5 Best Audio Recording Apps for iPhone

With iOS 12, Apple added a voice recording app called Voice Memo. It takes a bare-bones approach with just voice recording capabilities and a few editing features. You can’t do anything else on it, though, it will get the job done. That’s the story of most Apple apps. Several third-party developers have launched a variety of voice recording apps that offer more features than the stock app.

Audio Recording Apps For I Phone

So what more can you do with a voice recording app? Take text notes along with voice notes, cloud storage support, multiple file formats, bookmarks, transcription, and so on. Voice Memos is missing quite a lot. Let’s see what alternatives we have got.

1. Voice Record Pro

Voice Record Pro is an all-rounder and one of the best audio recording apps in the niche. The UI has a vintage feel to it, which looks cool. Press the REC button to begin recording immediately. Once you begin, there is a bookmark option so you can take notes at a particular time during the lecture. Timestamp.

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Once you stop the recording, you will see a bunch of options. Voice Record Pro supports pretty much all cloud storage sites like Drive, Dropbox, and more including SoundCloud.

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You can trim the audio to remove unnecessary or empty parts where no one is talking. There is a transcription option that will attempt to convert voice to text. It works quite well, but is not 100% accurate. The accuracy depends on a variety of factors, such as clarity and background disturbance. As if all this was not enough, they decided to build an MP3 converter with support for color and ID3 tags.

Voice Record Pro is free but riddled with ads and you can pay $6.99 to remove them.

2. Voice Recorder and Audio Editor

I never thought any other app would be able to beat Voice Record Pro. I mean, what else do you want from an audio recording app for iPhone? That was until I found Voice Recorder and Audio Editor. You can also record phone calls with this app, but that’s a premium feature.

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Some useful features are speed listening and sleep timer. Tapping on the share icon will reveal audio editing options like trim, upload, and transcribe. You can either save audio notes into folders or upload to most popular cloud storage sites.

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The pro plan will cost you $1.99 per month and unlock transcription, remove ads, unlock access to some other apps like QR Reader, Scanner, Photo Editor, and 20+ other apps. Call recording will cost $4.99 per month additionally.

3. Otter Voice Notes

Otter Voice Notes uses AI to take notes for you, so you don’t have to. Otter will record audio and transcribe everything with stunning accuracy in real-time. Yes, you don’t have to wait for the transcription. Multiple speakers? Tag each speaker to identify them separately. You need to record at least 15 seconds of a speaker’s voice before tagging for Otter to identify the speaker correctly. You can also add images.

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It seems the developer designed Otter with teams in mind. You can invite fellow speakers to share input or edit the transcription. They can also add notes where necessary. With support for AirPods, Siri, AirPrint, and iOS Calendar and Contacts, Otter is the transcription king.

Otter Voice Notes will cost you $9.99 per month. That will get you 600 minutes free every month.

4. Evernote

Evernote needs no introduction. One of the best note-taking apps, it allows you to take notes in a variety of formats, including audio on iPhone. That said, Evernote recording size is limited by your user account. Free users get 25MB, and it goes up to 200MB.

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You can take text notes or click images and attach them while recording audio. The app files everything neatly in a new note that you can save in notebook with tags. Evernote is more suitable for those who are already using it and don’t need a lot of space. It lacks some of the advanced features like transcription and converter that we saw in other dedicated audio recording apps.

5. Rev Voice Recorder

While AI is getting pretty good at transcribing audio notes, it is still not perfect. Rev Voice Recorder offers human transcripts that reduce the risk of errors even more. Useful for professionals who don’t have the time to proofread themselves. One example can be people working in the legal field where accuracy matters the most.

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Rev Voice Recorder team will remove silent parts, and transcript the whole note for $1 per minute with 12-hour turnaround time. If you need timestamp transcript, that will cost you another $0.25 per minute. While this can be expensive, Rev Voice Recorder is not for average users. The UI is very basic and clutter-free in a good way.

Hear Their Voice

Audio recording apps for iPhone users is a good idea. You never know when you might need it. I would recommend Voice Record Pro to most users because it is free and very powerful. Voice Recorder and Audio Editor is more suitable if you also want to record phone calls. Use Otter or even Rev if the transcription is more essential for you.

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Last updated on 06 September, 2022

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