5 Best Affordable TWS Earbuds under $100

Unlike a few years ago, truly wireless earphones (TWS) do not cost you a lot. Thanks to advancements in the field of wireless tech. The prices of most wireless earphones have gone down significantly. And now, there are some TWS which are available for as low as $100.

Best Affordable TWS Earbuds under 100

Of course, they won’t sound as good as their premium counterparts, but they are good enough to help you sail through your day. Plus, the battery life is good enough and will last you more than a day. That depends on your usage, but these affordable earphones usually have a battery life greater than 5 hours.

If you are in the market looking for affordable TWS earphones priced less than $100, here are our top picks.

1. SoundPEATS TrueCapsule Wireless Earbuds

One of the first TWS earphones on our list is TrueCapsule Wireless Earbuds by SoundPEATS. The earphones bear a slight resemblance to the Apple AirPods and similar to them. These are also light and compact. The battery life is quite decent. The TrueCapsule gives a battery life of around 4 hours, with the charging case providing an additional battery of around 24 hours.

Even though the TrueCapsule Wireless Earbuds are priced less than $50, that doesn’t mean the company has cut down on features. For starters, it comes with a touch-sensitive surface, Bluetooth 5.0, the voice assistant of your choice, and is compatible with both Android and iOS phones.

It’s unfair to expect the TrueCapsule to sound like their premium counterparts, but the good news is that they sound great for their price. Plus, the mic is good and allows great call quality. It is these two qualities that many users have echoed in their reviews on Amazon.

The only thing you need to look out for is the touch controls, which can turn out to be a bit wonky at times.

2. Aukey True Wireless Earbuds

Another pair of stylish and feature-packed TWS earphones are the Aukey True Wireless Earbuds. They come with Bluetooth 5.0, touch-sensitive buttons, and have a cumulative battery life of 25 hours. Interesting, right? The charging case has a slim profile, which makes it easy to carry on trouser and jacket pockets.

Compared to the SoundPeats TrueCapsule, here you get improved touch control and a smooth design. Speaking of the touch controls, they let you do most of the common jobs like answering calls, play/pause, navigate through soundtracks, and summoning the voice assistant.

The audio quality of these affordable earphones has been praised by many. Of course, you won’t get audiophile-level quality, but they are decent enough to get you through your favorite songs and calls with ease. Plus, the audio is loud and has minimal lag.

3. TicPods Wireless Earbuds

The TicPods Wireless Earbuds are another pair of reliable and affordable TWS earphones. They come with great audio quality for the price and decent battery life. What you will love is its textured body, which not only gives it a quirky look but also helps you grip them better. Apart from that, they have the usual frills IPX5 rating, voice assistant support, and touch controls.

Users speak highly of its battery life, sound quality, and passive noise cancellation.

More importantly, the battery life is great, with the earphones staying on for around 4 hours at a single stretch. The charging case yields an additional 14 hours.

If you are low on budget, these are some of your best bets.

4. Creative Outlier Air Sweatproof Earphones

What’s not to like about the Creative Outlier Air? For starters, they are priced right, they have a trendy design, and the sound quality is great for the price. And hey, they also have Bluetooth 5.0 and have an excellent battery life of over 30 hours. Yes, you read that right.

The Creative Outlier Air earphones can last around 10 hours on a single charge with the carry case providing up to two charging cycles of 10 hours each. And this claim has been backed by several reviewers. Amazing, I’d say.

The sound quality is balanced, and the passive good noise cancellation is quite impressive, as long as you find the right set of earphones. On top of that, they are rated IPX5, meaning you can easily take them out for a sprint at the gym without worrying about sweat damage.

However, these earphones are not without issues. Many users have reported the Creative Air having connectivity issues with the right earbud falling off the loop.

5. Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2

The last earphones we have in the sub-$100 price segment is the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air. They are known for delivering a quality audio output along with clear call quality. Furthermore, they pack a modern look with smooth edges, and the same can be said about the carrying case. More importantly, the battery life of 7 hours is decent for the price, with the carrying case providing around 28 hours more.

And that’s not the end of the story. The right set of ear tips will ensure that you won’t be distracted by outside noise. Nowadays, touch controls are ubiquitous, and the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air is no different. These pack a set of two areas on the earphones that let you play/pause music, answer/reject the call as well and activate the voice assistant to change songs.

And the IPX5-rating means that you can use them at the gym.

You can also try out the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air.

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While most of these earbuds sound good for their price and comes with a good feature to price ratio, you won’t get the same audio quality as the Jaybird Vista (check Jay­bird Vista vs. Jay­bird Run XT), Bose Soundsport Free or the Powerbeats Pro (check Cre­ative Out­lier Air vs. Power­beats Pro).

On the upside, you get to chuck off your old wired earphones and replace them with these sleek wireless earphones. And if you like the sleek form factor, you can easily upgrade later.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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