Top 7 Free and Mindblowing Android Games for January 2018

Continuing our monthly practice, we’re back with a new set of free Android apps for the month of January this new year. From hair-raising snowboarding scenes to classic fighting games, this month’s list is a house-full show.

Free And Exciting Android Games For January 2018 1

So, without further ado, let’s take a quick look.

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1. Snowboard Party: Aspen

Love to ski but there isn’t enough snow around? How about we shift the skiing plans to the virtual world? Snowboard Party: Aspen will transport you to the slopes of Aspen as you maneuver your way through winding ski trails.

Free And Exciting Android Games For January 2018 2

You can try a variety of stunts like balancing your snowboard on half rails or trying out a series of cool maneuvering tricks.

The controls are easy. The joystick on the left controls the direction of the snowboard and the one on the right helps you with the stunts.

Free And Exciting Android Games For January 2018 3

You can have your pick from 100+ snowboards and 30+ outfits with the points collected from your wins.

2. Fire Up!

If you’re looking for a great game for timepass, Fire Up! is the right place to go. It’s a fairly simple game where you have to shoot as many balls as you can to clear the obstructions in your path.

Free And Exciting Android Games For January 2018 6
Free And Exciting Android Games For January 2018 7

Just like any other game, it gets harder as you move up the ladder. Not only do you need to chart a path to the block with the smallest possible number but you also need to make sure that the block is cleared by the time you reach it.

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3. Pukk

If you imagine Temple Run in a cute setup, it would look very similar to Pukk. It’s an endless runner game where Pukk, the treasure hunter, has to escape the clutches of a lovelorn polar bear.

Free And Exciting Android Games For January 2018 1

There isn’t much else to do in this game. It has a small button at the bottom-right corner which speeds up little Pukk. But you have to be careful because if little Pukk slows down, the bear will grab him right away.

The objective is similar to most of the other running games — collect coins and achieve the targets.

4. Streets of Rage Classic

Sega has once again rolled out a classic game for its Android fans. The game, which goes by the name of The Streets of Rage Classic, is a vintage brawl game with a few old-fashioned (we just love them) controls.

Free And Exciting Android Games For January 2018 12

As you’d expect, this is a side-scrolling game and needs both your hands to control the gameplay. This Android game is free on Google Play Store. The only annoying issue is the in-app display of ads.

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5. Dancing Ball 2 Music Game

Dancing Ball 2 Music Game is one of those games that looks easier to play but is rather difficult to pull off.

Free And Exciting Android Games For January 2018 4
Free And Exciting Android Games For January 2018 5

An evolved version of Piano Tiles 2, in this game you need to swipe just the right amount so that the ball lands perfectly. As we said earlier, it’s easier said than done. I just managed to score in singular numbers.

6. Slam Dunk King

PikPok’s dunking game, Slam Dunk King, made its way to Google Play Store last month and boy, is it amazing! If you have played Fruit Ninja, the popular slashing game, you’d relate well to this game.

Free And Exciting Android Games For January 2018 10

It’s a classic basketball arcade game where you need to dunk the balls in the hoops. You can try the conventional method of dunking or you can chain a series of dunking tricks together that get you more points. But beware of the bombs that come in between.

Free And Exciting Android Games For January 2018 9
Note: Slam Dunk first appeared in 2011

7. Last X: One Battleground One Survivor

Last X: One Battleground One Survivor is a survival game with a simple rule — survive until the end. It’s a God-view game, which comprises a 3X3 battleground with a group of 23 other opponents. All you need to do is fight them with the various assortment of weapons.

Free And Exciting Android Games For January 2018 17

This Android game says “survive until the end” but doesn’t specify how. So, you can also hide in a cold dark corner and wait till the others have died.

Game On

These were some of the interesting new Android games that were released in the last couple of months. All these games are free and they mostly won’t bug you much with ads apart from Sega’s Streets of Rage Classic.

Have you played any of these games? If yes, do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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