Best Paid Apps For Free — Decem­ber Week 3

Rahul Gupta

App developers often introduce promotions for paid or premium applications on Google Play Store. Since there is little to no publicity done around such apps by the developers, many such opportunities to get paid apps for free go unnoticed.

In order to make sure our readers make the most of these sales. We'll be talking about such paid Android apps that you can get absolutely free week after week.


Here is this week's list of paid Android apps that you can get for free. However, if you like any of these Android apps, make sure to install them as all these are free for a limited time. So, only the fastest fingers will get to enjoy them.

Like any other paid apps, you get a lifetime subscription to the offered services once you install any of these Android apps. You can also install them on several devices, provided that they are connected to the same Google account.

Note: All the apps mentioned here are available for free at the time of publishing this article.

1. Easy Parental Control Pro

Kids love to play with smartphones and tablets so much that they get totally engrossed and forget about their chores or even going out to play with other kids.


Being a good parent, you understand the risks involved and, therefore, you'd want to minimize their gadget time. However, telling your kids to do that is not the only option, thankfully. This is where the Easy Parental Control Pro app comes in really handy. This Android app lets you control any connected device remotely and make it safe for your child.


The app allows you to control which apps run on the device, for how long your kid is allowed to use the device, Internet access, and other functionalities. One of the coolest features of this app is that it allows you to send personalized messages to connected devices. There are a ton of features that you can use to control your child's device.

This app retails for Rs 95 on Google Play Store but it is available for free right now.

2. Learn Brazilian Portuguese

Learning foreign languages is always fun. You get to know about a country, the way its people speak and what they talk about. If you are keen on going to Brazil, this nifty Android app is a must-have for you.


Learn Brazilian Portuguese from MosaLingua. It is an interactive Android app for learning foreign languages, which focuses on Portuguese. MosaLingua has a number of apps for other different languages as well.

This app is developed by polyglots for an easy way of learning a language. Mosalingua promises to teach you the full language in a short time with some advanced methods. Starting by teaching only 20% of the important stuff first, this app will make your trip to Brazil at least 80% much easier.

This app retails for Rs 370 on Google Play Store but is available for free right now.

3. Lose Weight in 20 Days Pro

I personally feel that the Lose Weight in 20 Days Pro app can really do with a better name simply because of the features it has to offer.

It's true that this app offers a comprehensive weight-loss program but that is not its only aspect. It's kind of having a virtual trainer within your grasp and its available for free right now.

Lose Weight
Lose Weight1

Users swear by the animation that are offered along with the ability to create a schedule to match one's timings. The training options are easily customizable with different difficulty levels.

Lose Weight2
Lose Weight3

With over 20 unique exercises that include muscle building exercises, the Lose Weight in 20 Days Pro app promises to change your life for good.

This app retails for Rs 190 on Google Play Store but is available for free right now.

4. Majotori

How about a fun trivia game? Pretty exciting, right? However, there is a twist. Normal trivia games give you a score based on how many question you are able to answer but Majotori is wickedly different and your inability to answer normal questions could also result in killing your character in the game.


I just love how the developers have tried to weave a storyline into a trivia game, giving players the ultimate control over what's happening and what happens next. All this is depicted by some wonderful animation.

Majotori has 25 different characters in its various storylines and over 1,000 questions from video games, cinema, animation and random facts.

This app retails for Rs 209.99 on Google Play Store but it's available for free right now.

5. Terror Cave VR

The last app on our list this week emerges straight from the gates of hell ... a cave actually. However, this virtual reality (VR) app aims at terrifying people with its frightening effects and realistic sound packaged in a nice VR world.


With Terror Cave VR, developers have tried to recreate the same experience as the rail rides at the carnival or theme parks.


This application like the other apps on our list are available for free but for a limited period. Make sure to install this if you want a spine-chilling experience sitting in the comfort of your home.

This app retails for Rs 70 on Google Play Store but is available for free right now.

Until Next Week ...

This is all that we have for you this week but make sure to come back next week for more such interesting paid Android apps that you can get for free from Google Play Store.

Please Note: At the time of posting, we have checked to make sure that all the apps mentioned here are available for free. If the offers are taken down by the developer due to any unforeseen circumstances, we are extremely sorry. However, don't lose heart and come back next week for more such amazing hidden offer on Google Play Store.

The above article may contain affiliate links which help support Guiding Tech. However, it does not affect our editorial integrity. The content remains unbiased and authentic.

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