AZ Screen Recorder vs DU Screen Recorder: A Detailed Comparison

We have come a long way since the launch of Android. Many features that were only possible with the help of rooting are now available in Stock Android. One such feature is the screenshot.

Du Screen Recorder Vs Az Screen Recorder Comparison

In Android 4.0, Google added the built-in ability in Android devices to take screenshots. And now with Android 9 or P, you get a native screenshot editor.

However, built-in screen recording is still not part of Android. We have to download third-party apps to do so. You may have heard about many apps that record screen. In this post, we will compare the best two screen-recording apps – AZ Screen Recorder and DU Recorder.

Let’s get started.

App Size and Price

If you go by the size, DU Screen Recorder weighs less than the AZ Screen Recorder. While the AZ Screen Recorder app has a size of 15-16MB, DU Screen Recorder keeps it at 9-10MB. Does it mean it has fewer features? Let’s see.

Also, in the DU app, all features are available for free. You don’t have to pay for anything. This is not the case with the AZ app. You have to buy the premium version to activate some features such as GIF converter, Draw on screen etc.

Video Settings

Interestingly, both the apps come with kinda similar video settings. They both let you choose resolutions between 240p and 1440p. You can also change video quality and FPS. However, in the DU app, you can set FPS to auto mode. Meaning, the app will decide the best FPS rate itself.

Az Screen Recorder Vs Du Screen Recorder 1
Az Screen Recorder Vs Du Screen Recorder 2

Start and Stop Recording

In both the apps, you get a floating overlay button to start the recording. While in the AZ app, the button automatically hides when the recording starts, it doesn’t hide by default in the DU app. However, it provides you the setting to do so.

Az Screen Recorder Vs Du Screen Recorder 3

When it comes to pausing the video, again both the apps let you do it. However, there are differences in the way you can stop the recording.

By default, you can stop the recording in the AZ app from the notification panel and using the floating overlay in the DU app. But both the apps let you switch to the other mode too.

In the AZ app, you get further options to stop recording such as lock the screen and time limit. The shake the screen mode to stop recording is present in both the apps.

Az Screen Recorder Vs Du Screen Recorder 4
Az Screen Recorder Vs Du Screen Recorder 5


One thing that we all hate in the free apps is the watermark. Thankfully, both these apps don’t put their own watermark on top of the videos, instead, they give you the option to add personalized watermarks. You can either add text as a watermark or add an image such as your brand logo.

Az Screen Recorder Vs Du Screen Recorder 8
Az Screen Recorder Vs Du Screen Recorder 9

You can even customize the size and color of the text in both the apps. In the AZ app, you can also change the font style and add a background color to the text.

Countdown Timer

When you tap the start button, both the apps first wait for three seconds and then actually start recording the video. You can, however, either turn it off or change the countdown time. While in the DU app, you have to choose from the given set of times, you can set a custom countdown time in the AZ app.

Az Screen Recorder Vs Du Screen Recorder 6
Az Screen Recorder Vs Du Screen Recorder 7

GIF Recorder

GIFs have taken our over lives. They are amazing. We use them almost everywhere … at least I do. Then why not create GIFs for some screen recordings as well? While the AZ app doesn’t support GIF recording, the DU app lets you record GIFs with just one tap.

Recording Tools

A great screen-recorder should have some added benefits. For instance, you should be able to draw on screen while recording and use the camera to record things other than the screen.

Interestingly, the DU app provides both these features for free, however, these are part of the premium version in case of the AZ app. But if it makes you happy, you can record time-lapse videos in the AZ app, the feature currently not available in the DU app.

Az Screen Recorder Vs Du Screen Recorder 10

Further, while you can record external audio in both the apps, none of the apps let your record internal audio, as Google does not allow it.

Video Editor

Both the apps come with a built-in video editor. However, most of the editing features such as trim, convert to GIF in the AZ app are limited to the premium version. This is not the case with the DU app. You get all the features for free. You can also merge and cut videos.The video editor is so great in the DU app that I use it to edit other videos too.

Az Screen Recorder Vs Du Screen Recorder 11
Az Screen Recorder Vs Du Screen Recorder 12

Other Features

Apart from the aforementioned features, the DU app also comes with other small yet interesting features such as keep recording when the screen is off and pause recording for incoming calls. Both these features are missing in the AZ app.

However, the AZ app offers a magic or invisible button in the premium version that can be used to pause or stop the recording. Further, both the apps come with two recording modes – basic and standard. You can use the basic mode for low-end devices or on the devices that lag while recording.

Who Wins?

For me, it is the DU recorder. The app is small and offers all features for free. You can even record GIFs using this app. And I love its video editor. But AZ screen recorder does have a simpler interface, I will give it that.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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