7 Best Amazon Echo Dot Wall Mounts You Should Check Out

Of all the Amazon Echo devices, the Echo Dot is one of the most convenient voice assistants to have. This one is small and lightweight and is easily portable. However, this little doughnut-shaped product can be easily mistaken for a toy, especially by small children and toddlers.

7 Best Amazon Echo Dot Wall Mounts You Should Check Out

Though it’s a durable device, surely you wouldn’t want to see it tossed around like a hockey puck. Hence, it only makes sense to mount it to walls and power sockets.

Wall mounts for Amazon Echo Dot devices not only reduce the chance of mishandling, but they also make the devices less susceptible to falls and drops.

Plus, the clever wire management makes sure that there are no messy wires on the floor (or by your prized coffee table). And well, you can easily retain space on your nightstand or your work desk with minimum effort.

Here are our top recommendations for the best Amazon Echo Dot wall mounts.

1. The Dot Genie Wall Mount (3rd Gen)

The Dot Genie Wall Mount for the 3rd generation Echo Dot is sleek, and it packs a clever design. The Dot rests in a circular tray with clips holding it to the structure. Plus, the back is open, which makes it convenient to route the extra length of the power cord. All you need to do is configure the cable and plug it to a wall socket.

The open structure means no hindrance to the audio output. The good thing about this wall mount is that you can also hook it upside-down, or in a horizontal position if you have less space in your power socket.

It’s easy to install, something that has been pointed out by several users. The fit is perfect, and the use of quality material means it’s likely to last you a long time.

2. EchoGear Outlet Shelf (3rd Gen)

If you have ample space above your Power socket, you can try out the EchoGear Outlet Shelf. This shelf is meant for you if you frequently switch between different devices like Echo Plus or the simple Echo. The sturdy build means it takes the weight of all these products without breaking a sweat. Do note that it can take the maximum load capacity is 10lbs.

However, the installation process is slightly different. You will have to remove the wall plate from your power socket and then screw the shelf the exposed sockets. Plus, it comes with two types of outlet covers. Though it has a hole to route the power cord, you might want to tie the excess with a cable clip.

At 1.19 pounds, the EchoGear Outlet Shelf is on the heavier side. Aside from that, the fit of the device is perfect and fits seamlessly into most US power sockets.

As far as user reviews are concerned, most users spoke positively about it, with people loving it for its sturdiness and easy-to-assemble design.

3. Wali Outlet Wall Mount Stand (3rd Gen)

With a smart wire management system and a minimalistic holder, Wali’s Outlet Wall Mount Stand is a polished version of The Dot Genie. It follows the same plug-and-play method. However, that’s not the end of the story. It ships with a neat wire manager at the back, which lets you reel the extra wire length.

Not only does this mount clips in the Echo Dot securely, but it also ensures that the product sits flush to the wall. All that gives a clean look, something which many users echoed on Amazon.

Plus, installing it is child’s play. Just snap the Dot securely into place, wind the cord to the rear and plug the mount into the wall socket. That’s all.

The only thing you might want to consider is that the mount tends to pivot around the plug if you bump it accidentally.

4. Matone Small Wall Shelf

If you’re looking for a tiny shelf to put your 2nd generation Amazon Echo Dot, you should certainly look up the Matone Small Wall Shelf. It’s easy to install and requires just a couple of screws to mount to the wall. While the base measures 14.8cm, the shelf measures around 12.3 cm. This small form factor means it will not stick out like a sore thumb.

The shelf is beautiful to look at and the odds are that the white color will easily blend with the rest of the home decor items. And not just the Echo Dot, this small product is good enough to hold and charge other electronics such as phones and headphones.

While you can mount it almost anywhere, the ideal place would be to perch it on top of power outlets and use a couple of wire clamp, if you want to do away with ugly power cables.

It has seen quite a few fair reviews, with users liking its durability and easy-to-install mechanism.

5. EchoGear Mount for Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

The best thing about the EchoGear Mount for Echo Dot is that you can place it vertically on walls and under-side of kitchen cabinets. The structure is small and holds the Dot quite securely. The mount’s design allows you to wind the excess cord behind the holder.

Also, the clear design means it won’t hinder the sound output. The installation process is simple and straightforward. Stick it to a clean surface with the aid of strong adhesive strips. Once done, don’t put the speakers in immediately. Wait for at least an hour before you stick them in.

Though users have had some pretty amazing things to say about this holder, at times, the adhesive strip tends to fall off, thus endangering the smart voice assistant.

6. ProCase Dot Wall Mount Holder (2nd Gen)

If strips aren’t your thing, and you want something solid to mount your 2nd Generation Echo Dot, the ProCase wall mount makes for a good buy. It’s a simple holder with clips to hold the Dot securely in place. There’s a small hollow space in between the mount and the holder, which helps in organizing the excess wire.

The ProCase mount needs two screws to be mounted. What’s more, it also comes with a sticky surface if you are not a fan of drilling holes on walls.

The speaker fits snugly and securely. Plus, the open design translates into better sound output.

The ProCase mount comes in a pack of two and is available in white.

7. GGMM Outlet Wall Mount Hanger Stand (2nd Gen)

If you have a second-generation Echo Dot, you may want to try out the GGMM Wall Mount. This one comes with holders for the main device, power adapter, and the cord. This one comes with a little nook between the adapter and the Dot to put the extra length in. In short, you won’t have any nasty cable trailing between the assistant and the socket.

The fit is excellent, and the holder works as described. The good thing is that it can be mounted horizontally as well, especially if your power socket is in a tight space.

Even though this holder has a full cover, the sound output is not diminished in any way. Several users on Amazon have praised this holder for its ability to maintain the same sound quality. And it has people praising it for its sound quality and Easy-to-use nature.

To Clearer Desk and Kitchen Countertops

The Echo Dot comes in handy, especially in the kitchen and work desk, if you want to ask it quick questions, recipe instructions, or want to listen to a few songs on Amazon Music. However, having them lie around not only takes up precious space in the counter but also makes it susceptible to drops and falls.

With my Echo Dot mounted securely, now I can rest assured.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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