5 Best Apps to Track TV Shows and Movies

We live in an era of streaming services. Netflix is leading the pack with Amazon Prime in a second place. Disney also has a clear intention to launch a rival offering in November.

With all those online video services readily available, people are experimenting with cord-cutting and rely only on offerings by the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and Hotstar.

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After subscribing and using them for a while, you might find it difficult to remember all the shows and movies that you’ve watched already. The video service may show a watch history, but it’s not an intuitive experience.

Thankfully, both Android and iOS app stores carry excellent TV shows and movie tracker apps to keep a record of watched content and also get recommendations based on that. In this post, we will talk about the top five apps to track TV shows.


As the name suggests, Seriesguide works as a guide and tracks your media watchlist at the same time.

The app offers smooth animations and well-designed UI. My only problem is a hamburger menu, and the app should follow the bottom bar navigation for ease in reach.

Seriesui 2
Series Guide

The functionalities include the ability to track watched shows, keep an eye on new releases, and manage the media collection.

One can also connect with Trakt.tv to check in, comments, rate, and sync between devices and media centers. There is also a statistics tab which lets you see the time spend on watching shows and movies.

Seriesguide Info
Seriesguide Stats

The app also offers dark theme support. It is included in the premium version which costs a couple of bucks to unlock all features.


CineTrak is a must one for those checking out reviews on different websites. Talking about UI, the app is slick, and the animations are a joy to use. Once again, this one also uses a hamburger menu.

Cinetravk Ui
Cinetrack Integration

Even this app packs plenty of functions. You can log in to Trakt and even sign up to their cloud storage service to keep the data in sync.

Every show instantly features reviews and ratings from IMDB, Rotton Tomatoes, Metacritic, and Wikipedia.

Cinetrack Hamburger
Cinetrack Stats

You can add reminders and even better, the calendar integration lets you see the upcoming shows and movies directly from the calendar feed.

The only setback here is that you must pay to access most of the functions. I believe it’s totally worth paying for that. The Pro version unlocks all the features for $2.99.

TV Time

This app is my favorite. First and foremost, unlike the above options, TV Time is available on both iOS and Android. Both the apps follow the same design pattern with bottom bar UI.

Tv Time Ui
Tv Time Profile

Log in using any social media account, and you are good the go. One can make custom lists, see comments, and stats in details.

You can see the IMDB rating and comments from the users in the app. It follows a card style UI and displays all the relevant information at the front.

Tv Time Info

One can’t track the watched movies in the app, which is a bummer.


Hobi delivers a perfect balance between design and functions. It is a cross-platform app and syncs the data between devices with ease.

When it comes to design, this one is the best among the bunch. Unlike other apps, one can also use Google account to back up the data.

Hobi Shows
Hobi Ui

You can find new shows in the discover menu and see the detailed statistics of your watching habits in the stats menu. One can also customize notifications, set reminders, and see IMDB rating from the app itself. Trakt integration is also available.

Hobi Stats
Hobi Info

Hobi is strictly to manage TV shows, and unfortunately, the ability to manage watched movies is absent from the app.


Moviebase takes the clues from the SeriesGuide app. Both apps look and feel the same. Moviebase uses both the hamburger menu and a bottom bar navigation, which is nice.

Moviebase Ui
Moviebase Shows

The app uses a blue theme with shows and movies details adopting a unique style. You can view cast, see reviews, user comments, and release information from the single page. The app delivers maximum information with minimal efforts.

Moviebase Info

As always, you can make custom lists, add reminders, connect to Trakt, and even make a list of hidden items from the app.

Track Your Watching Habits

Choose any one of the above apps, and you will be fine. If you want to keep track of both TV shows and movies, then go with CineTrack or SeriesGuide or Moviebase. Hobi is a perfect one for those looking with cross-platform functionality. TV Time keeps it simple with minimal UI and less (but enough) functions.

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Last updated on 23 February, 2022

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