13 Beautiful HD Wallpapers of Exotic Birds to Bring Your Desktop to Life

Namrata Gogoi

Birds are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. Birds aren't only known for their striking appearance or beautiful plumage, it's their intelligence that also makes them charming. Plus, let's not forget that some birds are mighty speedsters.

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This deep affection for birds has led us to assemble a list of high-definition or HD wallpapers that you will love.

Note: To download these images, right-click on the image of your choice and click Save image as, alternatively use the download links below each one to get them in full resolution.

1. A Shade of Red


The Northern Cardinal, an American songbird, is the official bird of around seven U.S. states.

2. Gorgeous Scarlet Macaws


The Scarlet Macaw is a native of the South American rainforests and is mostly found in pairs and small groups.

3. As Fast as a Hummingbird


Hummingbirds have very few feathers (1,000-1,500). This characteristic keeps them lightweight and eventually helps them to fly easily.

4. The Ever-graceful Peacock


Did you know that only males are called Peacocks? Their entire family is called peafowl.

5. Long-legged Elegance


The Siberian Crane or Snow Crane is distinguished by white plumage, white cape, and a red mask.

6. The Mandarin Charm


Mandarin Ducks are often regarded as symbols of love and affection. Often referred to as yuan-yang in Chinese, these ducks (particularly the male) are identified by their unmistakable rich plumage.

7. A Flash of Blue


There are more than 87 different species of Kingfishers and most of them live near water bodies. Did you know that Australia’s laughing Kookaburra is the largest Kingfisher bird?

8. The Fascinating Pink Flamingo


Flamingos usually feed on algae, crustaceans, brine shrimp, and plankton. The pink-and-crimson color comes from beta-carotene found in the crustaceans and plankton.

9. The South American Beauty


Did you know that wild Scarlet Macaws are seed predators?

10. The Sea Parrots


Atlantic Puffins are generally referred to as Sea Parrots for their distinctive beak color. Puffins are excellent swimmers and often spend their lives at sea.

11. Happy, Happy Yellow


Did you know yellow is often considered a happy color? However, pure yellow can also be one of the most irritating colors for the human eye.

12. The Bald Eagle


The bald eagle builds one of the biggest nests in the bird world. These nests are built high above the ground and are made of sticks.

13. The Happy Toucan


Did you know Toucans have the largest bill in the bird world?

Which Wallpaper Did You Love the Most?

These were some of the HD and 4K wallpapers of beautiful exotic birds. So which wallpaper did you download?

Namrata Gogoi

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