Apple Health vs Samsung Health: Which Fitness Service Is Better for You

Both Apple and Samsung are increasingly pushing users to keep track of every health-related activity through wearables and a dedicated app. Apple taunts the health features of the Apple Watch series at every launch. Meanwhile, Samsung is making sure that its health app is accessible on rival platforms too.

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Apple redesigned the iOS 13 Health app with new interface and features. Samsung isn’t far behind either. The company is integrating more fitness functions in Samsung Health, and recently made the app available on iOS too.

There are some other options from Google and Fitbit too. But Google Fit is too basic, while Fitbit requires compatible wearable to operate.

In this post, we will pit Samsung Health against the Apple Health and decide which service fits your usage. Of course, I am assuming that you possess or plan to buy an Apple or Samsung wearable or phone if you don’t own one. Let’s jump in.

Availability and Device Support

As its case with every Apple service, the Health app is only available on iOS. And it’s supported by iPhone and Apple Watch Series.

Samsung health is available on iOS and Android. You can track the data with any iPhone or Android device, and Galaxy wearables.

User Interface

Apple Health is pretty straightforward. You can see the favorites data from the homepage. By default, it shows the steps data, floors climbed, and walking/running distance. The highlights section displays the on-going trend of your activities for the current week.

Apple Health Ui
Apple Health Ui 2

Scroll down to find the health-centric posts that are helpful for in-depth research. Apple Health also suggests the compatible apps from the App Store to use the app at full potential.

You can tap on the profile icon above and access the medical profile, apps that have access to the health data, and devices connected to it.

Apple Account

Overall, the app is neatly designed with the most relevant information upfront. You don’t need to juggle through countless sections to find the health data.

S Health Ui
S Health Together

Samsung is following Apple’s footsteps here. In some ways, they have done a better job. The app shows a Goal widget which shows data in the form of steps, calories, and sleep info with a remaining goal.

S Health News
S Health Account

As the name suggests, Together tab lets you challenge friends and share the data simultaneously. The Discover tab displays worth health-related news articles from the web.

Tracking Capabilities

By default, you can track the steps and running data on both apps. Apple Health can keep track of blood pressure, heart rate, nutrition, mindful minutes, sleep data, and more.

The app won’t track everything by default, though. Apple is suggesting third-party apps from the App Store to add the relevant data in the Health app.

Apple Features
Apple Suggestion

For example, you will find Calm and Headspace in Mindful section, and apps such as Beddit and Sleep++ in the Sleep tracking menu.

You can go to browse section and see the health categories. Favorite any of the activity, and it will appear on the home screen.

Samsung isn’t far behind either. It can count steps, sleep tracking, eating habits, heart rate, water intake, weight, and Caffeine.

S Health Features
S Health Features 2

Unlike Apple, Samsung Health relies on user input. You will have to add the sleeping data, water intake, and lunch/dinner food to make it work for you.

Based on your food intake, the app shows how much protein, fiber, iron, and vitamin you have consumed throughout the day.

Note: Both Apple Health and Samsung Health have integrated health-centric news articles and research in the app. It might help you to get a broader idea on healthy habits, but don’t take it as ultimate advice for you. They are no match for Fitbit’s premium service

Tracking Accuracy

Let’s get one thing straight. If you care about more accurate health results, then invest in a fitness band or smartwatch.

Apple Health is a built-in option for iOS and it benefits from that. You can link the third-party apps to Apple’s health platform and keep track of activities.

Apple Data
Apple Tracking

The default tracking options work like a charm. You can expect to have close to accurate results when keeping the device with you. I particularly liked the floors climbed feature, which shows how many floors you have climbed in a day. You can view the activities in a nice bar graph via weekly, monthly, and yearly.

As I have mentioned above, Apple Health relies on third-party fitness apps to log the data. So make sure you are using Apple’s app for accurate results.

By default, Samsung Health takes the usual steps and walking data from Apple Health app. If you want to track sleep data or heart rate data, then you will need to invest in a wearable. You can also manually add the relevant data in the app.

S Health Sleep
S Health Running

The app also shows the trends bar to see the detailed chart of activity throughout the week.

Due to iOS limitation, the app isn’t as feature-rich and powerful as it is on Android devices. It won’t run in the background, and there is no way to set it as the default option.

Live a Healthy Life

This comparison points that Apple Health should be the default option for the majority out there. Of course, we mean that for iPhone owners specifically. And with Apple Watch, it only gets better at tracking accuracy. To put an icing on the cake, the company might release the Apple Health app for macOS with the Catalina update.

Samsung Health works best if you use multiple devices and want to keep track of everything on iOS too. Also, if you own Galaxy Watch or Gear wearable, then Samsung’s solution might fit better for you.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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