How to Avoid Ads From Google

Android is a wonderful mobile operating system developed by Google. Its fast, its popular and above all it is a global hit. Now if something is that popular, there are a very few chances that the advertisers would leave an opportunity to bombard users with information on things that they do not want to buy.

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I find advertisements very annoying and I’m sure you can also resonate with me on that thought. If you do, then here I have figured out a number of ways in which you can get some respite from advertisements while using your mobile. I said some respite because as we are finding out newer ways to bypass advertisements, companies and advertisers are making things tougher for all by forcing them on to us. However, there is still some hope left and using the methods below you can bypass advertisements as much as possible.

1. Using the Adblock Browser for Android

Adblock is not a new name in the world of internet. This service originated from a basic pop-up blocking system and today they have a standalone browser with the power to detect and kill advertisements from any web page possible.


The working of the Adblock Browser for Android is very simple. When a user enters the domain address of a website, this browser downloads the content of that web page and filters out all ad-related or advertisement-based content before making it visually accessible to the user.

As a result, the web pages that a user sees are free of ads. While for desktop there are a number of extensions available for popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and even Edge, on mobile things work a bit differently and hence users need a standalone solution to make things work.

The only downside to the Adblock Browser for Android is that it cannot bypass websites that have full page block in place for users who use Adblock or similar ad-blocking services. To view such websites, they would have to open them in a different browser.

2. Using Google Chrome for Android

Everyone knows that Google Chrome for Android is a pretty amazing browser, but, little do we know that this browser comes with some really cool features that can help save you from a lot of advertisements without having to rely on third-party extensions or software.

Blocking pop-up ads

Of all forms or advertisements, the pop-up ones are the real deal-breaker. They try to grab your attention by opening up a new tab and it can be very annoying. Thankfully, Chrome for Android comes with an integrated pop-up blocker and using this you can get rid of many annoying ads. Here’s how you can enable that.

Step 1: Open Chrome settings by accessing the three-dot menu at the top-right of the screen. From here select Settings to proceed.

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Step 2: From the given options select Site settings and from the options select Pop-ups. If the option is set to enabled, select that tab and disable pop-ups for all sites.

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Using Data-saver Mode

Another great way of avoiding advertisements while using Chrome is to use the Data Saver mode. While in this mode, Chrome automatically compresses all the aspects of a web page that are not needed or are unnecessary for that website to perform on a mobile device.

This way Chrome basically takes away all the data-hogging interactive rich content and presents a plain and simple looking web page that has all the information and none of the nuances.

However, if you do not mind the advertisements then that’s a different story altogether. In that case, you can simply skip this option. If you want a clutter free experience, enable Data Saver and follow these steps to do so.

Step 1: Open Chrome settings by accessing the three-dot menu at the top-right of the screen. From here select Settings to proceed.

Screenshot 20180329 190523
Screenshot 20180329 190529

Step 2: From the options select Data Saver and toggle the switch on.

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Screenshot 20180329 191225

Now every time you open up a web page, Google will first compress it using its servers and then open it on your phone.

Still Far From a Perfect Solution

While these hacks can save you from seeing a lot of advertisements, a perfect system to bypass them does not exists. It’s like a catch-up game that product makers are playing and us as the users are being pulled into that.

Every time there is a new system that’s invented to bypass advertisements, product companies, who basically pay for these advertisements, come up with a newer way to shove it down our throat.

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A relatively new way being adopted to bypass ad-blocking services is that websites have installed codes that would detect ad-blockers and disallow any device using that service and will not show their content to them. In order to see the content a user must disable the ad-blocking service.

In my opinion users should get the option to choose whether they want to see advertisements or not. However, that’s not how economics works. Eventually, this battle is likely to go-on. Newer methods to avoid ads will keep coming in and newer ways to kill those methods will continue to be researched upon.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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