10 Best AI Tools for Small Business and Startups

Whether you are an entrepreneur, starting a small business, or running a startup, AI tools significantly improve your workflow and productivity. With the latest advancements and progress in the AI market, there hasn’t been a better time to start investing in some AI tools. Here are the best AI tools for your small business or startup.

Best AI tools for business

There is no drought of AI tools for various purposes and you can pick one to suit your business. But not every software work as advertised, and sometimes, you may end up spending more time instead of cutting work hours. While these tools may be free now, they might ask you to pay up to unlock full features in the future. We have picked up the top ten tools from the bunch. Let’s explore them.

1. Beautiful.ai

Beautiful Best AI tools for business

If you are running a small business or a startup, you often need to create presentations to impress potential investors and customers. Instead of spending hours in PowerPoint or Slides, use Beautiful.ai to create stunning presentations with minimal efforts.

You only need to add text and images, and the software creates eye-catching slides based on content. Beautiful.ai offers over 60 customizable slide templates and several presentation templates to jumpstart your story. Go ahead, give it a try, and make a perfect impression.

2. BeatBot

BeatBot Best AI tools for business

Are you running a music production or a YouTube channel? BeatBot is an AI song maker to create short songs based on your text prompt. You can visit the websites below and describe the song you want to create. Hit Generate and surprise yourself with a ready-to-use song.

The website uses Splash’s proprietary AI for vocals and music and GPT-3 for lyrics. That lets you create unique songs without dabbling much in to music production software or skills. With ChatGPT’s latest progress, we can’t wait to see how BeatBot improves in the future.

3. Grammarly 

Grammarly is one of the oldest AI tools to improve your text skills. The software identifies grammar mistakes and helps you write business emails, letters, and project proposals. Apart from grammar, Grammarly also helps you improve clarity, engagement, and over the lucidity of the document. If you’re reviewing documents or text, it also helps to identify plagiarism.

Grammarly is available on every platform you can think of. You can install the add-on to popular web browsers and word processing software like Microsoft Word.

4. Dumme

Dumme Best AI tools for business

Your business needs to be present on TikTok and Instagram to attract millennials and other younger audiences with limited attention span. If you want to create shorts (short videos to upload on social media) out of videos and podcasts, Dumme is the perfect tool to dole out those important snippets from long videos.

You can upload a video or podcast on Dumme and let it find worthy highlights to add to shorts. It automatically generates a post-worthy short video with title, description, and captions. You don’t need to deal with hours of video editing to create a short for social media platforms.

5. 1-Click Summarizer

Do you frequently refer to dozens of web articles and PDFs for your business? The 1-Click Summarizer Chrome extension can process and summarize news, research, and useful PDFs. You can install the extension from the Chrome Web Store and visit any website you want to refer.

Now, click the extension in the menu bar to get a list of facts and opinions. The extension even creates a folder to store your findings, sources, and posts.

6. Zoho Zia

Zoho Zia Best AI tools for business

Zoho Zia is a dedicated AI assistant meant for your sales team. It helps you write a document, analyze sales data, and collect customer data like a pro. It scraps data such as company address, size, and other info from the internet to use in an email.

It helps you analyze sales data, suggests the time for repeat orders, and analyzes server downtime in advance to help you take necessary steps to prevent downtime. Overall, it’s feature-packed and a must-have add-on for your business.

7. TimeHero

TimeHero Best AI tools for business

TimeHero is your personal project and task management software for your to-do list. Once you connect your Gmail and other project management software to TimeHero, the app automatically generates tasks based on due dates and other details. You don’t need to juggle between dozens of apps to keep track of tasks. You can glance over all the tasks from TimeHero only.

TimeHero connects to over 1,000 popular software using Zapier.

8. Warmest.ai

Warmest ai Best AI tools for business

Apart from Grammarly, Warmest.ai is another tool to improve your email drafts. The software is smart enough to recognize the context of an email and create an answer based on it. You can simply review, hit the send button, and save many work hours.

You can start with a 7-day free trial and move to a paid subscription if you like the offering.

9. Zenefits

Zenefits Best AI tools for business

Human resource management can be time-consuming and tiring. Zenefits is a dedicated AI tool that simplifies onboarding experience, PTO, benefits, payroll, and other details.

The software helps you improve employee experience, hire and retain top talent, increase productivity, and eliminate errors. If your business handles dozens of employees, give Zenefits a try.

10. Textio

textio Best AI tools for business

Used by the likes of Microsoft, Starbucks, and Twitter, Textio lets you craft the perfect hiring post or document. It improves job listings by analyzing over 5000 phrases and removing gender bias from the listings.

It’s a must-have talent acquisition and performance management tool for businesses. You can pick relevant software from the official website and request a demo.

Visit Textio

Manage Your Business Like a Pro

You no longer need to deal with outdated cumbersome software solutions to manage your business. Pick relevant tools from the list and start managing your business like a ninja. If you already use another AI tool for your business, share it with our readers in the comments below.

Last updated on 07 March, 2023

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