Top 9 New and Free Android Games for May 2018

If you have been an Android user for a long time, you must know by now how big is the Play Store. With new games releasing every month, it can be quite tricky to find a game which suits your interest. Worry not, we have done the legwork and have come up with a list of some of the coolest new Android games that you should try in May (or any other month, for that matter). And guess what, they are free!

Top 9 New And Free Android Games For May 2018

So, without further ado, let’s take a look.

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1. Beast Brawlers

Beast Brawlers has been voted one of the top games in the Google Play Indie Games Festival and rightly so. This online fighting game by V2 Games Inc. lets you mount super beasts and rule the arena.

Games Of The Month 4

What’s more, as you progress, you’d get to unlock many more mythical beasts, and that includes fire-spitting dragons also.

Games Of The Month 5

The controls are super easy to use. The left thumb controls the direction, while the right unleashes the beast’s powers.

2. Shatterbrain – Physics Puzzles

Want to take your brain for a spin? Say hi to Shatterbrain. You are given a canvas with a few shapes and a pencil. Your job is to draw a line and break the balls using the laws of physics. Sounds simple? Well …

Screenshot 20180426 003555 Shatterbrain
Screenshot 20180426 003332 Shatterbrain

A perfect game to pass your time and rack your brain at the same time. The faster you work and the fewer resources you use, the more points you get.

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3. Destiny Warfare

Destiny Warfare is the newest Android game in the lot. Released in the last week of April, this sci-fi shooter game is loaded with amazing graphics. Not to mention that controlling the game is buttery smooth.

You can play the part of a recruit, saboteur, tank, and assault. The best part of the game is that the weapon auto-fires as soon as you set your focus on an object. Destiny Warfare doesn’t offer any campaign mode yet, however, you can engage in online death-matches.

4. Mr Gun

If you’re a frequent reader of our monthly series on Android games, you must have figured out by now that I’m a huge fan of Ketchapp games. Thankfully, the developers keep a steady stream of new games. One of the new ones to join the lineup is Mr Gun.

Games Of The Month 3
Games Of The Month 2

Mr Gun is a tap-to-shoot game where you have to hit the enemy on the first try or you are finished. The other one wields a gun too, you see!

A body shot earns you a point and a headshot earns you double. As it goes with Ketchapp games, the plan sounds easier but it’s the playing part that can be really tough.

If you’re someone who’s looking for highly addictive games, Mr Gun is your best bet.

5. Pirate Tales

Another new Android game to join the club is Pirate Tales. With amazingly good graphics, this RPG game lets you don a pirate’s captain hat as you make your way to become the new terror of the seas.

Ganes 1

With a soundtrack that is brazenly similar to the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Pirate Tales lets you sail into the mysterious sea. The game play might seem a bit slow initially, however, it picks up steam as you move forward. From capturing ships to planning ridiculous escapes from prison to collecting legendary sea captains (including Davy Jones), this game has the true smell of a pirate game.

6. Dead Rivals

If you look at it, the gaming world has this insane obsession with zombies and apocalypse, and Gameloft’s new game falls in the second genre. Dead Rivals is an MMORPG game where you have to fight for survival while meandering your way through the post-apocalyptic open world.

Games Of The Month 6

Typical of classic RPG games, you have to hone your skills as you move up the ladder. Dead Rivals offers a number of powerups including upgrading your own shelter with the materials looted from the zombies.

Games Of The Month 8

Interestingly, later in the game, you can also create your own army of zombies. But that would defeat the whole purpose of the game, right?

7. PAKO 2

How do I define Pako 2? Well, imagine if Need for Speed Most Wanted got a retro makeover (yeah, the graphics too). Okay, the comparison might be an overkill, but you get the idea. Pako 2 is a heist game where your job as a getaway driver is to escort your crew to safety with the police driving close behind you.

Games Of The Month 9

The graphics are minimal in this game and the controls are simple. A simple tap will swerve the car in the left or right direction. Typical of games, you can get money to upgrade to new fancy cars and locations.

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8. GTR Speed Rivals

Love drifting cars? If your answer is yes, I bet you’d love GTR Speed Rivals. A simple game with simplified game controls, GTR Speed Rivals has both single player mode and multiplayer mode. In the latter, you can compete with other online players to vie for the top spot.

Games Of The Month 10

True to a racing game, here too, you can spruce up your car with the reward points. And hey, there are over 25 cars to choose from!

9. Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

As the name pretty much suggests, Friday the 13th is all about gore and bloodshed and is clearly not meant for the faint-hearted.

Games Of The Month 1

Nevertheless, if you’re still willing to go ahead with it, let me start off by telling you that in this one you’ll play the character of Jason Voorhees, the 13th-century horror icon. As Jason, you’d have to solve a series of puzzles while on your stalking journey.

If you ask me, play only if you must.

Game Away!

These were some of the notable Android games that released in the last few months. Plus, if your phone supports ARCore, you can check out God of War | Mimir’s Vision.

So, which one of these will you play first? Do let us know your choice in the comments section below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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