5 Best 24-Inch Smart TVs for 2023 in the UK

If you’re someone like me, you probably are averse to the idea of a big TV in your bedroom or any other average-sized room at home or even work. For such buyers, finding a compact TV that fits their needs can be a little challenging. But fret not. We bring to you a list of the best 24-inch smart TVs that you can buy right now!

Best 24 Inch Smart TVs for 2023

So if bigger isn’t always better for you, the TVs mentioned in this list should make a lot of sense. Be it your bedroom, kitchen, office cabin, or any other smaller space where you’d like a compact TV, this list should help you find the perfect option.

All devices in our list are smart TVs that do not compromise on quality and offer an impressive feature set. However, due to the limitation in size and budget, they do not offer 4K. But before we get to this list, we recommend checking out these posts as well.

1. RCA RS24H1A Smart TV


Looking for a cheap 24-inch smart TV? The RCA RS24H1A may just be the option for you. The RCA 24-inch Android TV with its powerful Android OS TV support a vast number of features and streaming services straight to your TV.

As such, you get access to platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video through Google Play for a huge selection of apps and even games. It also comes with built-in voice control. There’s also support for Bluetooth and WiFi.

No matter if you’re watching a movie or a show, the TV is capable of providing decent image quality through the use of features such as Triple Noise Reduction and MACE Color Engine to make colors brighter. Overall the RCA 24-inch TV promises to make your home entertainment experience more convenient than ever!

What We Like

  • Good price
  • Decent feature set

What We Don’t Like

  • Average picture quality

2. Toshiba 24WK3C64DB Smart TV

Toshiba 24WK3C64DB

Exclusively available on Amazon, this HD-ready TV promises to offer good performance for the price. The company claims to provide increased clarity and detail compared to competing options like the RCA RS24H1A we mentioned above.

It supports some impressive features, including Super Resolution Upscaling for enhancing the quality of a wide variety of non-HD content. This feature helps it deliver a more refined image for an improved viewing experience.

There’s also support for advanced features like Micro Dimming to improve contrast by focusing on all the different regions of the image and optimising pictures on the screen dynamically. Plus, it also offers HDR10 & HLG High Dynamic Range for supported content.

What We Like

  • Decent Resolution Upscaling
  • HDR-ready

What We Don’t Like

  • Remote not durable

3. Sharp 1T-C24EE6KC2FBD Smart TV


This 24-inch TV from Sharp is a unique offering as this LED TV smart television comes with a DVD player built-in: This TV/DVD combo features a slim design ideal for wall mounting, plus an easy-fit stand.

The Sharp 1T-C24EE6KC2FBD Smart TV also goes big on connectivity with 3x HDMI, 2x USB, an SD card reader, composite and digital optical audio ports. This slim and compact TV also offers support for DTS Virtual:X 3D audio, Freeview Play, screen sharing, and built-in Wi-Fi.

Sharp has also equipped the TV with Active Motion 200 and Dolby Digital audio technology to help create a fully immersive experience while watching movies and shows. So enjoy Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video apps on this TV.

What We Like

  • Built-in DVD Player
  • Good connectivity features

What We Don’t Like

  • Flaky OS

4. Blaupunkt HD Smart TV

Blaupunkt 24 HD Smart TV

This Blaupunkt HD Smart TV is a good option for smaller rooms and can even be fitted in kitchens and small office spaces. It uses an HD-ready panel and features a slim, lightweight design which makes it easy to mount.

This TV promises hours of endless entertainment thanks to the Smart TV Portal feature. There are a number of exciting features, including Catch Up TV and Freeview TV. We also get support for premium features like JBL Sound technology to bring movies and shows to life.

Additionally, connecting this device to any of your smart devices is simple thanks to the screen mirroring functionality. This LED TV can also be connected to an array of devices using the 3x HDMI, USB, composite, and Digital Optical Audio ports.

What We Like

  • JBL Sound ready
  • Slim design

What We Don’t Like

  • Average picture quality

5. Panasonic TX-24MS480B Smart TV

Panasonic TX 24MS480B

This option from Panasonic is a little expensive, but it offers really good performance and a feature set to justify the price. The design is also sleek and lightweight, making it easy to mount or set on a flat surface using the included stand.

This is an Android TV and as such brings access to films and shows from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Disney+, and more. This Smart TV also includes built-in Chromecast support to let users easily cast movies, shows, apps, and games directly from their phone, tablet, or laptop.

And for supported content, this HD TV features HDR (High Dynamic Range) support, including HDR10 and HLG. This helps the Panasonic TX-24MS480B deliver realistic colours, as well as high contrast and brightness levels.

What We Like

  • HDR-ready
  • Android TV

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive

Bigger Not Always Better

While many may tell you how big is better when it comes to TVs, the reality is a little different. If you want a TV for a smaller room or office space, 24 inches is a good size to consider. From our list, we’d recommend going with the Sharp 1T-C24EE6KC2FBD Smart TV. It offers decent picture quality at a good price and also throws in an in-built DVD player in the mix to make it more appealing.

Last updated on 22 August, 2023

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