

If you’ve bought cases for your phones in the past, you would’ve surely come across Spigen as one of the leading case makers. The brand also makes cases for the AirPods 3, and this one is from their popular Rugged Armor series.

The Spigen Rugged Armor case focuses on protecting your AirPods 3 while also adding a nice look to it. The design is simple, with rugged elements and carbon fiber texture in some areas. The hinge area is open for smooth operation, and the front of the case has a cutout for the LED to pass through.

Like most cases on this list, this particular case from Spigen has a loop on the side for a carabiner clip or a keyring. Using this, you can convert your AirPods 3 into a keychain. If you’re looking for a case from a reputed brand, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Save Your AirPods

A pair of AirPods are already pretty expensive so getting a case to protect them is a good idea. Save your AirPods 3 from getting scratched or dirty with an inexpensive case, and it can go a long way in extending the lifespan of your earbuds.

Last updated on 23 June, 2022

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