7 Best Amaz­fit GTS Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Namrata Gogoi

With a sleek form factor and a look similar to the Apple Watch, the Amazfit GTS packs a quite a few interesting features at an affordable price. This sleek smartwatch packs a long battery life, and somewhat easy-to-use software. That's why we have compiled Amazfit GTS tips and tricks to bring you to speed with the rest of the folks.

7 Best Amazfit Gts Tips And Tricks You Should Know 2

So, if you have bought a brand new Amazfit GTS smartwatch, here are a few nifty tips and tricks to get the most out of it. Let's check them out.

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1. Change Watch Faces

When it comes to wearable tech, one of the first features that users look for is quality watch faces. The ability to select a different watch face to match your mood and outfit can be quite engaging.

Thankfully, the Amazfit app comes with a plethora of watch faces. All you need to do is sync them to your watch, and you will have a brand new look in a matter of minutes.

7 Best Amazfit Gts Tips And Tricks You Should Know 4

To apply a new watch face, open the app, and tap on Amazefit GTS under My devices. Select Watch face settings and tap on the one that you like.

Best Amazfit Gts Tips And Tricks Steps 1
Best Amazfit Gts Tips And Tricks Steps 2

Once done, the watch face will sync. The only issue is that the operation might take a couple of minutes as the transfer takes place via Bluetooth.

Alternatively, you can also customize the watch faces.

Best Amazfit Gts Tips And Tricks Steps 4
Best Amazfit Gts Tips And Tricks Steps 5

For now, you get to select three clock settings along with a wallpaper of your choice. Once everything is in place, you'll simply need to sync the new face to your watch.

2. Tweak the Vibration Pattern

With the number of distracting notifications on the rise, we must know how to differentiate between the important and spam ones. And that's when custom vibration patterns for notifications come into the picture.

Yep, you read that right. You can now record and set custom vibrations.

To do so, open the app settings and scroll down until you see the Vibration card. Once in, you will see all the options. Simply select one, hit the Add button to add a new recording.

Best Amazfit Gts Tips And Tricks Steps 6
Best Amazfit Gts Tips And Tricks Steps 7

Here, tap on the screen to record your custom vibration mode.

Best Amazfit Gts Tips And Tricks Steps 9

When done, hit the Save button. You can now set the alert to use your pattern.

3. Launch Your Favorite Tool Quickly

Another neat trick of the Amazfit GTS smartwatch is enabling the Press and Hold mode. This mode lets you access a couple of handy tools like Alarm, Event Reminders, and Timer, among others.

That feature is useful if you need one of the tools at the snap of a finger.

You need to long-press the button to enter the mode. And there's more to this story. You can customize the actions too.

On your watch, open the menu by swiping inwards from the bottom. Select Settings > Press and hold.

Best Amazfit Gts Tips And Tricks You Should Know 8

Now, select an app or function of your preference, and that's about it.

4. Activate Always On Display

'Always on display' is a key feature in most smartwatches. Amazfit's Stratos and Verge already feature it.

7 Best Amazfit Gts Tips And Tricks You Should Know 5

The Always on display screen looks great on the 348 x 442 AMOLED panel, and I like how the screen dissolves into an inky blackness to show you the time and other details. While this feature tends to drain the battery a little more than usual, it's too good to be ignored.

However, it's not switched on by default. To enable it, head over to the Settings and tap on Always on display.

Best Amazfit Gts Tips And Tricks You Should Know 6

For now, you can pick either a digital or a pointer dial. On the downside, Always on Display is not customizable.

5. Enable Auto Brightness

If you have been using smartwatches and phones for a long time, you must already know that bright screens drain the battery faster.

Thankfully, the Amazfit GTS smartwatch comes with Auto Brightness feature. Once enabled, the watch will automatically adjust its display according to the surroundings, ensuring that your smartwatch's battery doesn't give up on you soon.

To enable that, swipe down to show the Quick Toggles menu and tap on the Brightness icon.

Best Amazfit Gts Tips And Tricks You Should Know 2

Next, tap on the A-icon to enable auto brightness.

Best Amazfit Gts Tips And Tricks You Should Know 3
Did You Know: You can enable Do Not Disturb from the Quick Toggles menu.

6. Control the Music from Your Watch

For a smartwatch priced less than $150, the Amazfit GTS sports a couple of cool features, However, it lacks internal storage due to which you can't save offline copies of your favorite songs.

7 Best Amazfit Gts Tips And Tricks You Should Know 1

Luckily, you can use it to control the music playing on your smartphone. To do so, swipe up from the bottom to open the menu and tap on Music.

Best Amazfit Gts Tips And Tricks You Should Know 1

From now on, you'll be able to control the music playback easily and even the volume levels. Yep, no need to take your phone out of the pocket.

7. Check Air Pressure, Altitude, and Compass

Last but not least, the GTS comes with options to check the air pressure and altitude. This feature comes in handy, especially if you love hiking, trekking, or any outdoor activities for that matter.

Calibrate the compass first. After that, you will be able to use your watch as a compass, and also check the conditions around you — thanks to the built-in GPS.

To activate the compass, open the menu and select More > Compass.

Best Amazfit Gts Tips And Tricks You Should Know 5

Swipe up to see the screens for air pressure and altitude.

That's All, Folks

The Amazfit GTS brings a variety of features to the mix at an affordable price. From automatic workout tracking to alert you about the upcoming events, this Amazfit smartwatch is capable of so much. You need to figure out the settings which suit your lifestyle and get started.

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