6 Best Android Auto Head Units Under $300

Nowadays, most new cars come with an infotainment system that features Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. However, if you drive an older car or the base variant of a newer model, you may be stuck with an FM Radio or at best, a CD player. So, if you want to add a modern touch to your car, we’ve made a list of the best Android Auto head units for under $300.

A new head unit will replace your existing car stereo with a large screen. This way, you can enjoy Android Auto in your existing car without splurging on a new one. However, do check the size of DIN on your car stereo before you hit the Buy button.

With that said, here are our top recommendations. Before that, here are some other articles that may interest you –

Let’s get to the Android Auto head unit stereos now.

1. Meteeser Car Stereo With Android Auto

Size: Double DIN | Display: 10.1-inch

Looking for an ultra-affordable car stereo to run Android Auto? The Meteeser head unit is one of the most inexpensive ways to make your car’s entertainment system smarter. For starters, the unit’s sizeable display is perfect for navigation and running the new Android Auto Coolwalk update. You also get buttons on the side to control media volume and skip tracks.

Note that these head units also run on Android OS so you can technically use the stereo without your phone. That said, you will have to pair your device if you want to receive notifications from your phone or make calls. Thankfully, the unit supports wireless Android Auto, which should keep the dashboard clutter to a minimum.

It’s nice to see that you’re getting a premium feature like wireless Android Auto — something that cars that cost thousands of dollars may not have. Moving on though, the unit ships with built-in GPS too so you can use Maps without connecting your phone. The brand also includes a rear camera and you can see the camera feed directly on the head unit. As per the reviews, the Meteeser head unit is slightly slow with some stutters but it offers impressive features for the price.

2. Atoto F7 XE

Size: Double DIN | Display: 7-inch

Atoto’s head unit might be smaller compared to the Meteeser’s offering but you’re getting some extra functionality here. There’s an SD card slot which means you can listen to songs offline. You also get a USB-A port that accepts a pen drive with media. It can be used to charge your phone too.

Along with the additional storage expansion ports, the Atoto F7 XE gives you the ability to connect to Android Auto wirelessly. So, you can choose whether you want to use the built-in UI and play media via an SD card or if you want to connect your phone and use streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

There’s another unique feature that sets the Atoto F7 XE apart — screen mirroring. You can mirror your Android phone’s screen onto the head unit so if you want to watch a YouTube video or a movie when you’re parked, this trick will surely come in handy. The only downside as per the reviews is that there is some latency in the audio but that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

3. Seventour Car Radio With Dash Cam

Size: NA (Dashboard mount) | Display: 9.6-inch

Looking to buy a new car stereo and a dash cam? Well, you can get both devices in one package courtesy of Seventour. The company’s combo pack includes a large display with Android Auto that links to the included dash cam, which, by the way, comes with both, front and rear cameras.

Dash cams can be quite expensive which is why, Seventour’s package offers superb bang for your buck, given how it comes with an Android Auto head unit as well. To sweeten the deal further, Seventour has fashioned the display to mount seamlessly onto a dashboard. In fact, you don’t have to contend with wiring the device or even replacing your old music system. As a result, you don’t need a mechanic or a technician to set up the Seventour car stereo.

The head unit supports wireless Android Auto and FM Radio. The front camera records in 2.5K while the rear one caps out at 1080p resolution. If you ask us, the cameras offer satisfactorily sharp resolutions too. Seventour is certainly offering a value-for-money package here that’s worth considering. Not to forget, the aspect ratio of the screen is also wider than others, thereby making content and text more legible.

4. Sony XAV-AX3200

Size: Double DIN | Display: 7-inch

If sound quality is of utmost importance to you, then you will find plenty to like about the Sony XAV-AX3200. To wit, the unit comes with 2V front, rear, and sub-woofer goldplated pre-amp outputs for excellent sound quality. However, it misses out on some handy features like wireless Android Auto.

Unlike the Android Auto head units prefaced above, Sony’s offering doesn’t boot Android natively. It doesn’t come with support for wireless Android Auto either. As a result, you’ll have to keep your smartphone plugged into the infotainment system at all times to play music and use navigation. That said, the Sony XAV-AX3200 makes up for these shortcomings by offering class-leading audio output.

As per the reviews, the music sounds great via the XAV-AX3200, provided you also have a good set of speakers. However, one big disadvantage is that Sony has cut corners in the display department to make this stereo system affordable. The display has a resistive touch screen which means it isn’t going to be as smooth in registering your touches. On the upside, Sony gives you the option to attach a rear-view camera to the display if required.

5. Kenwood DMX4707S

Size: Double DIN | Display: 6.8-inch

Kenwood is yet another premium brand that offers an Android Auto head unit with superb audio quality. You get a slightly smaller screen but with a modern design and control buttons on the side. Just like the Atoto F7 XE, you also get screen mirroring to watch videos or any other form of content on the display.

Similar to Sony’s head unit, you miss out on a few key features with the Kenwood DMX4707S. However, it makes up for it by offering good music quality and a screen-mirroring feature. Thankfully, Kenwood hasn’t cut corners in terms of the display tech and you’ll be greeted with a capacitive screen with the device. However, there seems to be a slight compromise in the processing speed when sifting through different modes.

To wit, some reviews cite that there is a noticeable lag when switching from Android Auto to other modes like FM Radio or screen mirroring. This can be quite annoying if you jump between the different functions frequently. Moreover, you can only add one Bluetooth device at a time. However, per a handful of reviews, the DMX4707S offers superb audio quality, especially when working in conjunction with a premium speaker and subwoofer setup. So, if you’re primarily looking to enjoy music when driving, give this one a go.

6. Ainavi Android Auto Head Unit

Size: Single DIN | Display: 11.4-inch

Ainavi’s Android Auto Head Unit boots Android out of the box. You can use it as a standalone navigation system by connecting the device to your smartphone’s hotspot. While you could achieve the same with other Android head units, you will be able to leverage the 5GHz Wi-Fi band for faster speeds with Ainavi’s offering.

If you decide to use the built-in version of Android in your car instead of using Android Auto via your smartphone, you should consider the Ainavi head unit. Here’s why: all standalone head units use your phone’s hotspot to work. But, they are only limited to the 2.4GHz band. So, if you want faster speeds to consume media on your car’s screen, this is the way to go.

It’s not just about faster speeds though. Ainavi’s Android Auto Head unit features a QLED display that ups the quality of visuals in your favorite TV shows and movies. Of course, you can also use Android Auto from your phone.

As per the reviews, the only downside of this particular third-party head unit is that it doesn’t store the volume levels in memory. Instead, the device resets the volume to 100 after every reboot. So if you don’t lower the volume every time, it’s going to be on full blast. Watch your ears!

FAQs for Android Auto Head Units

1. Can I use CarPlay on an Android Auto head unit?

All the head units mentioned above also have support for Apple CarPlay.

2. Does wireless Android Auto work on third-party head units?

Yes, you can use wireless Android Auto on several head units. You can take a look at the detailed descriptions above to know which ones support wireless Android Auto.

3. Can I run apps on Android Auto head units?

Head units that run a standalone version of Android can also run Android apps. You can download them directly from the Play Store.

Make Your Car Smarter

You don’t have to use a phone mount and squint at a small screen while driving anymore. Just pick up an Android Auto head unit stereo for your car and you will be able to drive safely with navigation on a large screen.

Last updated on 08 May, 2023

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