5 Best Ama­zon Echo Spot Skins and Covers

Namrata Gogoi

Amazon has a bunch of AI-powered smart speakers. From the small tiny Echo Dot to the base-heavy Amazon Echo Plus - the smart speakers have been taking the world by storm. With a circular touchscreen, however, the best device among the lot is the round Echo Spot. This smart speaker can not only answer your queries out loud, it can also display news and other online information quite effortlessly.

5 Best Amazon Echo Spot Skins And Covers

Useful as it is, the Amazon Echo Spot has one major vulnerability. Due to its weight and circular shape, it's prone to falling. And when that happens, odds are that it'll have suffered a crack or two, or worse, suffered some irreparable damage to its outer skin.

To avoid such mishaps, a protective casing for the Echo Spot sounds logical. In this post, we've listed down a couple of cases (and a few skins) to keep your Echo Spot in pristine condition.

1. Kartice for Echo Spot Protector

Kartice for Echo Spot Protector

The Kartice protective case is made of durable and soft silicone and helps you get a comfortable grip on the Echo Spot. The cuts are precise, thus, you'd be able to connect the charger. Plus, the audio output won't be hindered, thanks to the wide cuts at the bottom of the case. Apart from that, the cover fits snugly around the device and the anti-scratch film keep the cover immaculate.

The Kartice Protective Case for Echo Spot is available in three colors — Red, Black, and White. A dashing red colored Echo Spot won't look bad, no?

2. XHS Silicone Protect Sleeve Case

XHS Silicone Protect Sleeve Case

If you're looking for more color options, you can give the XHS Silicone Protect Sleeve a shot. Made of silicone, this case shares almost the same specs as the Kartice case. The silicone guarantees you a soft and comfortable feel. Geared with all the correct fits and cuts, all you have to do is slide your Echo Spot into the sleeve, plug it in, and you're set.

From simple colors like black and white to eye-catching shades of lime green and neon blue, the XHS Silicone Sleeves are perfect to dress up your Echo Spot device.

You can also pair this case with the Olixar camera cover. This is a small stick-on accessory, powered with 3M adhesive, will keep your Spot's camera covered and help you have your much needed privacy.

3. Mission Color Skin

Mission Color Skin

Want your Echo Spot to stand out among your home decor items? If yes, you can check out the Mission Color Skin. Available in colors like hot pink and bahama blue, these cases add a vibrant element to your room. At the same time, they shield the Spot from daily wear and tear. You can also pair this case with an Echo Spot Adjustable stand to give it the necessary height.

4. Sfmn Soft TPU Case

When it comes to comparison, TPU is usually considered better than silicone owing to its flexibility and non-grip properties. So, if you are looking for a TPU case for your Echo Spot, the Sfmn Soft TPU Case is the only TPU option (at the time of writing) on Amazon.

Sfmn Soft TPU Case

The Sfmn soft TPU case is both shock resistant and fingerprint resistant. With full access to the overhead buttons and the bottom speakers, this one is a sturdy case and assures you protection against drops and bumps. What's more, propping your Echo Spot is easy as pie. Just slide it on, connect the device and plug it in!

The only disappointing aspect of this case is that it's available in only two colors — Black and Green.

5. MightySkins Decal Wrap Skin

Though the circular touchscreen display is a great addition to the smart speaker, the big black letterboxing tends to bring down the look of the speaker. A good utilization of this space is by sticking attractive decals or skins to give a certain character to it.

MightySkins Decal Wrap Skin

The MightySkins Decal Wrap Skin offers a bunch of choices in attractive colors and designs. The best thing about these skins is that they are easy to apply. And once you're bored of a look, you can take it off easily. The skins are made of Vinyl and are stain-resistant and scratch resistant. The MightySkins Decal skins have cutouts for the camera on the front of the device.

Dress it up!

These were some of the attractive yet sturdy and durable cases for the Amazon Echo Spot. Sadly, unlike the Echo Dot, the demand for cases for the Spot is still in its nascent stage. So, we might have to wait a bit more to see more unique and quirky cases and covers.

Wouldn't it be amazing to have a case with attractive patterns and images? If only wishes were horses!

And while you are at it, don't forget to mount a quality protective screen on your Echo Spot. As they say, the display is the most delicate part. So, why take the chances?

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