6 Best Alexa-Compatible Smart Power Strips in the UK

Power strips give you multiple sockets to plug in an array of devices. More importantly, though, power strips with surge protection can even prevent short circuits and other hazards. And, if you desire even more functionality, then you should consider opting for an Alexa-compatible smart power strip that lets users control their devices remotely.

Not only can you schedule timers to turn switches on/off, but you can also set routines to turn on specific devices when you say a certain word. If you have an Echo speaker and wish to make your home smarter, consider getting the smart power strips with Alexa support that follow. But before that –

Let’s get to the Alexa extension cords now.

  • Sockets: 3
  • USB ports: 2
Kasa smart plug

TP-Link is a popular brand that makes networking devices. Its sub-brand — Kasa — is known for high-quality IoT devices ranging from smart plugs to power strips. The Kasa Wi-Fi power strip is affordable while offering all the smarts you would need.

Be that as it may, the Kasa power strip cuts some corners to save some costs. As such, the power strip comes with just three sockets. On the upside, the power strip is quite compact and can be a blessing in disguise for those who want a small power strip to fit into tight spaces. Interestingly, each socket gets a dedicated power switch. This is quite helpful as you may not want all your devices to stay on all the time.

The power strip also comes with two USB-A ports, that have been positioned on the side. Note that the power output from these ports is limited to 10W, which is ideal for smaller devices like headphones and smartwatches. You can control the Kasa smart power strip either via the TP-Link app or via Alexa using your voice.

The majority of users who have purchased the Kasa smart plug have said that it has been a great addition to their desks. Clearly, the individual switches for each socket are the USP here.

2. OnePlug Smart Extension Lead

  • Sockets: 4
  • USB ports: 3
OnePlug smart power strip

If you don’t have a lot of vertical space on your desk, you should consider the OnePlug smart extension board. Unlike competing power strips that tout an elongated design, the OnePlug Smart Extension board ships with squared-off edges.

Do note that the OnePlug extension lead doesn’t come with separate switches. As such, you will have to turn on or off all connected devices together — unless you use the companion app. It somewhat makes up for the lack of dedicated switches with an additional socket. Consequently, you can connect up to four devices to the board simultaneously.

You can also charge an accessory or even your smartphone via the bundled USB-A ports. Most users cite that the OnePlug strip has fared well over time. The only downside is that the power strip takes slightly longer to respond to voice commands via Alexa.

3. Meross Smart Power Strip

  • Sockets: 4
  • USB ports: 4
Meross extension lead

The Meross power strip comes with four sockets, however, defaults to the conventional elongated design. Just like the OnePlug strip, Meross’ offering also lacks individual switches to turn each socket on or off. Thankfully, you can control the sockets individually via the app.

With so many similarities, you may be wondering if the design is the only aspect separating the OnePlug power strip from Meross’ contender. While that’s true to an extent, one small change is that the Meross Smart Power Strip comes with an additional USB-A port. So, you can charge up to four devices simultaneously apart from the ones occupying the four sockets.

Do note that the output of all four USB ports put together is 20W. So if you’re charging four devices, each of them will receive just 5W of power. Among several positive reviews, some users mention that the power strip works well with small plugs but struggles with devices that use large adapters. This is due to the limited spacing between each socket.

So, check the plugs of all the devices you plan to connect to the Meross power strip before pulling the trigger.

4. Refoss Wi-Fi Plug

  • Sockets: 6
  • USB ports: 4
Refoss plug

The Refoss smart strip has a lot going for it too. In fact, it even one-ups the Meross power strip (we know, we know- the names rhyme), and allows you to plug in a slew of devices – 10, to be precise.

Refoss offers six charging sockets — three on each side, as opposed to the four sockets offered by Meross’ product. That said, the power strip gets the same number of USB ports as the one prefaced above. What’s more, the output wattage is the same across the two models too. While all that’s good and dandy, Refoss claims that users can control each individual socket via the app even without an internet connection.

It’s worth mentioning though that the companion app has left some buyers wanting more. In fact, users have complained that sometimes, the Refoss app crashes out of the blue in which case you cannot use all the smart features or toggle individual sockets. On the upside, the app has a good response time and it registers a user’s command in a jiffy.

5. Hey! Smart Extension Plug

  • Sockets: 3
  • USB ports: 6
Hey smart power plug

It’s quite evident that the Hey! smart power strip is geared toward folks who want a lot of USB ports. On that note, the power strip comes with six USB Type-A connectors. On the downside, you’ll have to contend with just three power sockets. The good though is that all six ports can output at 10W so you’re not missing out on power.

The Hey! smart surge protector has a minimalistic design with well-spaced sockets. Correspondingly, the power strip can accommodate three large power plugs without any issues. Interestingly, users have also mentioned that they found the packaging of the Hey! smart plug to be quite attractive.

As for the rest of the features, the Hey! Smart Extension Plug draws parallels to other Wi-Fi-enabled power strips. You can control the sockets via an app and even connect the strip to Alexa. Hey! also makes several other IoT products so if you want to create an ecosystem of smart home devices, here’s a start. If anything, some reviews mention that they found it difficult to establish a connection between the power strip and the app on some occasions. Other than that, though, the Hey! power strip should be a great addition to your setup.

6. Meross Power Strip with 65W GaN Charger

  • Sockets: 4
  • USB ports: 3
meross plug with Gan Charger

If you’re looking for a power strip unlike any other on this list, the Meross surge protector with a built-in 65W GaN adapter is an excellent choice. Unlike other strips that ship with USB-A ports, the Meross 65W Power Strip gets USB-C PD ports that can output at up to – you guessed it – 65W.

The Meross smart power strip replaces two products on your desk — a standard power strip and your laptop or phone charger. Thanks to the built-in adapter, you can use the USB-C port onboard to charge your MacBook Air or even the 14-inch MacBook Pro as you continue to power other devices via the sockets.

Now, granted, the Meross 65W power strip costs considerably more than other alternatives on this list. However, it does bring a lot to the table. Since there are two USB-C ports, you can even charge two phones simultaneously at 30W. The power strip is compliant with PPS tech too, so you can even fast-charge an iPhone at 20W without having to buy a new adapter.

FAQs for Alexa-Compatible Smart Power Strips

1. Are smart power strips safe to use with computers?

Absolutely. A smart power strip from a reputed brand is as good as any standard power strip if not better. The additional functionality to remotely power your devices off is surely an added bonus even in terms of safety.

2. Do smart power strips consume more energy?

Smart power strips can help you save more energy by turning off devices and chargers when not in use. You can set a timer for your phone charger to turn off in two hours. This way, your phone will be charged and the charger won’t keep running overnight either.

3. Can I use Alexa smart power strips with Google Assistant as well?

All the power strips mentioned above can also be linked to Google Assistant. So whether you have an Echo speaker or a Nest device, you will be able to control them with your voice.

Make Your Devices Smarter

Alexa-compatible smart power strips can make your existing devices smart by giving you the ability to control them remotely. Something as simple as a charger or even your printer can now be turned on or off at a set time. If you have a lamp, you can even set a schedule to turn it on after sunset and turn it off before you go to bed. Talk about convenience!

Last updated on 13 June, 2023

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