Aura Carver vs Nixplay Smart Photo: Which Is the Better Digital Picture Frame

Using the right digital frame is important for enjoying your memories without worrying about space on them or anything else. Two of the digital photo frames that have caught our attention are the Aura Carver and the Nixplay Smart Photo digital frame.

Aura Carver vs Nixplay Smart Photo Which Is the Better Digital Picture Frame 3

Nixplay is a popular name in digital photos primarily for its mix of good features to the price ratio. On the other hand, Aura is known more for its chic photo frames and sharp photo quality. However, the prices of the Aura Carver and the Nixplay Smart Photo are quite different, and hence it brings us to an important question—which digital picture frame is better?

Well, that is what we will find in this post today, as we compare the Aura Carver against the Nixplay Smart Photo frame and see which is the better fit for your needs.

Let’s get started. But before that,

Design and Interface

Not many years ago, digital photo frames resembled tablets more than photo frames. Thankfully, now manufacturers have started to add thick borders and mat boards to give them a conventional look.

The Nixplay digital frame bears a similar look to most modern photo frames. A thick bezel surrounds the edges. The only thing that gives it a ‘digital’ look is the motion sensor on the bottom-right corner.

Aura Carver vs Nixplay Smart Photo Which Is the Better Digital Picture Frame 4

This frame is lightweight. One of the main advantages is that you can mount the Nixplay frame on walls. At the same time, the stand (which also doubles as the power cord) is flexible, and you can easily twist it to change the orientation of the frame. In short, you can use it either in landscape mode or vertical mode.

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Even though the Nixplay Smart Photo bundles a touch screen display, it adds a remote. This small remote lets you change photos or the playlist easily without smudging the frame. Interestingly, you can also stick the remote on the back of the frame. This way, you won’t have to worry about the remote getting lost.

Like the Nixplay frame, the Aura Carver has a think bezel around the frame. Here, the bezels are angular, which lends a premium look to the frame. Unlike the flat back of the Nixplay frame, the Carver has a pyramid-like back (similar to the Amazon Echo Show). This design makes it easy to prop the frame on tabletops without any additional help. And here, the motion sensor is barely visible.

Aura Carver vs Nixplay Smart Photo Which Is the Better Digital Picture Frame 6

However, this design has some slight disadvantages. For one, you can’t mount the frame on walls. Secondly, the design forces you to use the frame only in the landscape mode.

Aura Carver vs Nixplay Smart Photo Which Is the Better Digital Picture Frame 7

Nevertheless, the Carver boasts of a clever design. It measures 7.5 x 10.6 x 2.6-inches. The Carver is 2 pounds heavy, but you needn’t worry about the frame falling off.

Additional Features

Digital frames are not just about displaying your prized moments digitally. They also carry additional features.

For example, the Nixplay Smart Photo frame lets you sync and manage your photos directly through the companion app. The app lets you pick the photos, playlist, or transition effects, among others.

Aura Carver vs Nixplay Smart Photo Which Is the Better Digital Picture Frame 2

Apart from the photos on your phone, you can also connect and sync your Nixplay account to services like Facebook, Google Photos, Instagram, Flickr, and Dropbox. On top of it, you can share photos via email as well.

Yes, this photo frame does need Wi-Fi to function and sync photos. However, the lack of internal memory or support for USB stick means it is dependent on Wi-Fi for constant sync.

Interestingly, it features a motion sensor, which puts the frame to sleep to conserve power when it doesn’t detect anyone nearby.


Like the one above, the Carver also lets you sync photos from your phone and services like iCloud Photo Library or Google Photos (see best iCloud Pho­to Back­up Alter­na­tives). However, Carver doesn’t support Facebook. On the upside, you can upload photos from your laptop using the web uploader.

Another advantage of the app is that you can choose to invite family members to share their photos. This sharing feature is an added advantage.

Like the Nixplay Smart Photo frame, the Aura Carver is wholly dependent on cloud storage and doesn’t have the means to upload photos via USB thumb drives or memory cards.

Image Quality

All the above features go for a toss if the frames in question have poor image quality. Thankfully, the Aura Carver and the Nixplay Smart Photo frame bundles quality panels and displays your prized photos without pixelations or loss in image quality.

The Nixplay Smart Photo comes in three variants. The 9.7-inch metal frame has a 2K screen, while the remaining two have FHD and HD screens.

Aura Carver vs Nixplay Smart Photo Which Is the Better Digital Picture Frame

And it’s safe to say that the 2K screen delivers an apt result. The pictures appear sharp and detailed on the IPS panel. The wide viewing angle means that you can see the photos from the sides easily.

At the same time, the Aura Carver bundles a 1920×1200 pixel IPS LCD screen which delivers sharp and bright photos with accurate color reproduction. The viewing angles are excellent and there are no visible distortion or color shifts when viewed from the sides.

Portrait vs. Landscape

The Nixplay Smart photo frame is versatile. Although it relies solely on cloud storage, this frame brings plenty of nifty features to the table. You can link your Facebook account or Instagram account and share your picture-perfect moments in all their glory. At the same time, you can prop the frame vertically or horizontally.

As opposed to it, the Aura Carver has a few limited features. However, the few features that it has worked like clockwork.

More importantly, the Carver frame packs a premium look, all thanks to the angular bezels. The cloud storage is free and the crystal clear display is more than enough reason for you to buy this digital frame.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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