Top 5 Apple Calendar Alternatives for iPhone

Unlike Google on Android, Apple bundles it’s default apps such as Photos, Mail, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, etc. with the iOS system. These apps receive major updates once a year with the next version of the iOS upgrade. That could be a good or bad thing depending upon how you look at it. But if you are an ardent using of Calendar, then you should look for third-party Apple Calendar alternatives for iPhone.


The current setup helps Apple to unify design and UI across all apps with iOS. They look and feel consistent. On the other hand, one update per year means the slow development of apps compared to the third-party rivals on the App Store. One such example is the Apple Calendar app.

Even though the default calendar app for iOS received several functions over the years, the third-party offerings from the App Store simply outshine Apple’s product on many fronts.

We reviewed some of the best Apple Calendar alternatives from the App Store and hand-picked top five options for you in 2020. We will talk about its features, unique functions, price, and more. Let’s get started.

1. Microsoft Outlook

In a bid to accelerate ‘Mobile-first, cloud-first’ strategy, Microsoft purchased several mobile apps. Among them was a popular calendar app called Sunrise. The company acquired the team and shut down further development in favor of Outlook Calendar.

Now the Outlook Calendar is full of useful functions and features. Go to the calendar section in Outlook, and you will see a similar layout to the old Sunrise app. You can switch between different views and add an event with several details such as location, description, and even schedule a Skype call.

Outlook calendar
Outlook event

Users can add usual calendar data from iCloud and Gmail. It also lets you import events from Evernote, Facebook, and Meetup.

My favorite add-on is interesting calendars section. You can add the schedule of your favorite sports from NBA, Cricket, Tennis, Football, and more. It supports a TV program schedule as well.

Outlook apps
Outlook tv

As expected, the app comes with a robust Outlook Mail function, which is a capable rival to many well-known email apps out there.

2. Google Calendar

Google offers a solid calendar app on the App Store. The app features the usual Material Theme 2.0, which looks good overall.

The homepage displays the agenda view, which shows upcoming events, shows, and reminders in colorful tabs. While adding an event, one can select a location, guests, add notes, and even attach a file from Google Drive service.

Google calendar home
Google event

By default, it shows the account from Gmail, but you can add Outlook or iCloud by going into Settings > Manage accounts.

My favorite feature of Google Calendar is Goal. Back in 2015, the search giant purchased a smart scheduling app called Timeful and integrated it into the calendar app.

Google accoount
Google goal

Goal lets you exercise, build a habit, meditate, and more based on your preference and schedule the activity for the month. Google Calendar is available on iOS, Android, and web. It’s completely free to use.


So far, we have mentioned the offerings from big guns such as Microsoft and Google. Now, let’s talk about other third-party apps from the App Store. works as a calendar and task management app. The calendar UI is similar to that of Microsoft Outlook. It imports events from all the popular options out there. Just swipe on the hamburger menu and take a look at selected calendars.

Any do home
Any do event

Task management is where truly shines. It integrates with Apple Reminders to sync the to-dos. One can add location, time, subtasks, notes, and attachments to a task. can connect with over 1500 apps and services to import/export tasks and events. Users will appreciate the WhatsApp reminders function which notifies you in the chatting app.

Any do calendar
Any do integration

Other functions include themes, Siri Shortcuts, tags, and more. They are part of premium, which costs $3 per month. The app is available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

4. Woven

Woven brings a mixture of smart scheduling, templates, planning, and stats in the app. The company recently introduced Woven home, which shows a nice overview of upcoming events, recent updates, weekly stats, and tags.

Woven home
Woven planning

Two functions stood out for me. While adding an event, you can create a group poll and ask your members to vote for an appropriate time for the meeting. You can share the poll link using the Woven iMessage app, Email, or SMS.

The planning section is a nice place to dump all the tasks, polls, and events to schedule them later. Woven has an integrated map view that shows where your upcoming event is and how much traveling you will need in a day.

Woven templates
Woven maps

Power users will appreciate template function which lets you create templates for most used events.

Woven is exclusive to Apple platforms. It’s available on iOS and macOS. The app completely free to use which is surprising considering the number of functions it provides.

5. Fantastical

Fantastical is hand-down the best-looking calendar app on the App Store. The UI is intuitive and looks beautiful while combines the best features from Gmail, Outlook, and iCloud events and tasks.

For me, the best feature of Fantastical is how it lets you add event time with a built-in numbers row. I love that. You can type ‘15:00 Conference call’ to set the time of an event at 3 PM. I like how the app displays weather data for the day with AccuWeather integration.

Fantastical home
Fantastical smart

The customization options include light/dark themes, the ability to change app icons, and notification badges. One can also add an interesting calendar from TV shows and sports.

Fantastical has integrated 3D touch within the app. You can long-tap on an event and reschedule it or create a template for later use.

Fantastical calendar
Fantasticl template

Fantastical is available on iOS and macOS. It recently moved to a subscription model with a $6 per month price.

Schedule Your Day Like a Pro

Use any of the options above, and you won’t have a hard time managing your day. Outlook and Google are free and solid alternatives to the Apple Calendar. nails the task management. Woven is full of features with free tag, and finally, Fantastical is an all-rounder from the round-up.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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