6 Best Accessories for Amazon Fire 7 Tablet

Amazon’s Fire 7 Tablet is a good entry-level device for content consumption. The brand refreshed the Fire 7 Tablet in 2021 with some new improvements making it an even better deal to watch your favorite shows on Netflix. Since the Amazon Fire 7 tablet isn’t expensive as other tablets like the iPad, you would probably be left with a few extra bucks to spend on accessories.

Amazon Fire 7 tablet accessories

Several accessories you can pick up may improve your experience of using the tablet or even protect it, especially if your kids are going to use it. We’ve compiled some of the best accessories in this article to make your job easier. Here are the best accessories for your Amazon Fire 7 tablet that you must look.

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Note that all the included accessories on this list are compatible with the new Amazon Fire 7 Tablet 2021. Let’s get to the accessories now!

1. NuPro Screen Protector

A screen protector is an absolute must for any device that has a display. It helps you protect the screen from getting scratched or cracked when dropped. This one from NuPro is a clear screen protector that does well.

A screen protector adds a basic level of protection for your display and can go a long way in increasing the longevity of your tablet. The Amazon Fire 7 has a 7-inch display, essentially the main attraction of the tablet since that’s where you’re going to be consuming all your content. Scratches or cracks on display will ruin your experience while watching media on the tablet. So a screen protector is a good investment.

This option from NuPro is quite affordable and does the job well. It has a cutout for the front-facing camera to ensure that the original quality of the camera feed is maintained. You also get to screen protectors in the pack, which means you have another go if you mess up while applying the first one.

2. SanDisk Ultra SD Card

The Amazon Fire 7 tablet offers great value for money if you’re looking for a budget tab. However, one downside can be the limited storage on the base variant. A microSD card like this one from SanDisk solves exactly that.

Looking to expand the storage on your Amazon Fire 7 tablet? Just get a microSD card, and you’re good to go. This one from SanDisk is specifically made for Amazon devices, so you will get the best compatibility. There are options ranging from 32GB to 512GB.

You can pick the storage depending on how much content you plan to store on your tablet. The 64GB or 128GB option should suffice for most people while providing good value. This is a Class 10 microSD card, so you’ll get good read and write speeds as well. It’s a must-buy if you store many photos and videos on your tab.

3. Fast Charging Cable and Adapter

The Amazon Fire 7 tablet does come with a charger but getting an additional won’t do much harm, right? Especially when you’re getting one with a fast-charging adapter and a long 6.6ft cable.

Since a tablet is used mostly for entertainment purposes, you may not always be sitting close to a wall adapter. That’s when it might be hard to charge your tablet while using it. If your battery drains during a binge session, a long cable that would reach you on your couch would surely be a blessing.

This set comes with a 6.6ft USB-C cable and a 15W fast-charging adapter. You can charge your tab at your convenience and charge it faster than usual. The USB-C cable is also braided, which will ensure that the cable lasts longer and is prone to some tugging.

4. Ultra-Slim Folio Case

The first suggestion was a screen protector to ensure your display doesn’t get scratched. Once you’ve got that, it’s always wise to pair it up with a good case to protect the rest of your tablet. This is a good folio case that does exactly that while also acting as a kickstand.

A folio case like this one serves two purposes — first, it acts as a case that protects your Amazon Fire 7 tablet when you drop it or put it in your bag. Second, the folio case has several positions it can rest in, allowing you to use it as a kickstand when you keep it on any surface.

Want to watch your favorite movies or shows hands-free? Get this folio case, rest your Fire 7 tablet on a table, and relax while you enjoy watching. You won’t have to hold the tablet in your hand at all times. The case is available in two color options, so pick the one depending on the color of your tablet.

5. Rugged Case for Kids

Are you getting an Amazon Fire 7 tablet for your kids? If yes, they might drop it often while playing games or watching videos on it. In case you think your kids may not handle the tablet well, this rugged case can sustain quite a lot of falls.

Since the Fire 7 tablet is pretty inexpensive, it’s a great device to get for your kids. It can run most apps like YouTube, Prime Video, Kindle, etc. along with games that your children would be interested in. But, young kids may not be able to handle the tablet well at all times and end up dropping it onto the floor or other surfaces.

This may damage the body of the tablet or worse, the display which may make the tablet unusable. The best solution for this is to get a rugged case intended to protect the tablet from kids. The case is quite bulky so it can sustain some falls while protecting the tablet. You also get a stand built into the back of the case which can tilt the tablet at an angle for content consumption.

6. Tablet Stand

A tablet can serve multiple purposes. As mentioned earlier, it could be an entertainment hub for some. For some, it could be a bedside e-reader or a kitchen display to aid with recipes or cooking videos. This tablet stand can be usual regardless of what you use it for.

Here’s a nice tablet stand that can keep your Amazon Fire 7 tablet upright at multiple angles. This is helpful if you want to rest your tablet on your bedside table for you to read a book at night or if you want to place it in the kitchen to aid you while cooking.

Apart from just holding your tablet upright and lifting it to a height, this particular stand has a 360-degree hinge that can rotate in whichever direction or angle you want. It’s a good product to place on your office table or even at your home if you wish to use the tablet as a smart display.

Make the Most of Your Amazon Fire 7 Tablet

Pick up these accessories as soon as you get your Amazon Fire 7 tablet to get the best experience while using the device. Protect it with a rugged case, or rest it at an angle with a folio to make your binging easier.

Last updated on 04 July, 2022

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